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27 Sep 2020
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Yuvraj🥀> All it takes is just experience and a server to work on and some time 08:47:39
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <         > 👌okay 08:47:41
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <         > I'll search it 08:47:41
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <         > Thank you bro🌹 08:47:41
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> i have two shared libraries that have the same function name, is there a way using frida-trace to select which shared object i want to trace? 17:11:31
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> like, frida-trace -i ''targetlib!myfunc' 17:11:47
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> libraryname!funcname 17:11:49
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> ah ok 17:11:52
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> haha 17:11:53
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> thanks 17:11:54
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> 🙌 17:12:15
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> @oleavr - so I have this which works fine: 17:14:48
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> 17:14:48
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> Interceptor.attach(Module.findExportByName("libinput.so", "_ZN7android12InputChannel14receiveMessageEPNS_12InputMessageE"), { 17:14:49
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> onEnter: function (args) { 17:14:49
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> var data = Memory.readByteArray(args[1], 1024); 17:14:50
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> console.log(data); 17:14:50
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> } 17:14:50
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> }); 17:14:50
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> 17:14:50
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> however when i try to do: 17:14:50
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> ... 17:14:50
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <apkunpacker> may be your library loaded few second later thats why it not found it 17:15:50
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <DUK3NUK3M> well in both cases the application is already running, the first one works second one doesnt 17:16:33
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <apkunpacker> 🧐 17:16:48
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <jjjop111> whats app ssl pinning how to solve? 18:39:10
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <jjjop111> Has anyone reverse engineered whatsapp's algorithm? 18:41:20
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <kov4l3nko> https://github.com/kov4l3nko/MEDUZA 18:59:43
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <jjjop111> Thank you. I'll try. 19:01:39
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <jjjop111> Has anyone done whatsApp protocol? 19:15:41

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