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16 Dec 2018
20:57:44@kulps:matrix.orgkulpsI knew somebody would remember
20:57:44@fullbrook:tang.ents.cafullbrookmicrowave oven transformers are dangerous as frig
20:58:14@fullbrook:tang.ents.cafullbrookI'd suggest using the neon sign transformer, since it's current limited
20:58:30@fullbrook:tang.ents.cafullbrookthe MOT will keep jamming current into whatever you want
20:58:37@travis:t2l.ioTravisRps: when used in series, the case will be live. Don't touch it. It hurts. A lot.
20:58:41@fullbrook:tang.ents.cafullbrookwhich may be good. But may also kill you.
20:59:07@kulps:matrix.orgkulps great news @Conradhk:tang.ents.ca , we've got folks who know what's up
20:59:32@kulps:matrix.orgkulpsMy understanding is we attach some probes to the transformer and then jab it into some sorta wet wood
20:59:37@kulps:matrix.orgkulpsseems easy enough to me!
20:59:58@Conradhk:tang.ents.ca@Conradhk:tang.ents.ca Awesome thanks! And yeah the danger factor is why I thought I'd ask haha
21:00:07@travis:t2l.ioTravisRyea, it's basically a Jacob's ladder in wood
21:00:18@ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.caArtemusMaximusbaking soda and water solution I hear
21:01:27@Conradhk:tang.ents.ca@Conradhk:tang.ents.ca Yeah I hear that's the best too
21:02:54@Conradhk:tang.ents.ca@Conradhk:tang.ents.ca Maybe I'll come in Tuesday when most others are here and we can work on it!?
21:03:10@kulps:matrix.orgkulpsI think that'd be a cool tuesday project
21:03:16@kulps:matrix.orgkulpsbut I'm not actually much help
21:03:30@kulps:matrix.orgkulps I enlist fullbrook to help
21:05:15@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartYah, don't use MOT unless you want to end up dead. Neon sign transormer will just hurt you.
21:06:10@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartIt's something I have wanted to do for a while, but a healthy fear of MOT and lack of access to an affordable neon transformer has kept me from trying it.
21:06:32@ArtemusMaximus:tang.ents.caArtemusMaximuswhat is MOT?
21:07:15@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartThe nominal operating current for a Microwave Oven Transformer (MOT) on the high voltage side is exactly in the 100-200ma range that will kill you by stoping your heart.
21:07:40@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartAnd the 2000 volts will happily break down the resistance of dry skin.
21:09:46@travis:t2l.ioTravisRto be fair, the neon sign transformers can also kill you. They should absolutely be treated with the same amount of respect
21:13:20@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartTravisR: Your not wrong, but not quite right either. A neon sign transformer can kill you, but they are designed for use in places where people might have a chance of coming in contact with them, so they probably wont. The current is limited to under 25ma or so. A MOT will kill you dead very fast because it specifically hits the range of current your heart runs on. HIgher currents kill you more slowly by burning flesh and destroying nerves and muscles and stuff. Lower currents just tingle or hurt. But the 100-200 ma range is very quickly deadly if it gets anywhere near your heart.
21:14:15@travis:t2l.ioTravisRDying slowly doesn't make it any less dangerous...
21:14:39@travis:t2l.ioTravisRJust be careful is my point. Don't assume that it is safer to handle.
21:15:43@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartAbsolutley: There is bad, and there is don't F*** with it bad, you will lose. Avoid both.
21:16:51@cgapeart:tang.ents.cacgapeartAlso, dieing slowly hurts more, and the chance that friends/EMS/Doctors can do someing about it to conver it from death to hurt is much greater, and there is a bigger time window in which to do it.

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