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5 Dec 2022
@_discord_708034027944411227:t2bot.ioeliadaile#4756 I opened every single file from lnd/ (td8) and I could not find it sadly 22:37:30
@_discord_708034027944411227:t2bot.ioeliadaile#4756 I only check for the hd file 22:37:50
@_discord_708034027944411227:t2bot.ioeliadaile#4756 * I only checked for the hd file 22:38:01
Download Screenshot_20221205_233322.png
@_discord_708034027944411227:t2bot.ioeliadaile#4756 (just for fun, I did the substitution with tr_sh_cobblestones.dds . It looks quite good!) 22:39:10
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris okay, cool. so the answer is that this texture is indeed new in TD9, and it was originally created at SD resolution. so this is the largest version that currently exists. 23:17:02
@_discord_708034027944411227:t2bot.ioeliadaile#4756 Thanks for the answer! A pity that there are no HD version from it yet, because the SD/HD collision looks a bit jarring. And because the texture is looking interesting and good otherwise! 👍 23:21:13
Download image.png
@_discord_217666853852545027:t2bot.ioArgronok0#5045 Very tiny misaligned sea ground in the waters between Old Ebonheart and Vvardefell 23:54:09
Download image.png
@_discord_217666853852545027:t2bot.ioArgronok0#5045 Close up of it 23:56:25
6 Dec 2022
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemarisDownload tr_at_cobblestn_01..dds00:20:23
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris okay, here you go. i remade it at HD size 00:20:24
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris this does raise the question of what other newly made textures were submitted for TD9 without HD versions, though 00:31:38
@_discord_409095174203899905:t2bot.ioBurnspot#6123 No, the flying rats are intact. 😉 00:36:07
Download Base_Profile_Screenshot_2022.12.05_-_19.34.28.08.png
Download Base_Profile_Screenshot_2022.12.05_-_19.34.22.39.png
@_discord_409095174203899905:t2bot.ioBurnspot#6123 Mount Sarrunabi cavern 00:37:11
@_discord_409095174203899905:t2bot.ioBurnspot#6123 * For the TR team - Mount Sarrunabi cavern 00:37:22
@_discord_409095174203899905:t2bot.ioBurnspot#6123 Unless it's the texture mod... 00:38:21
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil Really hard to see 00:40:54
@_discord_409095174203899905:t2bot.ioBurnspot#6123 Well, it is dark in there, heh. 00:41:12
Download Base_Profile_Screenshot_2022.12.05_-_19.39.35.87.png
@_discord_409095174203899905:t2bot.ioBurnspot#6123 Another one, just up the path a bit 00:41:39
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris looks like that mod replaces the meshes too 01:34:46
@_discord_409095174203899905:t2bot.ioBurnspot#6123 I'll have to check it out; it does a number on that area as far as seams are concerned. 01:53:24
@_discord_409095174203899905:t2bot.ioBurnspot#6123 * I'll have to check it out; it does a number on that area as far as seams are concerned (mod from the One-Day Modernization list for OpenMW). 01:57:37
@_discord_1034046332668747816:t2bot.ioPharis#8436 mlox put it like that? 02:54:49
@_discord_328598851806298113:t2bot.ioShadowhawk changed their profile picture.03:33:55
@_discord_328598851806298113:t2bot.ioShadowhawk changed their display name from Shadowhawk#7858 to Shadowhawk.03:33:57

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