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5 Apr 2021
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsI self declare compliance of my prototype kits!13:53:16
@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofCertainly not if they're leaded. 😉 13:53:55
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsLead free hasl!13:54:03
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsI hope the solder they use is lead free :p13:54:16
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsThe solder I use certainly isn't13:54:25
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsThough I plan to switch when this roll runs out.13:54:44
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsThough that might be a year or two :p13:55:05
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsI'm hella off topic for this room tho13:55:18
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaionot like there's on-topic discussion here lately anyway...13:56:23
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunns I should just rename #anachro:matrix.org to james-offtopic-embedded 14:10:24
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterI wasn't sure I could hand solder a USB C18:55:24
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterBesides, the DC in is 12V, just in case you ever needed to power a drive with a motor18:55:53
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterPretty sure you can make an IDE to SPI adaptor with a second Pico18:56:14
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterI hadn't considered getting JLC to do the jellybeans. That's not a bad idea.18:56:49
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterIt's designed to be a self assembly kit. All the SMT is 0805 or SOIC (1.27mm pitch).18:57:32
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterExcept I think one QFP32 (0.8mm) and one SSOP (0.65mm)18:58:04
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterIf you want to buy a board ready made, buy a Pi18:58:17
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiospeaking IDE with the PIO? isn't it too many pins?18:58:21
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterPico has 2618:59:12
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterMaybe it's easier to use an STM32 with an EBI.18:59:35
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterIt's under Neotron-Pico19:08:21
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterAnd I'll take PRs for the hardware now, and the software once I've actually started it19:08:43
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterWell there's a skeleton OS, but no Pico BIOS yet. Just the F7 Discovery and the Tiva Launchpad.19:09:22
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterBoards are under £10 each. They're 240x170mm 4 layer impedance controlled LeadFree HASL. I might go ENIG after the first batch.19:12:39
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterPArts are reasonable. £5 for the Amp. £4 for the Pico. £1 each for the RGB buffer, ESD protection, RTC, SPI IO expander and the octal buffer.19:15:46
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpster£4 for the PSU. Couple of LDOs.19:16:00
@thejpster:matrix.orgthejpsterYou could spend a bunch on the card edge if you wanted. Or wedge your card into a standard pin header and be generous with the solder.19:17:10
13 Apr 2021
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