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22 Jan 2021
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@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <🕷️> Hello there , 19:43:08
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <🕷️> 19:43:08
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <🕷️> We have installed drony app on bluestack so that it can send requests to charles port 8888 . We have also installed charles' certificates on bluestack . But charles isn't logging anything . 19:43:08
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <🕷️> 19:43:08
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <🕷️> We are sure that port 8888 on charles is ok cause it works great on browser . We are willing to pay to anyone who can fix this issue for us . 19:43:08
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <🕷️> Regards , 19:43:08
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <🕷️> 19:43:08
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <🕷️> please help me 20:16:26
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <dave0x1337> I forgot, isn't there some easy one-liner to basically NOP out a function? 20:19:37
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@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <entangle> Replace it 20:38:09
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <oleavr> Or Memory.patchCode() if you don't want the overhead 20:38:32
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23 Jan 2021
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@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Earthnuker> hi, i'm trying to trace execution inside of a specific function using Frida's Interceptor.attach and Stalker.follow but i am having the issue that my onRecieve function doesn't get called 04:16:57
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Earthnuker> relevant code: https://p.teknik.io/Simple/GYh21(it should be noted that the function i'm hooking does not return as it is an error handler that exits the program) 04:16:58
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> You can use this API instead to avoid the queueing that Frida does of events. 04:37:22
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> 04:37:22
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> https://github.com/DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/blob/ab75dc7456e47784fd8eb6016d299f4b5c11ed3f/types/frida-gum/index.d.ts#L2702 04:37:22
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> 04:37:22
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> You should be able to pass it a NativeCallback. It will mean a round trip to the JavaScript runtime for each event though, so it won’t be fast. 04:37:22
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> This is the c prototype you will need to match your callback to. 04:38:32
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> 04:38:32
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> // * void 04:38:32
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> // * process (const GumEvent * event, 04:38:32
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> // * GumCpuContext * cpu_context, 04:38:32
@freenode_fridatg:matrix.orgfridatg <Jon> // * gpointer user_data) 04:38:33

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