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4 Oct 2022
@_discord_95964553325613056:t2bot.ioVanege Correlatives in Esperanto have a lot of extra rules and do not obey the rules of compoundings of normal words. Correlatives in Globasa are just normal words that can be written without a space without them (keloka instead of ke loka) and where "fe" can be ommited before "loka", "watu", "seba" etc. 18:22:55
@_discord_518096026159153153:t2bot.ioHyperr Doesn't Lidepla require hyphens to prevent ambiguity? 18:24:30
@_discord_406841852235350016:t2bot.ioTom🩸 @Caio I think you will find Globasa to be fun. 19:02:00
@_discord_704709314652143617:t2bot.ioselgu'a Vanege could be underestimating the advantage of Globasa over Esperanto for speakers of non-European languages, but there's no way to know.

Esperanto has a few difficulties for the learner aside from the evident phonology problem:
- The correlative word set is irregular, overspecific, and foreign.
- Case and number marking are sometimes unusual. The relative pronoun kiu matches its antecedent in case and number: La ĉevaloj, kiujn mi vidis ('The horses which.PL.ACC I saw.')
- There are many words that are almost identical in form and derive from the same source. For instance, tablo, tabelo, tabulo, and tavolo; these words all derive from Latin tabula.
- There are many synonyms and a large overall lexicon, because of a century and a half of different word-creation strategies working in parallel: borrowing from Romance vocabulary and derivation through native means.
- Esperanto has idioms and nonliteral word senses, where less developed languages do not (or not yet).
@_discord_704709314652143617:t2bot.ioselgu'a Globasa and its major competitors all benefit from the data of modern linguistics. They take creole and pidgin languages as a model, to some extent. Esperanto was created before pidgin and creole languages were even considered real languages, let alone studied as such. The archetypal models for an auxlang in the 1880s were Latin and Greek; and perhaps English and French.

Of course it's also been noted that Esperanto has birthmarks from its Eastern European heritage: progressive voicing asdimilation in kz and other clusters, ⟨ŭ⟩ from Belarusian, Slavic influences in the phonology…

These are lovable quirks, of course 🙂
@_discord_704709314652143617:t2bot.ioselgu'a Hey I didn't see your comment as I was typing, I wasn't ignoring it. I agree. 19:46:16
@_discord_704709314652143617:t2bot.ioselgu'a with both your comments 19:46:32
@_discord_704709314652143617:t2bot.ioselgu'a Thanks! I'm a fellow traveler and an admirer of the language. Never learned Lojban or made it all the way through the reference grammar. You? 19:50:39
5 Oct 2022
@_discord_123325605490982913:t2bot.ioBlade Genexis#9702unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_123325605490982913:t2bot.ioBlade Genexis#9702 Nova mapo en Overwatch 2! 🤩 01:54:19
@_discord_605248001790705664:t2bot.ioEktor#8929 Si, xukra... "ke" le sen maltaypu. 02:31:58
@_discord_656158865876058132:t2bot.ioBabilinx joined the room.15:12:47
6 Oct 2022
@_discord_518096026159153153:t2bot.ioHyperr What should Globasa's word for "Greenland" be? 01:46:24
@_discord_171711934029234177:t2bot.ioxadrezo i guess it would be smth like Kalali? 01:50:46
@_discord_731624143170306109:t2bot.ioMelkor not Kalaxit Nunat? 01:55:25
@_discord_731624143170306109:t2bot.ioMelkor Is final -t allowed 01:55:31
@_discord_171711934029234177:t2bot.ioxadrezo thats a bit long 01:55:49
@_discord_171711934029234177:t2bot.ioxadrezo especially if you intend to derive demo- and glossonyms from it 01:56:09
@_discord_731624143170306109:t2bot.ioMelkor true 01:58:10
@_discord_731624143170306109:t2bot.ioMelkor Kalax/li (idk what the globasa policy on lateral fricatives is) works 01:58:41
@_discord_731624143170306109:t2bot.ioMelkor alternatively, since it is technically part of Denmark, one could go with kronlan 01:59:07
@_discord_731624143170306109:t2bot.ioMelkor (again, idk what the globasa policy on front rounded vowels is) 01:59:40
@_discord_171711934029234177:t2bot.ioxadrezo the correct solution is to just say Kijawigeo 02:00:54
@_discord_731624143170306109:t2bot.ioMelkor lol 02:02:10
@_discord_229407329374699521:t2bot.ioGunther I made a whole list of suggestions for countries/territories/regions that haven't been accounted for yet here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Globasa/comments/ubadiz/lexiseleti_many_various/

I'm personally inclined towards Kalali (root consistent with endonimic country name and adjectives) for Greenland if only for orthographic familiarity
@_discord_518096026159153153:t2bot.ioHyperr Another reason to support the Greenlandic name is because Greenlandic seems to be the sole official language of the country, but the Danish name seems more international. 03:34:02
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi where does Kalali come from? 07:21:03
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi shortened from kalaallit / kalaaleq? 07:25:46
@_discord_171711934029234177:t2bot.ioxadrezo yes 10:49:43
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi it's not a bad idea. 10:55:30

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