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Welcome to PineTime Development, this is a channel for PineTime development related questions. General discussion goes to #pinetime:matrix.org. InfiniTime, WaspOS and all other coding discussion welcome!33 Servers

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28 Nov 2021
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <ventyl> I really need those delays in LCD driver to work 17:58:43
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <Emile> https://github.com/andenore/NordicSnippets btw, if anyone here interested, these are kinda nice 18:00:25
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <ventyl> hm, of no use to me 18:03:07
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <ventyl> maybe just for reverse engineering the SDK 18:03:16
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Geekbozu> is the bug im seeing in i2c with the touch screen FWIW
29 Nov 2021
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid[D] <Geekbozu> WOo my new units show up today 😄 😄 😄14:11:34
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Geekbozu> * WOo my new units show up today 😄 😄 😄 14:11:36
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Geekbozu> sadly I have like to much day job work todo 😦 14:11:41
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <ventyl> same here 14:12:09
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> anybody wise in the way of git hanging around? 20:07:13
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> i have an open PR to add the settings to pinetimestyle and some other bugfix stuff i want to change, and it seems like they should be separate PRs 20:07:53
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> but, what happens if they get merged in the wrong order? like, if i base the bugfix PR on the existing PR, it can only be merged after, which might not be ideal. but if i base the bugfix PR on develop and then the settings PR gets merged after it, the bugfix changes will be reverted 20:09:11
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> or do i just have to update the settings PR if/when the bugfix PR gets merged? 20:09:52
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <ventyl> why would bugfix changes be reverted? 20:29:53
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> because the settings PR doesn't contain them 20:30:15
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> i guess i'd just have to merge develop between the 2 PRs being merged 20:30:38
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <ventyl> if you base your feature PR on master (or whatever branch) and bugfix PR will go in first, then two things may happen: a) both PRs patch different pieces of code and feature PR won't mind any previous PR b) they will both patch the same piece of code and latter PR will have conflict and you'll have to perform merge commit in order to make it mergable again 20:31:05
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <Avamander> @KieranC what are your thoughts about Weather in PineTimeStyle? 21:40:59
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <Avamander> I'm just thinking how the API should be.
Once I fix this annoying bug I'll be able to finalize that
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> good question. on the original timestyle weather takes 2/3 of the sidebar which seems a lot. ideally it wants to be configurable by the user but that's going to need a fair bit of work, probably split the settings into 2 parts, sidebar and time/colours? 21:46:30
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> i think % chance of rain and high/low temp for the day are the most important details to have available 21:47:25
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <Avamander> Chance of rain when (re @KieranC: i think % chance of rain and high/low temp for the day are the most important details to have available) 21:50:12
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> ideally configurable, i suppose for the next 3 or 6 hours maybe would be the most useful 21:51:27
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <Avamander> Hmm, this helps (re @KieranC: ideally configurable, i suppose for the next 3 or 6 hours maybe would be the most useful) 21:51:46
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> i will see what the original timestyle offers as what works for me isn't necessarily best for everyone 21:52:50
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <KieranC> but a selectable timeframe which provides min/max temps and rain % for the next X hours could be a good starting point 21:53:19
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Geekbozu> Wooo my new pinetime showed up 😄 😄 22:48:16
@geekboy1011:matrix.orgGeekboy hey neroburner your simulator. Does it have any concept of the external flash yet? and or how hard is that to implement? 23:09:29
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <T2> The dev kits are in stock ! 23:48:07
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <T2> This time I hope it will show up at my house 🤞 23:48:42

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