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20 Oct 2017
04:23:21@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot) changed their profile picture.
27 Nov 2017
09:07:05@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their profile picture.
21 Dec 2017
04:34:59@DatseMultimedia:matrix.org@DatseMultimedia:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
13 Jan 2018
11:43:59@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot to Half-Shot => @Half-Shot:matrix.half-shot.uk.
15 Jan 2018
20:19:56@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot => @Half-Shot:matrix.half-shot.uk to Half-Shot.
30 Jan 2018
00:04:21@neogeo:matrix.orgMCG joined the room.
2 Feb 2018
21:06:16@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot to Half-Harry.
23:06:46@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Harry to Half-Shot.
15 Mar 2018
04:41:42@eleda:matrix.orgeleda joined the room.
11 Apr 2018
11:30:22@spraltik:matrix.org@spraltik:matrix.org joined the room.
11:31:16@spraltik:matrix.org@spraltik:matrix.org left the room.
8 May 2018
01:01:40@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their profile picture.
23 May 2018
12:01:28@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot to Half-Shot (Away until 29th).
29 May 2018
20:46:22@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot (Away until 29th) to Half-Shot.
5 Jun 2018
10:33:55@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu joined the room.
6 Jul 2018
21:46:01@nthomas20:matrix.org@nthomas20:matrix.org joined the room.
17 Aug 2018
13:37:15@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot to Half-Shot.ogg.
19 Aug 2018
22:30:33@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot.ogg to Half-Shot.
10 Sep 2018
14:42:59@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their profile picture.
24 Sep 2018
04:08:06@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu left the room.
11 Dec 2018
14:23:51@nthomas20:matrix.org@nthomas20:matrix.org set a profile picture.
26 Dec 2018
10:01:11@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot to 35ce.de.half-shot.
11:57:15@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from 35ce.de.half-shot to 35c3.de.half-shot.
30 Dec 2018
19:06:13@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from 35c3.de.half-shot to Half-Shot.
3 Jan 2019
12:12:39@nthomas20:matrix.org@nthomas20:matrix.org left the room.
7 Jan 2019
09:57:15@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot invited @maxwellkepler:dogsinouter.space@maxwellkepler:dogsinouter.space.
16:47:46@maxwellkepler:dogsinouter.space@maxwellkepler:dogsinouter.space joined the room.
17:34:46@maxwellkepler:dogsinouter.space@maxwellkepler:dogsinouter.space left the room.
17:55:14@MaxwellK:matrix.org@MaxwellK:matrix.org left the room.
8 Feb 2019
17:36:45@DatseMultimedia:matrix.org@DatseMultimedia:matrix.org left the room.

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