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18 Nov 2021
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerI probably do not have any IP6 stuff specified. My ISP service is ip4 only21:28:43
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerI think21:28:56
@nekit:nekit.tknekityea im not sure what the defaults are in your case21:29:11
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerAnyway, my peer specs are all IP421:29:18
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodler It depends on when iptables gets involved in a 'tun' situation 21:29:41
@nekit:nekit.tknekitygg trafic is ipv621:29:56
@nekit:nekit.tknekitso if your system blocks it at any level then it wouldnt work21:30:19
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerI did have this working once, a couple years ago21:30:38
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerI will read up on iptables with ip621:31:00
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerThe fact thet getnodeinfo works shows that the fundamental connection is working21:31:20
@nekit:nekit.tknekit ip6tables -nL whats the policy on INPUT and OUTPUT chains is it DROP or ACCEPT? 21:32:38
@nekit:nekit.tknekit(fwiw (not much really) pings from myself to ygg ip of yours return nothing)21:34:31
@nekit:nekit.tknekit * (fwiw (not much really) pings from myself to ygg ip of yours return nothing)21:34:40
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerip6tables has no specific rules at all. INPUT and OUPUT policy is ACCEPT21:38:26
@nekit:nekit.tknekitah then there's legacy and nftables21:39:45
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlergetself says my Ip6 is 200:5589:fa21:447:110d:68b8:561b:3b1d21:40:09
@nekit:nekit.tknekit any difference between ip6tables-nft and ip6tables-legacy or both are empty? 21:40:29
@nekit:nekit.tknekit iiinteresting, but your ip route get suggests that yout ip is 201:4eb6:c63e:4259:c87e:92c8:6867:ce97 21:41:04
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodler-nft and -legacy say the same thing21:41:06
@nekit:nekit.tknekitip a21:41:46
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlergetself says subnet is 300:5589:fa21:447::/6421:41:52
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerIPv6 address: 200:5589:fa21:447:110d:68b8:561b:3b1d21:42:08
@nekit:nekit.tknekit and there's no trace of 201:4eb6:c63e… in ip a? 21:42:46
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerAh, a tun0 and a tun1 both show up21:43:23
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerThat seems odd21:43:26
@nekit:nekit.tknekitit does seem odd21:43:54
@NetNoodler:libera.chatNetNoodlerhmm, do I have 2 copies running??21:44:04
@nekit:nekit.tknekitif both of those are ygg interfaces21:44:12
@nekit:nekit.tknekitfire up you favourite process explorer tool and find out21:44:52

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