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10 Sep 2019
23:58:46@_slack_robojackets_UN1BA15K3:matrix.orgrathavale6 and if so what’s the location?
11 Sep 2019
00:33:13@_slack_robojackets_U75VCD1T5:matrix.orgcavidano3 For the new members who joined today someone forgot their phone.
01:12:40@_slack_robojackets_U73HQSDEG:matrix.orgclindbeck3 Honestly should we consider making a CI bit that enforces the correct doxugen comment structure?
02:22:39@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach For the new members who were interested in motion planning and controls and wanted to check out some resources, head over to robocup-motion. I'll be posting some stuff there in a few minutes once I've got it all together.
13:49:26@_slack_robojackets_UCQ5V8406:matrix.orgzolkin changed their profile picture.
17:43:59@_slack_robojackets_UN5J64VRC:matrix.orgtbeard30 joined the room.
17:44:02@_slack_robojackets_UN5J64VRC:matrix.orgtbeard30 is that still supported?
17:44:05@_slack_robojackets_UN5J64VRC:matrix.orgtbeard30 Hold up, I see a macos setup script 👀👀
18:27:09@jgkamat:matrix.orgjgkamatIt worked at some point, it is probably broken now, it was unmaintained since 2016 iirc
18:48:52@_slack_robojackets_UN5J64VRC:matrix.orgtbeard30 set a profile picture.
18:48:52@_slack_robojackets_UN5J64VRC:matrix.orgtbeard30 Doesn't work rn, a bunch of stuff is deprecated
19:02:32@_slack_robojackets_U73HQSDEG:matrix.orgclindbeck3 Any idea why pylint is telling me the first of these lines is a syntax error but is fine with the second one? Everything works fine as well. "E:101, 0: invalid syntax (syntax-error)" ##Holds a list of all the robots robotList: List[robocup.Robot] = list() ##Holds a list of the currently visible robots activeRobots: List[robocup.Robot] = list()
19:04:44@_slack_robojackets_U73HQSDEG:matrix.orgclindbeck3 [This is the PR that its failing on](https://github.com/RoboJackets/robocup-software/pull/1315)
12 Sep 2019
16:26:03@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach changed their profile picture.
16:26:14@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach clindbeck3 I played around with it and put up a fix. Looks like pylint (or at least the version CI is on) doesn't like type annotations. We should look into that for the future, but there's no point in having it block this PR. I pushed a fix.
16:34:49@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach Also clindbeck3, is that PR ready to be merged? All of the checkboxes are still not marked as done, but I'm guessing that's just not up to date.
17:07:27@_slack_robojackets_U73HQSDEG:matrix.orgclindbeck3 changed their profile picture.
13 Sep 2019
16:16:28@_slack_robojackets_UCPA3EW7Q:matrix.orgkwstach Joe just put out an issue (#1334) for all of the play system overhaul effort we're looking at for this year. I'd definitely recommend reading it over (especially the design document), even if you're not working on plays.
16:16:30@_neb_github:matrix.orgGithubhttps://github.com/RoboJackets/robocup-software/issues/1334 : (Tracking Issue) Add Formations into Plays
16:25:18@_slack_robojackets_U2YQPBPM2:matrix.orgjneiger3 changed their profile picture.
15 Sep 2019
15:14:41@_slack_robojackets_U73HQSDEG:matrix.orgclindbeck3 If someone has an usb-c dongle with hdmi could they bring it? I still can't find mine.
18:02:28@_slack_robojackets_U73HQSDEG:matrix.orgclindbeck3 I'm experiencing that when sim2play is running, launching refbox crashes one of the instances of soccer with a can't bind to radio port leading to a runtime error message.
18:12:30@_slack_robojackets_U73HQSDEG:matrix.orgclindbeck3 It's the same error you get when trying to run 2 soccer instances normally, but only when refbox is running, and it happens even if refbox starts running after both soccer isntances are already up.
18 Sep 2019
17:16:45@_slack_robojackets_UN5J64VRC:matrix.orgtbeard30 changed their profile picture.
17:16:45@_slack_robojackets_UN5J64VRC:matrix.orgtbeard30 Compiling inside docker on mac, I get an internal compiler error when compiling GameplayModule.cpp and robocup-py.cpp (and possibly more, but compiling stopped). Would someone be able to point me in the right direction to get this fixed. The error doesn’t really give me much information to work off of c++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus) Please submit a full bug report, with preprocessed source if appropriate. See file:///usr/share/doc/gcc-7/README.Bugs for instructions.
17:20:31@_slack_robojackets_U2YQPBPM2:matrix.orgjneiger3 changed their profile picture.
17:37:54@jgkamat:matrix.orgjgkamatUsually that means out of memory
17:48:29@_slack_robojackets_UN5J64VRC:matrix.orgtbeard30 Allocating more memory fixed the issue. Thanks guys!
19:24:00@_slack_robojackets_UN5J64VRC:matrix.orgtbeard30 Working inside docker on mac
20:10:21@jgkamat:matrix.orgjgkamatDocker on mac is just a vm, you should be able to get it on native with a bit of work

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