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18 Feb 2019
12:29:46@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <dmitriy_rsl> Stalker for ARM still dot working?
12:30:10@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <realgam3> I'm actually using WebStorm so its good with everything πŸ˜… ,
12:30:11@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <realgam3> It will be the first time I'm using TypeScript πŸ˜‚
12:30:54@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> @dmitriy_rsl arm64 works, 32-bit ARM will happen when somebody contributes support for it
12:31:38@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> (for Stalker that is, other components are available cross-platform)
12:31:52@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> @realgam3 πŸ‘
12:32:07@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <dmitriy_rsl> If phone has arm64 processor but code is 32 bit Stalker for 32 bit needed ?
12:32:29@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> @dmitriy_rsl Correct
12:33:39@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <dmitriy_rsl> Source code for ARM64 bit stalker available ?
12:36:07@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <dmitriy_rsl> Can I see source code for arm64 stalker to try create arm32 stalker based on it?
12:46:07@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <fens0r> when i use Module.findExportByName("/system/lib/libc.so", "open") to monitor loading and do a Process.enumerateModules() , why is the module in the resulst ans also Module.findBaseAddress(so_path) would not hit?
13:15:07@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <fens0r> ok its not fully loaded at this time i guess, is there a event for it?
13:54:19@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Yonatan> Hi guys, some has seen this error kernel: Failed to open file β€œ/sys/fs/selinux/policy”: Permission denied when tries to start the frida-server on the android device?
13:55:18@freenode_legreffier:matrix.orglegreffierYonatan : are you root on this device ?
13:56:29@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Yonatan> How can I check it?
13:59:49@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Yonatan> When I'm executing adb root I get the next message adbd cannot run as root in production builds
14:06:42@freenode_legreffier:matrix.orglegreffier yonatan : so you're gonna need to root your device (which is very vendor dependant), or recompile the app in order for it to allow frida to "read" the process (cf. frida gadget)
14:13:19@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Yonatan> I'm using an emulator
14:16:00@freenode_legreffier:matrix.orglegreffierYonatan : check the doc to see how to switch it to root :/
14:36:00@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DrWallaceBreen> do:
14:36:01@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DrWallaceBreen> >adb shell
14:36:03@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DrWallaceBreen> then
14:36:03@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DrWallaceBreen> >su
14:36:09@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DrWallaceBreen> you'll become root
14:36:14@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DrWallaceBreen> if you can become root
14:36:36@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DrWallaceBreen> after that start frida-server and then please tell me if you were able to
14:36:46@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DrWallaceBreen> I'm having a problem with frida-server
14:53:24@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <D> I'm seeing that "adbd cannot run as root" on a lot more devices, but you can still accomplish anything you need by shelling in and doing it manually
14:55:42@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Yonatan> I've used other emulator with root privileges.
14:57:23@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Yonatan> For some reason when I'm trying to use frida-discover on an app its crash the app and fail to inject script. Anyone know what could be the reason?

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