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21 Jan 2020
18:58:10@fullbrook:tang.ents.cafullbrookEach box has ~300 ish?
20:20:14@ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.caArtemusMaximusfor K-Days, if we create short video for each area, then tap here for Wood working, tap there for pottery, tap here for projects gallery etc
21:26:17@fullbrook:tang.ents.cafullbrook That's a good idea!
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22 Jan 2020
00:38:24@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepTravisR entered the space
01:33:55@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket Sheepmikeb entered the space
05:17:18@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket Sheepandreww591 entered the space
15:17:35@so_:tang.ents.camikeb Great short video showing off a vacuum CNC hold down for a custom part by Winston May https://youtu.be/fw9BWOkYPjY
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23 Jan 2020
02:02:18@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepTravisR entered the space
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02:46:17@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepTravisR entered the space
02:54:47@stein:tang.ents.casteinCan any body tell me if the print on the 3d printer is complete. Mike started it for me yesterday. But I don’t know what time he did. If it’s done by midnight I’ll come by tomorrow. But I’m debating coming by now
02:57:02@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket Sheepcgapeart entered the space
03:00:04@so_:tang.ents.camikeb I'll go have a look in 30m or so too
04:13:15@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket Sheepmikeb entered the space
04:15:00@so_:tang.ents.camikeb80% done, runtime so far 22:02
04:17:34@the_lyrical_geezer:tang.ents.cathe_lyrical_geezer joined the room.
04:22:48@stein:tang.ents.casteinLooks great thanks for starting it
04:26:42@the_lyrical_geezer:tang.ents.cathe_lyrical_geezer set a profile picture.
04:28:56@so_:tang.ents.camikebMy ping pong wall segment prototypes
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In reply to @stein:tang.ents.ca
Looks great thanks for starting it
Ah, read it wrong, had it running at 80% speed, only 63% done, best to get to it tomorrow.
04:47:32@so_:tang.ents.camikebMainly since it was vibrating a bit on moves
25 Jan 2020
02:32:20@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepTravisR entered the space

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