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31 May 2020
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuichcool, after switching to polybar-git even the label-empty is working 😁15:24:28
@vuimuich:matrix.orgvuimuichis it possible, that with ewmh some other funktions (like FN keys for backlight, audio etc.) automatically also started to work?16:18:28
3 Jun 2020
@karola:kde.orgkarola 22:45:34
5 Jun 2020
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9 Jun 2020
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@gcoakes:matrix.orggcoakesHey, I'm hoping someone here can help me to understand xmonad's structure a bit. I wrote an instance of LayoutClass which was supposed to run a different layout based upon whether the monitor is portrait or landscape, but some of the decorations from those sub-layouts are sticking around when they shouldn't be there.01:39:45

Well, never mind. I think I solved it by implementing doLayout in addition to runLayout. Here's the instance, if anyone is interested:

data EitherRatio p l a = EitherRatio (p a) (l a)
deriving (Show, Read)

instance (LayoutClass p a, LayoutClass l a) => LayoutClass (EitherRatio p l) a where
runLayout (W.Workspace i (EitherRatio p l) ms) r@(Rectangle rx ry rw rh)
  | rw < rh = do
      (lrs, newP) <- runLayout (W.Workspace i p ms) r
      return (lrs, fmap (`EitherRatio` l) newP)
  | rw >= rh = do
      (lrs, newL) <- runLayout (W.Workspace i l ms) r
      return (lrs, fmap (EitherRatio p) newL)

doLayout (EitherRatio p l) r@(Rectangle rx ry rw rh) s
  | rw < rh = do
      (lrs, newP) <- doLayout p r s
      return (lrs, fmap (`EitherRatio` l) newP)
  | rw >= rh = do
      (lrs, newL) <- doLayout l r s
      return (lrs, fmap (EitherRatio p) newL)

handleMessage (EitherRatio p l) msg = do
  mp <- handleMessage p msg
  ml <- handleMessage l msg
  return $ case (mp, ml) of
    (Just np, Just nl) -> Just $ EitherRatio np nl
    (Just np, Nothing) -> Just $ EitherRatio np l
    (Nothing, Just nl) -> Just $ EitherRatio p nl
    _                  -> Nothing

description (EitherRatio p l) =
  "[ " ++ description p ++ " | " ++ description l ++ " ]"
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13 Jun 2020
@brenda:nerdsin.spacebrenda 18:48:20
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15 Jun 2020
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@emmanuelrosa:matrix.orgemmanuelrosaHello, I've been having a weird issue with xmonad lately. It spontenously stops responding to the keyboard shortcuts. My default layout is "Full" and I've noticed that when this mysterious problem occurs, if I close the visible window (using the application's quit/exit function) then no other existing windows are shown. It's like they don't get mapped anymore. The only way I've figured out to get things working again (for a while) is to CTRL-ALT-F1, log in, and kill the xmonad process. Any troubleshooting tips?14:27:33
@mrossinek:matrix.orgmrossinekHey all! I recently got a new work laptop with Fedora running and set up XMonad on it to make it feel more like home :) Usually, I don't use a DE but in this scenario I am bound to using GNOME sessions. I found quite some suggestions online on how to make quitting XMonad (M+S+q) actually quit the gnome session. But they all seem quite out-of-date and I cannot get it to work. I keep observing the error that the DBus device "logout" is not "activatable". Does anyone have a hint for me on how to resolve this?17:12:38
@richy:tchncs.derichy 15:39:14
20 Jun 2020
@albert:matrix.kiwifarms.netalbert 21:49:07
@patrice:tomesh.netpatrice 22:36:16
22 Jun 2020
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23 Jun 2020
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25 Jun 2020
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27 Jun 2020
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30 Jun 2020
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1 Jul 2020
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@msiedlaczek:matrix.orgmsiedlaczek hi, I'm having some problems with changing my cursor theme. I'm running manjaro and I'm running xfce's settings daemon. I've gone through all methods here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Cursor_themes and I changed the cursor with xfconf, in .Xresources, in ~/.icons/default/index.theme and in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini but even with all of those, there's still some places I don't get the changed cursor but rather the default system one. it's kind of random, too. say, if I open the xfce4 settings manager, it's default cursor on the background but custom cursor on the icons; some gtk apps are correct, some are not; the tray icon for Riot is default cursor, but in the Riot app, it's the correct custom one. any ideas what setting I'm missing or what I did wrong? 12:45:12
@boris:sibnsk.netboris 23:12:04
2 Jul 2020
@chelsea:privacytools.iochelsea 07:21:15

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