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13 Nov 2019
00:53:08@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket Sheepmikeb entered the space
03:18:40@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket Sheepandreww591 entered the space
17:28:29@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepMuddyHands entered the space
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18:04:24@travis:t2l.ioTravisRHey all, the chat room has been updated. There's a bunch of changes, but the most visual change is reactions. Not everyone will be able to see them, but you can add 👍️ and other emoji to people's messages if you want.
18:08:54@ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.caArtemusMaximusThumbs up for 👍️'s
18:26:48@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepMuddyHands entered the space
20:58:25@so_:tang.ents.camikebNot 100% sure what I should use this for, but I got a stock-ish shaped all metal hotend. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33047254836.html
20:59:01@so_:tang.ents.camikebBuild an enclosure around an Ender-5 I have coming and try some engineering materials?
21:01:24@ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.caArtemusMaximusfor unobtainium filament, duh LOL
21:03:40@so_:tang.ents.camikebIt'll probably just drive me insane tweaking retractions
21:03:44@xuasiha:tang.ents.caxuasihaWould the makerspace like this?
21:05:28@so_:tang.ents.camikeb xuasiha: sure, we'll put it in the printer pasture
21:07:14@xuasiha:tang.ents.caxuasiha Cool. it's got a glass bed, bl touch and a volcano hotend. just need to get out there.
21:07:42@so_:tang.ents.camikebWhat part of town are you in?
21:07:59@so_:tang.ents.camikebI'm headed in tonight to do some sander tinkering
21:08:09@xuasiha:tang.ents.caxuasiha116 And 124th
In reply to @ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.ca
for unobtainium filament, duh LOL
mostly just nylon, petg and maybe abs
22:29:08@so_:tang.ents.camikebHah, 3d printer enclosure. https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/busa-childrens-tent-60243576/
22:34:58@jola:tang.ents.cajola joined the room.
22:39:27@jola:tang.ents.cajola set a profile picture.
23:25:37@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartTravisr:. I take it riot app support for reactions is not yet available?
23:25:48@travis:t2l.ioTravisRNot for android
23:27:18@so_:tang.ents.camikebOnly in the beta test app
23:27:51@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartty. Just curious.
14 Nov 2019
00:11:09@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepTravisR entered the space
00:28:17@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket Sheepmikeb entered the space

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