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16 Jun 2021
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin A nice presentation by Philipp @UiT/DataverseNO about CoreTrustSeal just now. Well done. 12:48:42
17 Jun 2021
@hossamzalabany:matrix.orghossamzalabany joined the room.08:37:19
@hossamzalabany:matrix.orghossamzalabanyDear community, I have a quick question regarding Dataverse deployment, in the prerequisites manual, there is a recommended step to change the encryption method for localhost connection in pg_hba.conf to md5 instead sha256, is that obligatory? or it can work with both metods? 09:08:15
  • for the postgresql setup*
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilotherm hossamzalabany: Can you link to the docs? 11:10:01
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilothermIt sounds like a mistake - no one should be using MD5 these days11:10:17
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilotherm * hossamzalabany: Can you link to the docs? 11:10:38
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin hossamzalabany: you're making me want to run a git blame to see when that docs was edited. Let me walk my kid to school and I'll take a look. 11:37:35
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin hossamzalabany: is sha256 used in newer versions of postgres? I'm using 9.6 on my laptop and it still uses md5 (in pg_hba.conf). 12:40:17
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore9.6 and earlier versions of postgres always used md5. 13 supports scram-sha-256 assuming the JDBC driver is new enough to be compatible?13:15:39
18 Jun 2021
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper Kowalik joined the room.14:22:50
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper Kowalik pdurbin: hey! Has anything changed recently with dataverse.harvard.edu API access? It seems to be blocking a particular python client (urllib.request) 14:23:38
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper Kowalikfrom urllib.request import urlopen; urlopen("https://dataverse.harvard.edu/api/datasets/3035124")14:24:07
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper Kowalikgives me 40314:24:10
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper Kowalikwhereas requests.get("https://dataverse.harvard.edu/api/datasets/3035124") works just fine14:24:27
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper KowalikI assume it something along the lines of https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/532214:26:34
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper Kowalikalso searching by entityId:<id> doesn't seem to work anymore :(15:47:04
21 Jun 2021
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin Kacper Kowalik: 13:56:17
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinHey, sorry, we were out on Friday for Juneteenth. Sounds like you've got two issues and I'm afraid I don't immediately know what the cause of either could be.13:57:16
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinWe have had some stability issues with Harvard Dataverse so it wouldn't surprise me if we now block some IP addresses here and there but that should change how the APIs work.13:58:10
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinI guess I would suggest testing a bit on https://demo.dataverse.org and emailing support@dataverse.harvard.edu about the issues you're seeing.13:59:00
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper Kowalik pdurbin: for the first issue I have a workaround 15:08:44
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper Kowalik2nd issue seems to be only affecting harvard's dv15:11:29
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinI'm glad you found a workaround but I sure hope APIs aren't changing. I don't know about that search issue either. We always index entityId.15:14:14
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper KowalikI sent a ticket to support for the 2nd one15:21:51
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinAh. 305230. Thanks.15:26:55
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinOh! https://dataverse.harvard.edu/file.xhtml?fileId=3040230 is my file!15:31:49
@xarthisius:matrix.orgKacper Kowalikthese are always your files. It may have something to do with the fact that I query your name when I look for testing data ;)15:32:43
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin😀 Now we're talking about doing a Solr upgrade, which we should do at some point anyway. Hopefully it'll get fixed as part of that.15:58:21
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin Kacper Kowalik: thanks for brining this to our attention! 15:58:54

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