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31 May 2020

You need to wrap the code block in backticks like this

@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasak And sorry, I didn't mean that you have to include the entire snippet I pasted, just the ewmh def bit. How did your main definition look before? 11:21:43
type = custom/script 
exec = xmonad-log```
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuich * \... [module/xmonad] type = custom/script exec = xmonad-log ... \11:23:35
@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasak I mean the main in xmonad.hs 11:24:16
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuich * '[module/xmonad] type = custom/script exec = xmonad-log'11:24:49
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuich * ยด[module/xmonad] type = custom/script exec = xmonad-logยด11:25:10
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuichlol me some fool today11:25:24
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuich * [module/xmonad] type = custom/script exec = xmonad-log 11:25:36
@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasakAlmost there, it just needs to be three backticks on a separate line :D11:25:55
@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasak If it's a single backtick, then it's inline code like this 11:26:09
@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasak And three backticks is a code block 11:26:19
@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasak * And three backticks is a code block 11:26:23
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuich *

I get this error:

xmonad.hs:283:17: error:
    Variable not in scope:
        :: t0
           -> XConfig
                   AvoidStruts (Choose Tall (Choose (Mirror Tall) Full)))
           -> XConfig l0
283 |        xmonad $ withUrgencyHook NoUrgencyHook
    |                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

xmonad.hs:283:33: error:
    Data constructor not in scope: NoUrgencyHook
283 |        xmonad $ withUrgencyHook NoUrgencyHook
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuich * [module/xmonad] type = custom/script exec = xmonad-log 11:27:34
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuich *
type = custom/script 
exec = xmonad-log```
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuich *
type = custom/script 
exec = xmonad-log```
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuichbtw: the snippet of the plybarmodule is from this dot-file repo: https://github.com/idzardh/dotfiles11:28:49
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuich ok, xmonad compiles error free now, yet polybar still logs polybar|error: Disabling module "xworkspaces" (reason: The WM does not support _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP, aborting...) 11:31:35
@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasakHmm ๐Ÿค”11:32:11
@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasak Yeah, I see that the xmonad.hs from that repo already had ewmh in its main definition 11:32:30
xprop -root _NET_DESKTOP_NAMES
_NET_DESKTOP_NAMES(UTF8_STRING) = "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9"
@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasakMaybe you haven't replaced your current xmonad process successfully?11:35:01
@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasak According to https://hackage.haskell.org/package/xmonad-contrib-0.16/docs/XMonad-Hooks-EwmhDesktops.html, the ewmh combinator should be enough to add support for _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP 11:35:29
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuichoh, I think it almost works, just need to replace some colortags in the polybar snippet11:37:06
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuichyup, that was the last bit, thanks a lot..11:41:56
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuichnow I can return to learn more about haskel more organiced (at least workspace wise) ๐Ÿ˜›11:42:59
@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasakGreat! ๐ŸŽ‰11:49:41
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