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5 Jan 2022
@qqmyers:matrix.orgqqmyersFWIW: I think the guides for the direct upload API have a pretty good description of the overall sequence of events and connections now.22:13:28
@nightowlaz:matrix.orgnightowlazokay will look for that .. i read through the Big Data Support guide and the file storage section of the installation guide, but I had not looked at the direct upload api guide again! If I can figure out how to configure the proxy I will try that .. thanks!22:16:48
@qqmyers:matrix.orgqqmyersGood luck! Happy New Year!22:18:29
@nightowlaz:matrix.orgnightowlazThanks! Happy New Year to you too! 🎉22:18:52
@nightowlaz:matrix.orgnightowlazhad to do it :-)22:18:59
@nightowlaz:matrix.orgnightowlazthe confetti that is22:19:21
6 Jan 2022
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinNice, in a pull request I'm reviewing I see that someone fixed a typo of mine from long ago: "backwards combatibility" ⚔️20:28:24
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemoreto be fair, that's not even a Freudian slip20:28:49
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemoreer, wait. I think I said that backwards. <insert joke about backwards combat-ibility here>20:29:40
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinIt is like Vietnam in here. All this code.20:30:28
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemorenow I'm curious which PR20:30:59
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinmulti license20:31:21
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinDon't get me wrong. I'm excited about the feature.20:31:45
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinIt's just a fair amount of code.20:31:56
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemorethat's a lot of commits20:31:59
7 Jan 2022
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinHave a good weekend, everyone!21:51:19
12 Jan 2022
@lmherrera:matrix.orgLuis Herrera joined the room.06:14:09
@lmherrera:matrix.orgLuis HerreraI've been setting up dataverse using docker. everything seems fine except that when i upload a logo(header or footer) the file is not uploaded. I notice the file being placed in the temp folder but not accessible.06:16:32
@lmherrera:matrix.orgLuis HerreraI've read I should be able to change the path of temp using dataverse.files.directory. I have added FILES_DIR in .env file but the error is the same 404 when uploading logos.06:18:50
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore@Luis I believe these get written beneath domain1/applications - is that directory writable by your Payara user?12:13:32
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore (whereever the header/footer images get stored, my suspicion is that the directory isn't writable)12:14:51
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin Luis Herrera: I'm pretty sure logos go under a directory called "docroot" 12:41:52
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinHere, for example: /usr/local/payara5/glassfish/domains/domain1/docroot/logos/1/hipposnow.jpg12:44:10
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinThe "1" is the database id of the dataverse collection. 1 is usually the root dataverse collection.12:44:58
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinThere's a little more about the "logos" directory at https://guides.dataverse.org/en/5.9/installation/advanced.html#multiple-app-servers12:46:34
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore pdurbin: never quote me before I've had my coffee (or after, either) 12:47:30
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinI'm going to be away for at least a week, possibly two, due to a surgery tomorrow. Have fun while I'm gone.20:47:23
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemorecome back safe!20:54:42

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