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18 Jun 2020
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> Haven't tried that combo, but Gum's C API is a bit verbose due to being designed for language bindings, so you might have to write a simple adapter for your use-case. E.g. to use Interceptor.attach() you have to implement an InvocationListener interface with on_enter and/or on_leave. This requires a handful lines of boilerplate that's mostly just macro invocations, so you might need to write a simple adapter for making such case 21:29:07
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <mlsDmitry> Thanks😄 21:29:51
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19 Jun 2020
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <loveshell> maybe magiskfrida? 07:00:53
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <th3tig3r> afsgfd 07:02:18
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@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Londek> Hey, i have little problem. Basically app is running on library, but Frida can't detect this library using Process.enumerateModules() or just using Module.load(). Hooking into https://github.com/frida/frida-java-bridge/issues/63 gives right result, java attempts to load this lib. If anything is needed here i can provide more details. Thanks 10:29:17
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <dxnni> hi 13:00:12
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <dxnni> anynone knows if frida works on android 11? 13:00:19
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <dxnni> @oleavr 13:00:23
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> Is this in a process that uses emulation? (e.g. x86 system running an app w/ JNI bits only available for arm) 13:15:38
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> Yes 13:15:46
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Londek> Yeah, so should i use real device for it? 13:17:11
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Londek> With arm onboard^ 13:17:26
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> Yes, real devices are best supported and generally your best bet against apps w/ emulator detection that refuse to run. 13:45:17
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Londek> Well app runs well, i see effects like on ui from this lib, but just frida couldnt detect it. Alright. Thank you! 13:46:34
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21 Jun 2020
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23 Jun 2020
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24 Jun 2020
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29 Jun 2020
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12 Jul 2020
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13 Jul 2020
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