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27 Aug 2019
16:22:02@cagonzalez8:matrix.orgCarlos Gonzalez-RiveraGood to go. I think I'll make it to next weeks meeting.
10 Sep 2019
19:43:45@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell MesquitaRedacted or Malformed Event
20:17:41@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell MesquitaFlying saucers are feasible and not a joke: https://spacedecentral.net/forum/posts/flying-saucers-are-feasible-and-not-a-joke
12 Sep 2019
09:49:04@mhpanda:matrix.orgmhpandaHey folks! Ive been out of service for a few months (my wife has had me working on projects around the house), but I am trying to start working my way back in.
09:57:31@mhpanda:matrix.orgmhpandaAre you all still looking for an editor for Maximum Jailbreak? If so, I would be willing to throw my hat in. For the moment, I am still somewhat time limited, as I am working on other projects, but I should be able to work in 5-10 hours/week. Since I am also looking for new sources of revenue, I would be able to increase my contribution considerably if it results in a paid position. I am fine with production/performance based rates.
09:59:21@mhpanda:matrix.orgmhpandaMy original BA was in Lit/Comp, and I have some practical experience (although not paid, so far).
14 Sep 2019
13:23:17@jbperry:matrix.orgjbperry mhpanda: It's great that someone qualified is interested in editing. I ended up writing a series of articles over the summer. The first one was edited by Yalda, but it seems like her and the other space cooperative members are putting pretty much all of their effort into software development right now. As far as I’ve seen, they are not really supporting any of the organizations or websites that they have already developed, so I’m not sure if it would be more productive to try and restart maximum jailbreak right now, or wait until they are ready to launch the stuff that they are currently working on.
13:24:00@jbperry:matrix.orgjbperryRedacted or Malformed Event
15 Sep 2019

I'm working on the math for propulsion using coulombs not thrust for propulsion.

It uses reluctance of a planet and high voltage plasmas to not require much current to accelerate straight up.

The plasma "shades" the ctr of effort of the large object so gravity vectors only can act from the sides, on an angle.

The big deal,
Fg = m1•m2÷d², Fchg = q1•q2÷d
Given equal distance, do da' math.


18 Sep 2019
17:16:56@heysuez:matrix.orgheysuez joined the room.
19:01:42@heysuez:matrix.orgheysuezhey. i'm adam. anyone around--im looking for some help
19:11:15@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.biancoHi Adam, what do you need help with?
19:12:05@heysuez:matrix.orgheysuezprogramming, i need to find some really good web devs
19:13:13@heysuez:matrix.orgheysuezi describe the project a little, here: http://fromthemachine.org/ARTANWORDS.htl
19:13:34@heysuez:matrix.orgheysuezsorry, http://fromthemachine.org/ARTANWORDS.html --there's some space stuff you might be into, there, also
19 Sep 2019
07:11:40@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean heysuez: for web dev, i recommend http://nodeschool.io (since it's the most ubiquitous browser-based tech stack)
07:17:31@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean Also, please use #spacedecentral-random:matrix.org for offtopic / non-space related discussion
20 Sep 2019
00:50:17@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean@room Hey space governance enthusiasts, I'd like to dedicate some time next month to draft a set of bylaws for space decentral. This was initially started with https://github.com/spacedecentral/SGPs, but it was particularly catered to be for software enhancements, not so much of a governance model. I may very much borrow heavily from Aragon's Governance Proposal repo https://github.com/aragon/AGPs. Are there any brave (preferably, GitHub-fluent) volunteers here that are willing to help review this redraft? Much thanks in advance, Sean
00:53:03@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean Also, tagging #spacedecentral-governance:matrix.org as dedicated Riot room for governance discussion
01:02:29@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean Tangibly related: I'm willing to host a virtual workshop on how to contribute to open source using GitHub, granted there's enough interest, over at #spacedecentral-dev:matrix.org
5 Oct 2019
09:46:33@blaj:matrix.orgblaj joined the room.
09:55:21@blaj:matrix.orgblaj Hi all, i'm Anja. I'll be looking into the Riot chat much more often in the next following months. :) sean sounds great, appreciate the effort. Have you find the volunteers?
9 Oct 2019
07:20:35@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean Welcome blaj ! We have some interesting discussion going on over at #spacedecentral-governance:matrix.org
07:28:38@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanUnfortunately, no volunteers at the moment.
07:33:06@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanRedacted or Malformed Event
10 Oct 2019
13:55:49@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean Looks like everyone's trying to shoot for the moon now... https://www.newscientist.com/article/2219443-plans-for-uks-first-moon-lander-announced-at-new-scientist-live/
11 Nov 2019
21:22:56@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanBarely caught the Mercury transit this morning
12 Nov 2019

Did anyone see what's going on with ggle censorship on utube? They've weaponized against long-time monentized channels and wipe out their gmail & cloud drive acc'ts, clean.

It made me wonder about spacedecentral's strategy in regards to this, obvious now to most users?

14 Nov 2019
02:33:43@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.biancoHey all! Is anyone going to New Worlds Conference this fri-sat?

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