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4 Nov 2022
@_discord_1038000237693894736:t2bot.iokevismadnot joined the room.08:18:31
@_discord_1038000237693894736:t2bot.iokevismadnot I went down a rabbit hole to find this discord and I am excited to be here. I am Kevin, a data scientist. I will be on the sidelines, for now ๐Ÿ‘€ 08:18:37
@_discord_440014070977003542:t2bot.ioTapTapNap joined the room.14:24:13
@_discord_440014070977003542:t2bot.ioTapTapNap Hey everyone, I'm Josh Wayne. I'm a product designer of 16 years (independent consulting for the last 9). I heard about the project and I'd like to get involved any way I can help. 14:24:18
6 Nov 2022
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10 Nov 2022
@michael_zks:matrix.org@michael_zks:matrix.org joined the room.14:56:47
11 Nov 2022
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12 Nov 2022
@_discord_245243119480602624:t2bot.ioEmpi#3128 changed their profile picture.12:59:59
13 Nov 2022
@_discord_814475602517819422:t2bot.iojtips#9053 changed their display name from jtips to jtips#9053.20:47:39
14 Nov 2022
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15 Nov 2022
@_discord_679736466686869516:t2bot.iojwithers93 joined the room.15:39:33
18 Nov 2022
@_discord_329815204894474241:t2bot.ioandresh#0782 changed their display name from Willie Woodcock to andresh#0782.01:42:24
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21 Nov 2022
@_discord_721151192125931541:t2bot.iosmolet joined the room.04:27:57
@_discord_721151192125931541:t2bot.iosmolet Hi all, I'm Marta Poblet (https://twitter.com/mpoblet) a researcher in socio-technical systems and decentralized technologies, and interested in knowing more about this project. 04:28:01
@_discord_627766313603039243:t2bot.iod.k#7080 changed their profile picture.18:43:21
@_discord_835289074768019496:t2bot.ioAaronDGoldman#8819 "socio-technical" We don't get enough sociologists around these parts. 22:52:50
22 Nov 2022
@_discord_836095056452124673:t2bot.ioNimz#3803 changed their profile picture.06:45:07
@_discord_335983001735397387:t2bot.ioK.Shengใ€Never DM Youใ€‘#1038 changed their display name from K.Sheng#1038 to K.Shengใ€Never DM Youใ€‘#1038.08:36:04
@_discord_449450021109366795:t2bot.ioMonkins changed their display name from Monkins to Monkins#5278.11:04:30
@_discord_449450021109366795:t2bot.ioMonkins changed their display name from Monkins#5278 to Monkins.11:04:42
23 Nov 2022
@_discord_432353712158015488:t2bot.iosgdheeban#7209 set a profile picture.08:24:49
@_discord_298184494400274453:t2bot.ioScaredyfish joined the room.20:05:23
@_discord_298184494400274453:t2bot.ioScaredyfish Hi, I'm Andrew (https://twitter.com/scaredyfish). With the recent Twitter turmoil, I remembered that old post announcing the BlueSky project and wondered what had ever become of it. Started looking into it, and here I am. 20:05:28
24 Nov 2022
@christopher_parker:matrix.org๐•ฎ๐–๐–—๐–Ž๐–˜๐–™๐–”๐–•๐–๐–Š๐–— ๐•ฎ. ๐•ป๐–†๐–—๐–๐–Š๐–— changed their profile picture.22:33:53
26 Nov 2022
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@_discord_835289074768019496:t2bot.ioAaronDGoldman#8819 Welcome to the community 18:42:42

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