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14 May 2022
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinuel * regarding I2S, I don't see an I2S peripheral block so you'd have to use the PIO to do that for you.
It should be fairly simple ™ to implement.
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinuel * regarding I2S, I don't see an I2S peripheral block so you'd have to use the PIO to do that for you. It should be _fairly simple_™ to implement.19:25:43
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinuel * regarding I2S, I don't see an I2S peripheral block so you'd have to use the PIO to do that for you.
It should be fairly simple™ to implement.
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairbai guess it's not possible to reuse this system to add some ram?19:26:00
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinuelNot as for as I know. but the device has 264KiB of RAM so it should be way enough for the usecase of the chip. Do you need a lot more?19:28:21
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairba ithinuel: i far to reach the point where more ram are needed, but yes, for some audio DSP effect i need a lot of ram 19:30:45
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinueloh, I never played a lot with audio/dsp so I don't know how much compute power you need for that but the RP2040 is a dual core cortex-m0. It doesn't have an FPU nor the fancy DSP instructions a cortex-m4 may have.19:34:11
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairbafor this reason, i'm also interested by trying to bare metal on PI Zero19:34:17
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinuel( in the SDK I2S is achieved via PIO: https://github.com/raspberrypi/pico-extras/blob/b5887f6baaabb18b6e135da9115bc32402026af0/src/rp2_common/pico_audio_i2s/audio_i2s.c )19:34:37
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinuel * ( in the SDK I2S is achieved via PIO: https://github.com/raspberrypi/pico-extras/blob/b5887f6baaabb18b6e135da9115bc32402026af0/src/rp2_common/pico_audio_i2s/audio_i2s.pio )19:36:33
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairbai miss understood float support of the PI pico, it's software float19:37:58
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinuelthere's some support in hardware, but I don't know to what extend does19:38:43
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairbai just understand there is some float library inside the rom19:42:40
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinuelthat's what I understand too. It seems very well optimised but software nonetheless.19:44:16
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairbaanyway, i'm just curious, i don't really plan to buy one soon. I may even try "bare metal" PI zero first, but it's difficult to find one at official price, many website don't have it in stock19:54:43
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinuelI guess It depends of where you're based but https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/raspberry-pi-pico seems to have them in stock as well as a variety of extension (even one for audio: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/pico-audio-pack?variant=32369490853971 )19:58:15
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairba ithinuel: i was talking about pi zero 20:00:30
@ithinuel:matrix.orgithinuelOh for the stock, sorry 🙂 20:02:02
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairbaand the audio pack deosn't fits my particular needs20:03:54
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairbafor audio i have needs particular enougth to require custom design :p. i need very Hi Z input in addition to headphone out20:08:02
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairbai already did a design for stm32 and it costed me around 30€ and some soldering.20:10:15
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairba*for nucleo20:10:55
@9names:matrix.org9names It's often been hard to buy a pi zero, but the global chip shortage has made it near impossible.
pi zero 2 W is a better choice for audio DSP, but is a bit more expensive and still difficult to obtain.
I recommend using https://rpilocator.com/ and being very patient.
@9names:matrix.org9namesThat said - you should be able to get decent DSP perf out of a high frequency cortex-m7 device like an stm32h7 nucleo or teensy 4.123:36:35
15 May 2022
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairba 9names: at the moment, i do with thing i have (nucleof411). i may found more issue than just not enought memory for some effects 00:47:10
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairbai may even stop my project because not having enouth time00:48:45
@yruama_lairba:matrix.orgyruama_lairbai'm currently doing I2s hal for stm32f4, and it takes me a lot of time00:51:08
@mimir:xmppwocky.netMimir joined the room.02:14:42
@9names:matrix.org9namesYeah. Everything always takes longer than you want it to, especially when doing it in your spare time.02:53:50

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