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18 Sep 2019
17:26:59@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepJanet entered the space
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19 Sep 2019
00:03:16@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepNeumeyer entered the space
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01:22:14@ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.caArtemusMaximusVery nice
04:30:52@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartFinally bothered to get set up to do one at a time printing. It definitely beats all at once printing when you want a large number of small parts, but it is only really worth it with a large bed.
15:52:28@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepMuddyHands entered the space
15:57:50@so_:tang.ents.camikebcgapeart: nice, what are they? I'd say pawns, but there are some sort of screw mount.
15:58:46@so_:tang.ents.camikeb I ordered a 1.75 filament pen, and I just saw a discussion of where a guy mentioned 3d printing 'glue' sticks, and then using them in a regular glue gun mind blown
16:02:30@so_:tang.ents.camikebI was just watching a video about different materials that can be printed, and they did mention things like glue stick plastic PMMA
16:06:01@so_:tang.ents.camikebhttps://hackaday.com/2018/02/05/3d-printering-printing-sticks-for-a-pla-hot-glue-gun/ although printing them seems like a lot of work, would probably be easier to cut lengths and make bundles, and then fuse the bundles with a hot air gun
16:14:18@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeart mikeb: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3675051

They are essentially screws for building stuff out of corugated cardboard. Sold commercially as "Makedo", they are really over priced. The version I printed has lego technic shaped holes in it.
16:15:26@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartHowever, a chess set is the perfect example of where one-at-a-time printing would get much better results. I have never wasted too much time adjusting my printer to get rid of stringing - and right now, with a volcano nozzle and a bowden system, it is doubly not worth the effort.
16:16:48@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartIn fact, the number one reason I have never printed myself a chess set is that stringing would leave too much cleanup to bother, and there was no way I was going to print 32 pieces one at a time.
16:19:04@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartI was able to fit something like 25 of these little pieces on my bed at a time (300x300). Chess pieces would likely be a little bigger, but I should be able to run this print job with 16 (one entire side) at a time. ... (starts looking at thingiverse for chess sets... ;)
In reply to @so_:tang.ents.ca
https://hackaday.com/2018/02/05/3d-printering-printing-sticks-for-a-pla-hot-glue-gun/ although printing them seems like a lot of work, would probably be easier to cut lengths and make bundles, and then fuse the bundles with a hot air gun
You could probably machine an alumimum tube as a form: load it with filalment strands, heat it with a torch, and compress in the ends.
18:03:06@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepScott entered the space
19:39:59@sheep:tang.ents.caRocket SheepScott entered the space
20:20:26@so_:tang.ents.camikeb cgapeart: biggest thing I think that fixes simple extrusion errors is just extruder calibration
20:21:55@so_:tang.ents.camikebThat's what's fixed most of my issues anyways
20:24:04@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartI did calibrate esteps carefully, but Bowden tubes make getting rid of stringing hard. Printing cooler helps, but finding the right balance between stringing and later adhesion is a pain.
20:25:02@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartSomewhere along the curve for the law of diminishing returns I inevitably give up perfecting my settings so I can focus on making stuff instead of printer running.
20:25:13@so_:tang.ents.camikebhmmm, haven't had a ton of issues with the Bowden, once I replaced the plastic one I had with a metal one
20:30:23@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartUsing a Bowden compared to a direct drive increases how much retraction is needed. I found retractions eating through the filament too often. The entire cold end/tube/hot end arrangement I have now seems to be much better, so I may try a bit more tuning eventually. Like I said, apathy and the law of diminishing returns is all I really have in the way of sorting it out.
20:45:31@so_:tang.ents.camikebNext thing I have coming is all metal hotend, hopefully that fixes any weird bowden tube issues at the extruder end of things for me, I get a plug in the tube occasionally that stops filament change, I reseated it last night, haven't tried it again yet

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