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27 Dec 2020
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28 Dec 2020
@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach IIRC it is a numpy object, so it should just be [0] and [1] 21:55:40
3 Jan 2021
@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach Hey all, I'm working on a rewrite of the soccer GUI for ROS. This is my current plan: • A "history" node that pulls in messages from all (approved) topics and keeps them in memory • A "viz" node that visualizes the messages from either the latest "frame" (collection of latest messages) or from a message at a particular time • A topic for communicating the latest frame (new value is published whenever any new message is published on any topic, rate-limited to ~60Hz if necessary) • A service call for requesting a particular frame at 1) a specific time point or 2) a specific message index on a specific topic, so we can i.e. "jump to the next frame" synchronized to a particular topic. • Note: the visualizer only ever receives data from a single instant in time, not the entire history. This means that things like robot trails should be created using debug drawers rather than being baked into the visualizer. Any thoughts? Also, if anyone wants to pitch in I could definitely use a hand. 21:59:32
4 Jan 2021
@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach Also, I have a PR up that should be pretty self-contained and easy to review: https://github.com/RoboJackets/robocup-software/pull/1619/files. Feel free to review it (esp. new members) 02:22:38
12 Jan 2021
@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai Hey @room we'll be having our last optional winter break meeting today at 7 pm ET. Normal meetings will resume this Sunday! 21:11:49
@_slack_robojackets_U76UNMBD1:matrix.orgtjones320 Y'all had winter break meetings? How did that go? 21:12:43
@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai I was gonna respond but okay 21:13:23
13 Jan 2021
@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai Meeting link in teams: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting 00:00:25
17 Jan 2021
@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai Here is the gameplay presentation from today: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1UhMg1BzuZC1xhNeiY3uHB7UZ9Wy3rXBOFjVmN7kSvbA/edit?usp=sharing If you have any further question please feel free to ask in a :thread: here. 19:08:43
18 Jan 2021
@_slack_robojackets_U2966SG78:matrix.orgjasongibson Hey people. For those who do not know me I am a current robotics PhD student that does research in Game Theoretic Planning Under Uncertainty at GT. I got my BS in CS from Tech in fall 2019 and was involved in undergraduate research during my time at Tech and I still work with undergraduates doing research. I was heavily involved in RoboNav software during my time as an undergraduate. I will be online on google meet today from 7-9 pm, maybe a little later if there is interest (link will be posted in cs-reading-group). Feel free to drop by to ask class scheduling, undergraduate research questions, how to get into graduate school, what's it is like to be a PhD student, etc. If you cannot make it feel free to email me at jgibson37@gatech.edu with the same questions and I will answer them when I can. 16:05:11
19 Jan 2021
@_slack_robojackets_U019YU5AGVC:matrix.orgmma81 when is the software meeting today 19:11:09
@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai @room reminder that we have a software meeting today at 6:30 pm ET. 19:18:09
@_slack_robojackets_U73HQSDEG:matrix.orgclindbeck3 I don't know why but when I try to make the rj_gameplay tests into a make target I get "no module named stp" as if it isn't sourced even though the command works when I just type it in. 21:50:47
20 Jan 2021
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@_slack_robojackets_UCREN25DK:matrix.orghgynai @room Hey everyone, please fill the internal Meet&Greet interest form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdW0Etf5fm1rtZzeInWomClGskYcgy2DbQbfPhc_zxbSU3iIg/viewform?usp=sf_link 17:58:11
23 Jan 2021
@_slack_robojackets_U01AW7D9448:matrix.orgachauhan63 Hey, I have been having a serious problem with my Virtual Machine. Whenever I try to open up the soccer sim, my VM freezes and I end up force quitting it. I looked at Piazza posts, fixed the Virtual Box settings, allocated more processors and memory and VRAM, and I even looked into Dual Boot (which I found out is impossible with the amount of storage I have on my USB Drive. What suggestions do you guys have? I am open to anything. 22:04:59
@_slack_robojackets_U2M5FLBQB:matrix.orgchachmu Just to double check, are you sure you didn't allocate too much ram? That can make Windows to run out of ram and cause problems 22:06:23
@_slack_robojackets_U01AW7D9448:matrix.orgachauhan63 How do I check for that? Is that in the VirtualBox settings? 22:11:30
@_slack_robojackets_U01AW7D9448:matrix.orgachauhan63 I allocated 4096 MB of memory 22:12:43
@_slack_robojackets_U01AW7D9448:matrix.orgachauhan63 And I have a Mac 22:12:59
@_slack_robojackets_U2M5FLBQB:matrix.orgchachmu How much ram do you have total? Also you might try making sure 3d acceleration is turned off and try out some of the different graphics controllers in the display tab 22:17:40
@_slack_robojackets_U01AW7D9448:matrix.orgachauhan63 I have total 16 GB RAM, and I turned off 3D acceleration 23:53:39
@_slack_robojackets_U01AW7D9448:matrix.orgachauhan63 I can probably try the different graphics controllers 23:53:55
24 Jan 2021
@_slack_robojackets_U2M5FLBQB:matrix.orgchachmu In that case you could pretty safely give it 8 GB of ram but honestly I don't think that's the problem. Maybe try running make clean from the robocup software folder and recompiling everything just to make sure it's not something weird 00:08:52
@_slack_robojackets_U01AW7D9448:matrix.orgachauhan63 Will do, thanks so much. 03:31:21
@_slack_robojackets_U01AW7D9448:matrix.orgachauhan63 Btw, is there a way I can go to the shop tomorrow so that maybe I can work with you and a few others on this issue? If not, what are my options? 03:34:37
@_slack_robojackets_U2M5FLBQB:matrix.orgchachmu I'm taking classes from out of state right now so I'm not sure what the shop rules are 04:00:23
@_slack_robojackets_U01AW7D9448:matrix.orgachauhan63 Sorry, can someone send me the link on the VM installation? I am not able to get to it on GitHub. 18:47:12
@_slack_robojackets_U01AW7D9448:matrix.orgachauhan63 It has the instructions on Ubuntu installation and co figuration on VirtualBox 18:47:38
@_slack_robojackets_U2M5FLBQB:matrix.orgchachmu https://github.com/RoboJackets/software-training/blob/master/VirtualMachine_Instructions.org 18:56:38

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