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21 Nov 2023
@_discord_461497140880080897:t2bot.ioantoinejamelot Ĉu Globasa nun havas postpoziciojn (su)? 18:21:53
@_discord_631968426319020032:t2bot.ioaldo0341 Imi sol name to “partikul”. Globasa su canal = canal de Globasa 18:29:59
@_discord_631968426319020032:t2bot.ioaldo0341 Mi jadin ki to sen xafeplasilexi... 18:37:33
@_discord_631968426319020032:t2bot.ioaldo0341 Mas to no sen neo... 18:42:44
23 Nov 2023
@_discord_631968426319020032:t2bot.ioaldo0341 I went ahead and changed “bum” back to “num”. As for the nouns which aren't verbs, I don't know which they are, lol. 06:25:35
@_discord_409079642956234753:t2bot.ionortrux 14:09:50
@_discord_229407329374699521:t2bot.ioGunther I believe the intent was that, many nouns could feasibly function as verbs, and this might allow speakers to the freedom to make that call themselves 15:24:01
@_discord_229407329374699521:t2bot.ioGunther You never see some guys lobsterin' about? 😉
In all seriousness, I get what you mean but my suspicion is that if nobody can think of how a given noun could function as a verb, it simply won't get used that way
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.iochristiansi but if that's the case, all nouns can simply be tagged as n in the dictionary. only if there's a meaningful difference between nouns than can or cannot become verbs, that difference should be marked. 16:02:50
@_discord_605248001790705664:t2bot.ioEktor Xukra! forgot that one 16:06:28
@_discord_605248001790705664:t2bot.ioEktor Right... 16:09:51
Download F43WAOGHZ5DQK2Q.jpg
@_discord_406841852235350016:t2bot.iotom1081 Duh Gunther !
Who hasn't seen lobsterin'?
24 Nov 2023
@_discord_123325605490982913:t2bot.ioFredi Hox... Din de Gibe Xukra? 01:18:47
@_discord_964140306121502771:t2bot.io--en joined the room.16:38:22
25 Nov 2023
@_discord_605248001790705664:t2bot.ioEktor It's Hox Xukradin 02:07:57
@_discord_123325605490982913:t2bot.ioFredi Tio estas multi pli mallonga. Dankon. 😆 03:37:06
28 Nov 2023
@_discord_605248001790705664:t2bot.ioEktor Maybe klikutul, although that might be vague. I suspect many languages use the equivalent of "mouse" though. 23:20:26
@_discord_229407329374699521:t2bot.ioGunther Can confirm: Among Globasa's source languages, the word for computer mouse is either their word for "mouse" or the English word "mouse" 23:22:51
2 Dec 2023
@_discord_631968426319020032:t2bot.ioaldo0341 Well, it's currently undefined. Get in the server, you might get faster answers. https://discord.gg/Wn2durs6 20:42:33
3 Dec 2023
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6 Dec 2023
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8 Dec 2023
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9 Dec 2023
@_discord_964140306121502771:t2bot.io--en 05:00:53
@_discord_964140306121502771:t2bot.io--en 09:42:01
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10 Dec 2023
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