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31 Jul 2021
@hik:kde.org🏔️hikDoesn't matter19:10:17
@hik:kde.org🏔️hikHonestly I might retire from the project 19:11:55
@tanith:artemislena.euTanith 🏳️‍🌈🌹Then who's left?20:01:50
@gudishvibes:fairydust.spacePlatekoala 🐨
In reply to @jaafar:kde.org
I'mma dip out of this project. Ba-bye.
that's okay :|
@hik:kde.org🏔️hikguy really came here just for javascript 21:12:25
@hik:kde.org🏔️hik * guy really came here just for javascript 21:12:27
@tanith:artemislena.euTanith 🏳️‍🌈🌹
In reply to @hik:kde.org
guy really came here just for javascrip
1 Aug 2021
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray joined the room.02:30:32
@dngray:polarbear.armydngrayfeed me food!02:30:55
@hik:kde.org🏔️hikwhat do you want bear02:38:27
@hik:kde.org🏔️hikalso nice username02:38:33
@dngray:polarbear.armydngrayWATER MELONS02:39:34
Download 299383049.jpg
@hik:kde.org🏔️hikWe only have fire melons02:41:22
@hik:kde.org🏔️hikHow much did it cost you a .army domain? lol02:47:02
@dngray:polarbear.armydngraynot a whole lot02:54:52
@dngray:polarbear.armydngrayi registered it for 9 years lol02:55:05
@gudishvibes:fairydust.spacePlatekoala 🐨wowie03:06:16
@hik:kde.org🏔️hikIs it managed by jonah 😏03:07:10
@louipc:matrix.orgblenderearth melons06:21:32
@louipc:matrix.orgblenderwonder when .bear will be a tld06:22:25
In reply to @hik:kde.org
Is it managed by jonah 😏
maybe lol
@001-/01:matrix.orgneo malcom joined the room.09:52:05
@tanith:artemislena.euTanith 🏳️‍🌈🌹
In reply to @louipc:matrix.org
wonder when .bear will be a tld
Handshake moment.
@tanith:artemislena.euTanith 🏳️‍🌈🌹
In reply to @louipc:matrix.org
earth melons
Air melons ^^

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