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31 Mar 2020
15:03:40@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso oh wtf, whats it converting from / to?
15:04:48@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso it seems like theres some protobuf log file we use to save shit, and we're just outputting to like a raw text file?
15:05:16@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso im just gonna keep it just in case
15:50:35@jgkamat:matrix.orgjgkamatIirc the log converter converts from the robocup standard log file format to ours (or the other way)
17:20:33@_slack_robojackets_U2M5FLBQB:matrix.orgchachmu I think log converter might be to convert from our logs to ssl standard logs but I could be very wrong about that. If it is then it's maybe a little more recent, like 3ish years ago
17:21:01@_slack_robojackets_U2M5FLBQB:matrix.orgchachmu I now see Jay's message so yeah, pretty sure that's what it does
17:21:09@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso If thats the case, then I'm curious about why we haven't used the log converter
17:21:24@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso is it like not useful? or have we just not had the need to convert logs?
17:23:57@_slack_robojackets_U2M5FLBQB:matrix.orgchachmu I think it's important to have in case we ever need to share our logs with someone else or import logs from other teams but I don't think that has been something we have done frequently since we have had more pressing issues lately
17:48:42@jgkamat:matrix.orgjgkamatIdeally in the future we could batch process historical log dumps and maybe even run models against little snippets of them. I wouldnt trash it completely, but if it's in the way and preventing progress it shouldn't be that difficult to rewrite it when needed.
18:24:29@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai @room Reminder there is a debrief meeting for the year today at 6:30 pm EST! Please attend, the link for the meeting will likely be sent in the RoboCup channel.
18:24:54@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach Will software be meeting as well after the debrief?
18:27:29@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai Sounds like a good idea, @channel software will also meet after the debrief to go through stand up as well as the plan for the coming weeks!
18:30:45@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach GitHub now has built-in Slack pull request reminders: https://help.github.com/en/github/setting-up-and-managing-organizations-and-teams/managing-scheduled-reminders-for-pull-requests. This was something we were looking to add last fall IIRC, we should look into it again.
1 Apr 2020
00:22:21@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai @room For today's software meeting join here: https://meet.google.com/pdq-heek-gag
00:22:50@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai (it's the same one as the debrief meeting)
00:56:11@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai Hello @room, as discussed in the meeting, there are 2 lettuce meets you should fill out, one for a larger software vision meeting next week, and one for times for our biweekly remote software meetings. For the second one about general meeting times, ignore the dates and just treat the lettuce meet as a generic week and choose times you would be available for standup; I will pick 2 times each week to meet based on this. Vision meeting: https://lettucemeet.com/l/yZwep General biweekly Software meeting times: https://lettucemeet.com/l/Q206A Please fill these out, thanks!
07:58:13@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso N52D0ZJB holy shit number of lines changed wtf
12:09:48@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach Oh hey that's actually not as bad as I expected. I'll review it as soon as possible. Huge shout-out to Ethan for working super hard on this for the past few months, nice work.
2 Apr 2020
01:15:30@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai Hello @room, if you would like to be a software trainer in the fall please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/BHhPN7jz4ZtPCUwP6 Its a really good experience for you to help out with new members and create some of the new curriculum in the fall. Please consider!
04:50:31@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach NA10EL14 CREN25DK 2M5FLBQB, I'm going to go ahead and merge https://github.com/RoboJackets/robocup-software/pull/1425, but it's still a good reference for how we want the refactored code to look. Just a heads up in case you want to look at another example.
22:49:10@_slack_robojackets_U73HQSDEG:matrix.orgclindbeck3 I assume we are using ROS eloquent for right now? Are we planning to upgrade to foxy in the future if we want to target 20.04? How difficult would that upgrade be? (I've heard about software stacks being stuck on really old ROS distributions, is upgrading in general difficult?)
22:58:55@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso i think we're targeting foxy, its out soon
22:59:39@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso also upgrading shouldn't be that bad - there's internals that are changing, but I don't think high level API wise there's that much stuff that is gonna be broken and hard to fix
23:00:30@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso don't quote me but I think software stacks being stuck on really old ROS distributions is more of people being too lazy to upgrade codebase + ubuntu rather than like it being actually hard to do
23:05:20@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach We're targeting foxy, it's a LTS release and there's realistically no reason to jump on eloquent considering we're still preparing for the ROS port. Its target release date is late May IIRC, so just about when we'll be diving into the ROS-specific parts of the refactor/rewrite effort.
23:12:23@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso but honestly its been a lot of bug fixes so far, there's been minimal changes to how we would use it.
23:12:35@_slack_robojackets_UCQD8V57W:matrix.orgoswinso so it doesn't matter if we're using eloquent rn
3 Apr 2020
00:56:50@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach Numbers requested in Tuesday's debrief • is:pr is:closed created:>2018-08-15 merged:<2019-07-01 (created after the start of the school year last year, merged before July 1) - 15 PRs • is:pr is:closed created:>2018-08-15 merged:<2019-07-10 (created last school year, including comp) - 43 PRs • is:pr is:closed created:>2019-08-15 merged:<2020-07-01 (created after the start of this school year, merged so far) - 65 PRs So yeah, I think we're well on track to merge double the PRs from last year, which I suppose is a metric of success. Good work everyone 🎉
15:40:05@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai @room please fill out these two lettuce meets, so far only two others have done them!

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