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19 Oct 2021
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)also more on the topic https://people.eng.unimelb.edu.au/lee/papers/dd.html09:14:58
@plumeus:dawidpotocki.complumeusoh nvm, I didn't have to do anything about the NixOS thing09:17:18
In reply to @tauoverpi:feneas.org
so that's why I consider prolog one of the dynamically typed languages that actually guides you to a solution rather than throwing a stack trace and calling it a day
hmm, interesting
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)mercury (AOT and with static types!) can do the same09:20:33
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)oh and step debugging in prolog is even better as you can ask prolog about the environment!09:21:01
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)along with query it further like above from the current location09:21:54
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)prolog just sucks for general programming which is why it's not really used outside of parsers, symbolic AI, and such09:25:55
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)a fun fact, erlang was originally implemented in prolog09:26:08
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)since prolog is good for programming language prototyping09:26:21
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)sadly prolog is... slow...09:26:32
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)that reminds me of a book I want09:28:35
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)
The Art of Prolog
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)welp, one small change touched almost all code...09:46:18
@justmidi:tchncs.de?midi yorick: This is gonna sound weird. But what phone are you using? I just got called saying AT&T and T-Mobile are shutting down 3G and LTE networks (unless your phone has VoLTE which mine does not). So I'm thinking about switching to Verizon network (which this phone cannot) or upgrading to 5G. Preferably want something that lineage os can be installed on to 19:49:15
@justmidi:tchncs.de?midiI need an american 19:49:31
@justmidi:tchncs.de?midiI guess this makes pinephone unusable in the states now20:26:02
@yorick:feneas.orgyorickI use the pixel 519:59:33
@yorick:feneas.orgyorickOh I had that with my Nokia I think19:59:25
@justmidi:tchncs.de?midiAnd the pinephone pro20:26:12
In reply to @justmidi:tchncs.de
I guess this makes pinephone unusable in the states now
why would pinephone be unusable? 🤔
@tulir:maunium.nettulirah, it's not that pinephone has outdated tech (it has VoLTE), it's that AT&T is actively blocking pinephone20:52:57
@justmidi:tchncs.de?midiSad life21:15:03
@plumeus:dawidpotocki.complumeusThanks AT&T21:18:01
20 Oct 2021
@justmidi:tchncs.de?midiLooks like Samsung and Pixel are the popular favorites theses days03:59:30
In reply to @justmidi:tchncs.de
why do people do this...
@justmidi:tchncs.de?midiIs a specific kind of sadness04:00:33
@plumeus:dawidpotocki.complumeusEvery time I come across it, I still feel like "this is not legal advice" makes more sense than "I am not a lawyer". A person can attempt to make a legal advice without being a lawyer, and not everything a lawyer says is necessarily legal advice, surely.04:42:38

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