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**Topic** Corrupting chat that may be off topic. **Rules** 1. Our rules apply to all 'official' rooms in our space. ( #Corruption:koneko.chat ) 1.1. If in doubt, check the space rules. 2. Permitted content and communities (not exclusive) 2.1. All Drawn or CGI Shota/Lolicon 2.2. Trans, Furry, Teens, Adult 3. Not Permitted Content 3.1. Where depicting IRL minors (including AI) content must be: 3.1.1. Non-Nude (nudity includes 'wedgies', both top and bottom must be clothed) 4. User behavior 4.1. Trolling is not permitted 4.2. Spam is not permitted. (Includes 'Request Invite' and posting links (ask a mod)). 5. External Moderation is not permitted as a first course of action (please take all reports to the moderation team in the first instance).73 Servers

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2 Jun 2024
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3 Jun 2024
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2 Jun 2024
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3 Jun 2024
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4 Jun 2024
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5 Jun 2024
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6 Jun 2024
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7 Jun 2024
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9 Jun 2024
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10 Jun 2024
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11 Jun 2024
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