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13 Apr 2021
@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d * the problem of Reddit is that subs get affected by unrelated people acting in a bad faith 14:46:58
@_discord_731613279159582760:t2bot.iodimqua makes you realize that the problem is bigger than just anti-rms fanatics 14:47:04
@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d it kinda looks like conspiracy theories in real life 14:47:35
@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d stupid ones 14:47:40
@_discord_439114793748529182:t2bot.ioIvanq#1318 I see, make me a mod in every other community then 😎 16:03:27
@_discord_439114793748529182:t2bot.ioIvanq#1318 Reddit is trash, people don't discuss anything important there, they just post memes 16:03:53
@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d I wish you were in r/GNU, to make a cycle of restoring an article 16:06:59
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@_discord_741638842431569940:t2bot.iocristeigabriel changed their display name from cristeigabriel to para#1448.22:03:51
@_discord_741638842431569940:t2bot.iocristeigabriel changed their display name from para#1448 to cristeigabriel.22:03:52
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14 Apr 2021
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioa-p-petrosyan Meanwhile in right-to-repair world:
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioa-p-petrosyan Sorry to post clickbait, but a lot of peoepl seemed sympathetic to the cause 06:18:48
@_discord_105805880787763200:t2bot.ioTrollspace#7815 joined the room.07:40:28
@_discord_105805880787763200:t2bot.ioTrollspace#7815 This is highly relevant 07:40:29
@_discord_105805880787763200:t2bot.ioTrollspace#7815 Right of repair and free software interests are converging 07:40:40
@_discord_226015340436520960:t2bot.ionukeop this is a right to repair macbooks so who cares 07:47:58
@_discord_226015340436520960:t2bot.ionukeop just dont buy macbooks 07:48:04
@_discord_226015340436520960:t2bot.ionukeop and it only applies to usa 07:48:11
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioa-p-petrosyan This is a right to repair that allows you to still have warranty if you upgraded your Lenovo with a better SSD. 07:50:16
@_discord_226015340436520960:t2bot.ionukeop in usa 07:50:40
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioa-p-petrosyan And since most such companies are in the USA, US legislation preventing the "warranty void if removed", it becomes unenforceable everywhere in the world. 07:51:00
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioa-p-petrosyan Moreover, "Warranty void if removed" is already illegal. 07:51:16
@_discord_226015340436520960:t2bot.ionukeop what pisses me off the most about this is that I can't open my ps4 to remove dust from it because of a retarded sticker 07:52:01
@_discord_226015340436520960:t2bot.ionukeop so just to clean it I have to send it away for 1-2 weeks 07:53:01
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioa-p-petrosyan This is a petition to make that illegal to do. 07:53:14
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioa-p-petrosyan Right to repair isn't just about Macs either. 07:53:22
@_discord_226015340436520960:t2bot.ionukeop in any case usa law doesnt apply to me 07:56:22
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioa-p-petrosyan It does, at least indirectly. If it is illegal to put the warranty void if removed sticker, they won't be able to deny you warranty. 08:01:19

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