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20 Jan 2020
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08:17:48@freenode_dupondje:matrix.orgdupondjeWho builds those arch packages :)
08:18:50@freenode_XXCoder:matrix.orgXXCoderelves we borrow from santa
08:20:55@freenode_dupondje:matrix.orgdupondjedamn elves, they are still sleeping it seems
08:20:59@freenode_dupondje:matrix.orgdupondjewho wakes them up? :D
08:21:08@freenode_XXCoder:matrix.orgXXCoderhmm candy canes?
08:21:59@freenode_varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintu just whisper to them: "btw, I u..."
08:22:44@freenode_XXCoder:matrix.orgXXCoder or say "santa is coming!"
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16:08:42@freenode_ice9:matrix.orgice9I enabled hardware key on KPXC on Linux and it works fine however, I can open the DB on android without the hardware key at all, how come?
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16:36:44@phoerious:matrix.orgphoerious ice9: Sure you are actually using the YubiKey?
16:39:41@freenode_ice9:matrix.orgice9 phoerious, yes i'm unlocking the DB with the Yubikey on Linux
16:39:54@freenode_ice9:matrix.orgice9i have to press it to unlock
16:40:22@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousThen there is no way you don't have to do the same on Android, unless the DB isn't the same.
16:53:11@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousJust tested it only to be sure, but without YubiKey, I cannot open my DB in KeePass2Android.
19:55:25@freenode_lindhe:matrix.orglindhe ice9: Are you using Keepass2Android? I think that has "closed" database and "locked" where one of them can be opened more easily. It caches something and only requires (a) fingerprint or (b) partial password or (c) only password, for convenience.
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21 Jan 2020
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