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7 Apr 2020
15:51:10@so_:tang.ents.camikeb Someone asked what the 5th horseman of the apocalypse should have as a power https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/9yfrh5/if_you_were_the_fifth_horseman_of_the_apocalypse/
16:09:57@stein:tang.ents.casteinWell if we have conquest, war, famine, and plague, what leaves societies that desolate and desperate in the 21 st century
16:10:43@so_:tang.ents.camikebHorseman of Internet outage
16:10:59@stein:tang.ents.casteinHorseman of the bear market
16:11:16@stein:tang.ents.castein Or Karl Marx
16:12:06@stein:tang.ents.casteinI think we need a few here, clearly if we were to lose electricity or the internet we would be screwed
16:15:47@so_:tang.ents.camikeb I'm probably not going to take this opportunity to re-read Lucifer's Hammer (spoiler: comet hits the Earth) lots of different doomsday prepping in there, and cannibals.
16:16:58@stein:tang.ents.casteinI think all the doomsday preppers are opening that victory champagne right now. It’s nice to be right
16:19:23@so_:tang.ents.camikebIts not a bad short term strategy, but I think future preppers will be hoarding more toilet paper, flour, chocolate and coffee
16:20:47@stein:tang.ents.castein Yes I did notice my coffee consumption increase tenfold
16:24:10@so_:tang.ents.camikeb * Its not a bad short term strategy, but I think future preppers will be hoarding more toilet paper, flour, chocolate and coffee
16:25:07@so_:tang.ents.camikebThere is a ton of chocolate in those northern climate MREs that BigClive was opening on YouTube.
16:41:33@so_:tang.ents.camikebAnd I've been watching this guy's channel. Seems he did a few years of summer projects of building a log cabin, and blacksmithing. Guess he's a retired lawyer, I would have guessed technology background :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc1ufNROdAxto9Fr0jnEE2Q
16:44:04@so_:tang.ents.camikebAhha, found his Russian channel, more projects he's completed. https://www.youtube.com/user/advocatttt
17:00:53@so_:tang.ents.camikebThe Ender 5 is a bit of a tight fit in the Creality fabric enclosure
17:01:51@so_:tang.ents.camikebOnly took me three weeks to think about putting it together
17:20:05@so_:tang.ents.camikeb * Only took me three weeks to think about putting it together
8 Apr 2020
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10 Apr 2020
02:29:37@mattp:tang.ents.camattpLooking to get started in 3d printing with a kit machine. Would I be wishing I bought something better within a week if I got the linked machine as opposed to something like the Ender 3?
02:30:16@mattp:tang.ents.camattp https://www.amazon.ca/GEEETECH-Printer-Desktop-200x200x180mm(7-97-97-1)Printing-EasyPrint/dp/B075D6L49C/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?keywords=3d+printer&qid=1586485787&sr=8-4
02:50:47@so_:tang.ents.camikeb Looks similar to the original Prusa i3 design. I'm a Creality fan, the Ender 3 is way easier to get started and there are a bazillion of them out there, mod parts, replacement parts, etc
04:06:38@Gord:tang.ents.ca@Gord:tang.ents.ca mikeb: just looked at that link. It's a pretty good price. Kinda makes me wanna upgrade. Too bad I'm on unemployment right now and cant spend alot.
04:08:52@Gord:tang.ents.ca@Gord:tang.ents.caI feel like the single z axis screw is a flaw but I guess it works. Makes me think it would get uneven on both sides.
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08:13:20@1597:tang.ents.ca1597aerobics amateur radio net. monday 1pm. kidding. i just have 2 Edison leds a c60m1i with xp and a rpi b+ shoved in a natural american spirit carton. every os is wormholeish except bionic c android, hate data mining. i got spanked but i think i might try ordering a sirius xm remote lanyard clip 3d print.
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08:57:14@1599:tang.ents.ca1599hes not ranting. hes just some ghostly from twos park. regards to roadrunnerpizzadt.com webmaster

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