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26 Feb 2024
@telegram_6392346150:kyun.hosttech9 (Telegram)
In reply to tech9 (Telegram)
sent a sticker
i cant believe this nigga got 11 years for being customer support on alphabay but pom got probation
@telegram_6392346150:kyun.hosttech9 (Telegram)fucking bullshit01:18:23
In reply to @telegram_6398924739:kyun.host
@naph777 When US location?
say that one more time and im blocking you
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthaactually say "when [INSERT RETARDED THING HERE]" again and im blocking you01:22:20
@telegram_6392346150:kyun.hosttech9 (Telegram) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qNHkGOo-5o 01:32:34
@telegram_6392346150:kyun.hosttech9 (Telegram)not his best though01:33:32
@telegram_6392346150:kyun.hosttech9 (Telegram)image.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_6392346150:kyun.hosttech9 (Telegram)nap everytime someone asks about the new loacation but replace school and work with no servers, no new location01:34:55
@telegram_6392346150:kyun.hosttech9 (Telegram)shit aint easy being an aryan trapstar01:36:24
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthamy nigga loc01:36:42
@telegram_6392346150:kyun.hosttech9 (Telegram)why cant i just be high all day and listen to moonrune music01:38:28
@telegram_6392346150:kyun.hosttech9 (Telegram)i quit kratom and im 100% sober until I get out of the projects on jah01:38:47
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthasober gang01:39:30
@johnnys_gun:matrix.orgjohnnys_gunWhen is US server launched?03:29:52
@johnnys_gun:matrix.orgjohnnys_gun naphtha 03:30:42
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthathey're launched for testing03:31:21
In reply to @naphtha:kyun.host
they're launched for testing
So it's accessible by anyone through your site or just a selected few by you?
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthaavailable on request03:32:38
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthait's not on the main site03:32:42
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthasince its a new codebase03:32:46
@johnnys_gun:matrix.orgjohnnys_gunokay thx03:32:53
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthaupgrading works on sigma now04:50:45
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthadowngrading works too04:50:58
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthaexcept for the disk04:51:01
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthacause it cant be shrunk04:51:04
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthai'll postpone ipv604:51:13
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthabecause it's not a priority04:51:17
@naphtha:kyun.hostnaphthawhat's a priority right now is not having a server running doing nothing wasting money04:51:33

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