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20 May 2023
@josephj11-5a3f34bfd73408ce4f84a5df:gitter.imjosephj11 (Joe)OK. Then look at these two screenshots and tell me what I'm doing wrong. The first is from tihe room I'm inviting to and tuhe second is from the room where the invitee is.21:44:52
@josephj11-5a3f34bfd73408ce4f84a5df:gitter.imjosephj11 (Joe) * OK. Then look at these two screenshots and tell me what I'm doing wrong. The first is from the room I'm inviting to and the second is from the room where the invitee is. 21:45:22
21 May 2023
@vampire-597eeff0d73408ce4f6f7203:gitter.imVampire (Björn Kautler)"vargn" is not a matrix id which "mxid" stands for. Yours is "@josephj11-5a3f34bfd73408ce4f84a5df:gitter.im", Eric's is "@madlittlemods:matrix.org".09:54:01
22 May 2023
@pwr22:shortestpath.devpwr22 madlittlemods (Eric Eastwood): why do the gitter migrated users have an enormously long uuid looking thing in their mxid? I can't imagine that's very easy to type 😛. 15:47:51
@madlittlemods:matrix.orgmadlittlemods (Eric Eastwood)

pwr22: Auto-complete and the fact that people still get pings if it matches their display name means you don't really have to worry about the ID usually.

But it's less than ideal and comes from the fact that MXID's can't be renamed. So to avoid collisions when someone renames their GitHub account for example, we stuck the Gitter user ID on the end. See "5. Figuring out how to namespace the mxids of the gitter users" in this blog post when Gitter first started bridging. Now that Gitter is fully migrated to Matrix and there isn't any GitHub name reservation anymore, it's just an artifact.

23 May 2023
@akim92:matrix.orgMo Ali joined the room.09:41:33
@akim92:matrix.orgMo Ali set a profile picture.10:10:02
26 May 2023
@justincarlson:matrix.orgJustin Carlson changed their display name from Justin Carlson to Justin Carlson (back May 30).03:14:49
@yusafs94-5b8c1c84d73408ce4fa6a7f6:gitter.imYusafS94 (YusafS94) joined the room.08:56:24
@sql-mistermagoo-572b680fc43b8c6019714fc0:gitter.imMister Magoo joined the room.11:18:57
@sql-mistermagoo-572b680fc43b8c6019714fc0:gitter.imMister MagooIs there any way to add "alt text" to an image I upload?13:10:29
@atarkovski-621264076da037398490ad09:gitter.im@atarkovski-621264076da037398490ad09:gitter.im left the room.14:15:06
@madlittlemods:matrix.orgmadlittlemods (Eric Eastwood)

Mister Magoo: It looks like the alt text is whatever the file name is so you could workaround it that way.

Seems like it's worth creating an issue for though -> https://github.com/vector-im/element-meta/issues

Perhaps an extensible event with a m.text fallback could work here

@sql-mistermagoo-572b680fc43b8c6019714fc0:gitter.imMister MagooThanks - found it already open since 2016 - this is appalling - no social site should exclude blind users like this. https://github.com/vector-im/element-meta/issues/37815:17:13
@madlittlemods:matrix.orgmadlittlemods (Eric Eastwood)Good find! I added the "alt text" keyword there so it's easier to find next time16:55:24
@josephj11-5a3f34bfd73408ce4f84a5df:gitter.imjosephj11 (Joe)Redacted or Malformed Event21:17:03
@madlittlemods:matrix.orgmadlittlemods (Eric Eastwood) josephj11 (Joe): If you want to test anything, there is https://matrix.to/#/#gitter_sandbox:gitter.im 21:18:46
@josephj11-5a3f34bfd73408ce4f84a5df:gitter.imjosephj11 (Joe)Sorry. It's just a way to get the unread counter to update when it gets stuck, but since it spams other users, I won't use it here.21:21:47
28 May 2023
@pierrefromjicin:gitter.imMr. Peter joined the room.09:41:02
29 May 2023
@bugrakocabay:matrix.orgBugra Kocabay joined the room.17:06:40
@bugrakocabay:matrix.orgBugra KocabayWhat is the proper/easy way of authenticating and getting access token? I have gone through the matrix docs and the password method is not supported I guess, as only OAuth is enabled on the website. I couldn't make other methods work for some reason.17:11:55
@tamr-55ad7e7237f2ad22587e933b:gitter.imtamer changed their profile picture.22:42:16
30 May 2023
@justincarlson:matrix.orgJustin Carlson changed their display name from Justin Carlson (back May 30) to Justin Carlson.14:45:56
31 May 2023
@madlittlemods:matrix.orgmadlittlemods (Eric Eastwood) Bugra Kocabay: Probably easiest just to open an incognito window, sign-in with SSO, then grab the token with All settings -> Help & About -> Advanced -> Access token, then just exit the window (do not sign out so the token stays valid) 06:15:39
@chimex33:gitter.imCHIME LIVINUS CHIDIEBERE joined the room.06:44:33
@devgruu-62a4800f6da03739849853d6:gitter.imLeO changed their display name from devGruu (devGruu) to LeO.12:25:11
1 Jun 2023
@cell_ow_twitter-5e294b99d73408ce4fd787f5:gitter.imCell_ow_twitter (Tobias Findeisen) joined the room.14:59:27
@x8x-55740d7815522ed4b3e18b35:gitter.im@x8x-55740d7815522ed4b3e18b35:gitter.im removed their display name x8x (FLuX LoOP).21:00:39
4 Jun 2023
@nerves:matrix.orgneo joined the room.18:54:41
5 Jun 2023
@inez_mcgregor:matrix.orgInez away changed their display name from Inez to Inez away.10:51:45

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