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30 Jan 2023
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin Don Sizemore: how does https://github.com/GlobalDataverseCommunityConsortium/dataverse-ansible/issues/266 grab ya? 😄 17:20:57
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore@pdurbin sounds fine to me. I just subscribed to the repo17:40:00
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinCool. I guess we could deploy the readme somewhere. 😄 Or wait until there's actual code. -f is taken. Maybe -u for UI? I dunno. You pick. 😄17:41:15
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore@pdurbin I had an earlier question related to the GitHub stuff17:43:12
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore^^ GitHub Actions stuff17:43:29
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin Don Sizemore: how can I help? Sorry, was out to lunch 🥪 18:49:21
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemorewell, you all are paying for GitHub Actions. the Jenkins server isn't getting any younger, and Jon has always said he wanted the next incarnation of Jenkins to move to Amazon18:52:34
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemorebut I'm thinking I'd rather the Jenkins node and its workers move into GCP (which is cheaper, and more straightforward to manage)18:52:56
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemorebut if you all are paying for GitHub, I'll sit tight, don't need to do anything just yet.18:53:14
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinI don't have a preference for AWS or GCP. Does this come down to a billing question? If so, I'm not the best person to talk to. From what I understand the Dataverse Jenkins runs on our AWS bill.18:55:38
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin captainsifff: hi! I spun up a server with NetCDF/HDF5 extraction, if you'd like to try it out: https://dev1.dataverse.org 18:56:17
@captainsifff:matrix.orgcaptainsiffflet's see, I'll quickly give it a spin.18:56:54
@captainsifff:matrix.orgcaptainsifffthe XML content is now visible from the UI, right?19:28:38
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinI already uploaded your w2dynamics file.19:29:17
@captainsifff:matrix.orgcaptainsifffthe metadata seems to be what you have entered while uploading.19:29:23
@captainsifff:matrix.orgcaptainsifffYes, I see it. Downloading works, and accessing the XML representation seems to be OK.19:29:53
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinright, the only new feature so far is extracting the NcML file, showing a preview of it, and making it downloadable19:30:16
@captainsifff:matrix.orgcaptainsifffWell which means, you have ncdump properly integrated. Great News, no?19:31:12
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinwell, it's a java library pulling out the NcML file, but yes, similar to ncdump19:31:40
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinDataverse is written in Java so it's easy to add Java libraries.19:32:06
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinSo what do you think? Useful feature? What should we do next?19:34:47
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore@pdurbin Odum runs the server and the worker nodes; EC2 runs do happen on IQSS' bill, yes.19:40:16
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinAh, right. That rings a bell.19:40:39
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemorein any case, standup discussion kind of answered the question I had this morning. long-term I think I'd like to target GCP because it's cheaper compute, particularly for higher ed19:41:11
@captainsifff:matrix.orgcaptainsifffHmm, since NetCDF has a couple of common predefined fields like .environment and .config one could work on exposing them in the web interface. Another stop would be to try to extract a single observable.19:41:28
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinWow, let me write this down somewhere. I'll go ahead and make a doc for next week's netcdf/hdf5/geospatial meeting. Done: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mQObsdPYgmYBzO9YbNfKy6bRytK7fZrK0aHEg6VkXAg/edit?usp=sharing19:44:07
@captainsifff:matrix.orgcaptainsifffI'm not sure how generic it is to extract the observables. this mapping to the axes has to be reconstructed somehow.19:45:59
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin vera_c: here's an update on the conversation this morning about external controlled vocabularies (funding from crossref especially): https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/9150#issuecomment-1409369535 . Thanks again for the time! 21:31:22

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