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1 May 2018
13:22:16@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
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14:11:38@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1changed room power levels.
2 May 2018
04:31:22@marionfernandez:matrix.orgmarionfernandez joined the room.
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14 May 2018
08:15:41@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 Hi all, there is a "World" room where you can find fellow aviator's from all around the world: #Love4aviation:matrix.org
08:23:28@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot) joined the room.
16 May 2018
18:47:53@tciecier:matrix.hackify.deTomtom joined the room.
21 Jun 2018
13:01:54@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 invited @jaanika:matrix.orgJaanika.
22 Jun 2018
08:17:47@jaanika:matrix.orgJaanika joined the room.
21:00:05@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1changed room power levels.
23 Jul 2018
08:22:46@tobi:im.kabi.tk@tobi:im.kabi.tk joined the room.
08:25:04@tobi:im.kabi.tk@tobi:im.kabi.tkHallo zusammen!
08:39:02@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1Hi Tobi.
08:42:11@tobi:im.kabi.tk@tobi:im.kabi.tkAktive Gruppe?
08:50:11@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1We are going to advertise using our newsletter and make a website to show all these groups. Work in progress.
08:51:36@tobi:im.kabi.tk@tobi:im.kabi.tkAh okay. If you need help with the websites or hosting, I can help.
12:26:37@tobi:im.kabi.tk@tobi:im.kabi.tk admin1: I can't read any of your messages. Please uncheck "Send to verified devices only" and verify my keys before sending a message
12:27:42@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 Tobi: Is it working now? I had to verify blindly 24 devices.
12:28:56@tobi:im.kabi.tk@tobi:im.kabi.tk admin1: yeah that's an issue of matrix as key management isn't implemented yet
12:40:55@tobi:im.kabi.tk@tobi:im.kabi.tkPls check your invitations
22 Aug 2018
18:42:27@tobi:im.kabi.tk@tobi:im.kabi.tk left the room.
20 Oct 2018
21:27:58@betatester:matrix.orgadmin1 invited @salimonsamuel:matrix.org@salimonsamuel:matrix.org.
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21:33:07@salimonsamuel:matrix.org@salimonsamuel:matrix.org joined the room.
29 Nov 2018
10:52:09@jaanika:matrix.orgJaanika changed their display name from jn to Jaanika.
31 Dec 2018
08:29:46@salimonsamuel:matrix.org@salimonsamuel:matrix.org left the room.

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