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1 Apr 2020
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2 Apr 2020
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3 Apr 2020
21:03:03@freenode_Milo-:matrix.orgMilo- varjolintu I think I figured out why the passwords were not working natively. Some ryzens are returning "ffffffff-ffff-4fff-bfff-ffffffffffff" as uuid for all calls :/
21:03:44@freenode_Milo-:matrix.orgMilo- so I guess that's what is being used as storage identifier for those passwords and they'll always conflict
21:35:39@freenode_jamiew0w:matrix.orgjamiew0w This may seem like a silly question so my apologies in advance. I remember I used be able to add a new password entry and 'save database', however now i have to 'save as' and overwrite the old one. Is that intended, and if so why?
21:35:43@freenode_jamiew0w:matrix.orgjamiew0w It ultimately doesn't make much difference, was something bugging me the last while though.
21:36:12@freenode_Milo-:matrix.orgMilo-jamiew0w you have autosave on
21:36:35@freenode_jamiew0w:matrix.orgjamiew0w well that solves that then. So I can close or just quit and that'll be fine?
21:37:02@freenode_jamiew0w:matrix.orgjamiew0walso thanks for the speedy response Milo- :)
22:52:04@james.blond:matrix.0x1010.dejames.blondDoes KeePassXC support TOTP? Where do i put in the code?
4 Apr 2020
07:09:09@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousjames.blond Right click entry, set up TOTP
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07:36:03@freenode_LRB:matrix.orgLRB Hi everybody. I'm writing a super basic bash script to make periodic copies of my keepass database. In order to prevent myself from copying a database that's in use, I'd like to check the lock file. Where is the lock file located?
07:42:35@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousThere is no lock file. But you can enable the backup file and copy that.
07:43:13@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousIf you have safe saving on (default), then you can also copy the original file, since writes are atomic.
07:44:57@freenode_LRB:matrix.orgLRBOh interesting. Good to know. Thanks for the information

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