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13 Feb 2019
22:28:59@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartAdd in a step stick and an arduino or the like, no problem.
22:30:11@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeart ArtemusMaximus: Thanks for sharing that link. Part of me is laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, and part of me is seriously thinking making one.
22:31:30@ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.caArtemusMaximusYW, now imaging to have 2 of these and working on them at the same time LOL
22:53:38@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartDid some math - 500-1000RPM under load would be plenty. A cordless drill motor and gear box in the low range would do it nicely, but be a bit loud. Finding the right geared motor is really the hardest part of that build.
14 Feb 2019
00:15:18@ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.caArtemusMaximusWith @lizj:tang.ents.ca help, uploaded kiln.
00:16:23@ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.caArtemusMaximusThere are couple issues. Flower was broken and one bug plate underglaze pealed
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15 Feb 2019
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05:31:36@so_:tang.ents.camikebm.video Event
05:31:57@so_:tang.ents.camikebBeginnings of my wireless esp32 controllers
05:33:13@so_:tang.ents.camikebnot sure how to measure the current draw of the led strip though
05:34:25@so_:tang.ents.camikebah, have to pass the power through the meter
05:43:21@so_:tang.ents.camikebgot a reading of 290mA, not sure I believe this will run for 7-10h
05:43:33@so_:tang.ents.camikebhalf that if I increase the brightness
05:44:34@ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.caArtemusMaximusthis is so-o-o-o be-a-u-t-i-f-u-l
06:16:33@so_:tang.ents.camikebI think I'll need to add a capacitor, the inrush current causes the battery shield to shut off
07:15:13@so_:tang.ents.camikebwell that helped, but didn't last forever, the chip has a current limit of 4.5A supposedly, marked at 4A, but I was able to make that turn off reliably at what I think is much less, capacitor and limit 100% white usage :)
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16 Feb 2019
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17 Feb 2019
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