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1 Mar 2023
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2 Mar 2023
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6 Mar 2023
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@_discord_309465047770333184:t2bot.iongerakines#4516 Good morning. I'm Nick Gerakines, early twitter user (ngerakines, 10k) and active developer in the decentralized web space. 15:30:25
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8 Mar 2023
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11 Mar 2023
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12 Mar 2023
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14 Mar 2023
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16 Mar 2023
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@_discord_692680080295723069:t2bot.ioNika Kotláriková#4271 Hi, community!

My name is Nika, and I am from the Slovak republic. 🇸🇰

I graduated from The Faculty of Mass & Media (Marketing) a few years ago. Since then, I am a contributor to Slovak Forbes, social media manager of multiple online projects, content creator, and a marketing manager of a German app that helps people spend less time on their smartphones.

I got into crypto approximately 2 or 3 years ago. (It was a Clubhouse era, and people talked a lot about crypto in rooms, so I decided to educate on this topic.)
Apart from that, I am a fan of art – I minted my own NFT and tried Metaverse. It is unbelievable how fast technologies are. I remember playing video games on Sega, and now I can be in the virtual world in real-time. I would say that I am a maven, an unbiased observer who wants to see all sides of a thing: both positive and negative – which means that also decentralization has both sides.

Because of social media management, I am trying to stay updated about the latest events in the tech world (and what is new with apps, social platforms, and business). As everything is like pieces of puzzles, I started to learn about coding and programming because these skills are crucial for understanding certain things that determine our future.

I like fruitful conversations, 🍇 sports (especially weighted workouts, yoga, HIIT, and gymnastics) 🤸‍♂️ , reading books, 📚 listening to music, 🎧 walks in nature, 🏞️ attending cultural events. 🎭 and exploring new things. 🔍

I am looking forward to seeing the (r)evolution of social media and the way how we use it.
17 Mar 2023
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@_discord_835289074768019496:t2bot.ioAaronDGoldman#8819 I have not seen a good decentralized social equivalent to Clubhouse or Twitter spaces. Might be an interesting project. 23:34:10
18 Mar 2023
@_discord_835289074768019496:t2bot.ioAaronDGoldman#8819 I you did want to make a web3 Clubhouse BLAKE3 and bao is the way you would do it. https://youtu.be/nk4nefmguZk 04:00:04
@_discord_692680080295723069:t2bot.ioNika Kotláriková#4271 What is your opinion on Twitter under the Elon acquisition?

Clubhouse became popular in 2020 and 2021 – it became only appealing because of 2 things:
1. exclusivity (invitations) from iOS – when smth is limited it makes people to pay attention so they want to be a part of it

2. pandemic situation. As it turned out audio format on a daily basis is not so appealing (or at least sustainable). Many Social media corporations shut down these formats, for example Meta because of cutting down job positions, Reddit as well. I am very interested how Blue Sky will progress.
19 Mar 2023
@_discord_835289074768019496:t2bot.ioAaronDGoldman#8819 I probably should not comment on "Twitter under the Elon" other then to say I no longer work there.

Exclusivity is a way to shape a community. Facebook grew differently being Harvard then MIT then ivys then universities with PhD programs, and only then high schools and the public.
Clubhouse started with a VC community people wanted to hear from and talk to. The community seed matters.

As for "Audio format is not so appealing (or at least sustainable)"
I don't think this is a pandemic thing. Talk radio has been a daily part millions of peoples lives.
Rush Limbaugh built an audience that considered itself a community and shaped the republican party in the U.S. in dramatic ways. Social Audio is just the Talk Radio format without needing the permission of the FCC to broadcast. It is one of the lowest cost high psychological intimacy ways to communicate.

I think Clubhouse lost its luster because Twitter Spaces was more discoverable and the Twitter Spaces lost its luster after new management. However I think Social Audio is going to be a major competitor to the current landscape of radio, podcasts, streaming music services. That Social Audio will have its celebrity hosts that have every bit the political power Rush Limbaugh had in his hey day.

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