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Welcome to PineTime Development, this is a channel for PineTime development related questions. General discussion goes to #pinetime:matrix.org. InfiniTime, WaspOS and all other coding discussion welcome!13 Servers

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16 May 2021
@jf002:matrix.orgjf002but I can send you a (untested) dfu if you want :)10:08:17
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4[T] <@vbelloir> That's ok, I could manage to generate it ;)10:21:53
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@vbelloir> * That's ok, I could manage to generate it ;) 10:22:01
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@KieranC> so, a fresh out of box PT, which files do i need to DFU to update the bootloader? 0.14.1 release has pinetime-mcuboot-recovery-loader-dfu-0.14.1.zip and reloader-mcuboot.zip, i'm not totally clear on which one i need, or both? 16:02:48
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@Avamander> https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/Upgrade_PineTime_to_InfiniTime_1.0.0 :P 16:09:49
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@KieranC> Thanks 16:35:14
@jf002:matrix.orgjf002@KieranC update first InfiniTime, then the bootloader and then the recovery firmware. You can read the link of the wiki @Avamander sent and also this page : https://github.com/JF002/InfiniTime/blob/develop/doc/gettingStarted/gettingStarted-1.0.md16:37:48
17 May 2021
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@supriya> Hi can we use stlink with zephyr OS?? Or what are the ways for flashing zephyr os without jlink?? 11:33:06
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@Avamander> the swd programmer is not OS-specific 11:34:11
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@supriya> Yes but I don't find any documetation of at link with this 11:35:24
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@supriya> And also it is showing waiting for the debug probe to be connected 11:35:50
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@supriya> Even if I connect at link 11:35:58
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@supriya> *st 11:36:03
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@Avamander> it? (re @p64protocolbot: [D] <@supriya> And also it is showing waiting for the debug probe to be connected) 11:36:57
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@Avamander> generic flashing instructions if you have the binary (re @p64protocolbot: [D] <@supriya> Yes but I don't find any documetation of at link with this) 11:37:12
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@supriya> Got the dfu file but after flashing it using nrf connect the system is restarting and returning to the same original os 11:41:16
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@Avamander> the dfu image is then somehow incorrect 11:42:18
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@supriya> Ohh I see 11:59:58
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@supriya> How to select nrf52 using pyocd command??? 12:00:35
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@Avamander> just use openocd 12:04:16
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@Avamander> then you can just copy from the wiki 12:04:24
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@Huili> Hi, received (sealed) PineTime and naturally updated the firmware to version 1.0 (according to Getting Started and the Wiki Guide). The vibration for notifications is not noticable. When the watch lies plain on the table and a notification is received I can hear a faint sound. On the wrist I feel nothing at all. Does anybody have any idea about that? 17:29:26
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@Avamander> no vibration motor test in infinitime at this point in time unfortunately 17:31:54
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [T] <@Huili> Thanks to the info. 17:48:25
18 May 2021
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@io79lk> Any plans for implementing sleep monitoring? 00:48:27
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@io79lk> Do we need to use acceleration + heart rate? 00:49:03
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@Flo Grauper> I think I’ve seen people talk about that before 03:25:07
@p64protocolbot4:matrix.orgp64protocolbot4 [D] <@Flo Grauper> Not gonna happen in 1.1 or 1.2 though 03:25:28
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