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16 May 2022
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin poikilotherm Don Sizemore I just picked up the Payara 6/EE 10 upgrade issue. Help! 15:36:22
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore now there is 6.2022.1 Alpha 2 (or was it Alpha 2 a few weeks ago?) 16:38:09
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemoreyes. yes it was: https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/8305#issuecomment-106199891216:43:29
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore@pdurbin kind of tough for you to stick a fork in this issue when it isn't even in beta yet?16:59:10
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin Don Sizemore: what's our CI strategy? Can we pass the required info into the spin up script? If memory serves, we can pass in a URL to the version of Payara to use. 17:30:37
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore@pdurbin we could set up a separate Jenkins job, maybe. you can set the Payara URL as a group_var17:46:59
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinOk, because IQSS-Dataverse-Develop-PR always uses Payara 5, I guess. So a similar job but with Payara 6.17:48:28
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon SizemoreWe can just clone develop and have it watch your branch, but with Payara6 group_vars18:04:46
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon SizemoreVagrant does run on OS X if you'd like to do some local testing?18:05:36
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinYeah. And there's also docker-aio for local testing. I'll probably start there.18:09:33
In reply to @pdurbin:matrix.org
poikilotherm Don Sizemore I just picked up the Payara 6/EE 10 upgrade issue. Help!
Regarding the technical side: as long as there is no Payara with Jakarta 10, we cannot test it, debug and develop with 10. Their develop branch is also still on EE 9.1
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinHmm. So what should we do? Wait? What an odd position to put one's users in.20:07:03
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilothermWe could try to mess with our parent to push us to Faces 4.0. Is see JARs of that on Central20:08:01
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilotherm * We could try to mess with our parent to push us to Faces 4.0. I see JARs of that on Central20:08:08
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinI guess. Have you checked any Payara mailing lists or whatever? Any chatter about this?20:08:36
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilothermSorry, didn't see any20:08:57
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinOk. Any precedence for this? What happened to Payara 4 Community Edition customers?20:09:51
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinMaybe we can get a stay of execution. 😄20:11:32
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon SizemoreI appreciate your being concerned over this move, but a lot of Dataverse installations are still running Glassfish 4.1...20:13:20
@donsizemore:matrix.orgDon Sizemore (It's gon' be alright)20:13:33
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilothermInteresting - https://github.com/eclipse-ee4j/jakartaee-api is already at 11-SNAPSHOT, but I can't find any EE 10 JARs 20:14:28
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilotherm Oi pdurbin did ya see my question at https://github.com/gdcc/sword2-server/issues/43#issuecomment-1127727003 20:17:16
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbin I did. My impulse to to say "small chunks". Let's deal with this in a few months. So I'd say neither main, nor jakarta branch. Some future branch. 20:18:28
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilothermOK whatever works for y'all20:19:45
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilothermAt least we have a plan ✌️20:19:55
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinRight. Easier than I thought! I hope! But for another day. If you want, I can go ahead and re-open the issue in the main repo.20:20:56
@oliver:bertuch.namepoikilothermIsn't there sth like a remind me bot, so we see a notification for this issue in a few months time?20:23:07
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbinIt'd be fun to have Matrix bot.20:23:43
@pdurbin:matrix.orgpdurbina Matrix bot20:24:35

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