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30 Mar 2021
@_discord_411912361817931787:t2bot.ioa-p-petrosyan The funny thing is, they do know that we can see their list too, right? They do realise that we might be equally glad not to get hired. Like “don’t bother applying to our company. We don’t care why you signed the letter, and we’re not afraid of harassing you (as long as you’re not a minority), or bullying you. Facts don’t matter, today’s trends do. “. Ok. I won’t get constantly harassed, bullied and would get actual work done. Win win! 09:46:12
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@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d exactly, although I can't agree with the methods and I will warn them about being very wrong. They might just want to spread fear. And there will be complaints. Maybe even lawsuits. 10:11:59
@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d Just imagine there's no pressure on Linus and he votes for us. Every person is equal, but we need to show our support so famous people do their votes. 10:12:42
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@_discord_406478143847923714:t2bot.iokrenix (owl from hogvarts) 6r1d I'm not aware of the linus story. Can you tell pls?) 12:28:59
@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d Hi, Krenix 12:30:08
@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d he did not vote for us yet 12:30:13
@_discord_406478143847923714:t2bot.iokrenix (owl from hogvarts)Redacted or Malformed Event12:30:29
@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d I believe is we show famous people we will support them, we'll have more votes 12:31:08
@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d and wait, what just happened... 12:31:19
@_discord_406478143847923714:t2bot.iokrenix (owl from hogvarts) Thanks for explanation) 12:36:33
@_discord_492076187263172619:t2bot.io6r1d you're welcome 12:42:36
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@_discord_302169099293949953:t2bot.iosowa705 i dont know if this is the right channel but i publised a link to the letter on a polish website, https://www.wykop.pl/link/6031763/list-otwarty-wspierajacy-richarda-m-stallmana/ it has almost 200 upvotes and 1.2k views already 17:25:13

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