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17 Apr 2021
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg joined the room.08:39:06
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Sayed> frida-trace -U -I "lib.so" com.app.identifier 21:18:31
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Sayed> Started tracing 0 functions. 21:18:50
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Sayed> Although the lib.so is splitted in the apk 21:19:06
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Sayed> Any suggestion? 21:19:15
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Sayed> This should solve my problem https://github.com/NickstaDB/patch-apk 22:21:50
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Sayed> But it doesn't work successfully 🙄 22:22:03
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Sayed> Any know apk bundle merger? 22:22:25
18 Apr 2021
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <m> i think its parseFrom or parseMessage, cant remember the name 03:22:13
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jackie> what is the frida agent working 05:39:32
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jackie> Does frida inject hook instruction to target process to get trace control 05:43:12
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <skillzq> frida-trace -U -I "lib.so*" com.app.identifier 07:11:06
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <skillzq> Try this 07:11:06
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <vivek_telegram_5> Hello, is it possible to kill current thread in the interceptor.attach 10:06:00
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <apkunpacker> what can happen if you put context's pointer to 0 10:52:42
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <apkunpacker> 10:52:42
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <apkunpacker> onLeave: function (result) { 10:52:42
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <apkunpacker> this.context.pc = 0 10:52:42
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <apkunpacker> } 10:52:43
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <apkunpacker> 🤔 10:52:43
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <vivek_telegram_5> Yup, I tried the same but nothing is happening it seems 10:54:14
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Theri> Anyone have any idea? 11:00:15
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <apkunpacker> which release you using ? frida server or something else ? 11:14:38
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Theri> frida-core-devkit-14.2.15-android-arm64.tar.xz 11:15:05
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <apkunpacker> that i don't think runable , use frida-server or frida-inject 11:15:30
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Theri> You have any old ver. Runnable 11:16:56
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Theri> I have no idea for server and injection related things.... 11:16:56
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Theri> 11:16:56
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Theri> I got your dumping script from GitHub 11:16:56

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