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8 Feb 2019
19:25:17@orishim:matrix.orgorishimthat would wrap DAOcomponents?
19:25:21@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli100%, saw a demo of it at DevCon and I'm a huge fan of the development environment it gives
19:25:31@orishim:matrix.orgorishimand make it easy for devs to build daos
19:25:38@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliif I'm thinking of the right thing *
19:25:46@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJellioh I see what you're saying, yes I agree with that as well
19:25:52@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJellia set of libraries and developer tools
19:26:51@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliwe could jsut cdreatea DAO plugin for embark
19:26:56@orishim:matrix.orgorishimalso interesting that it supposedly makes it easy to integrate IPFS, swarm, whisper and orbit into dapps
19:27:04@orishim:matrix.orgorishim^^yes maybe that
19:28:57@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliooo I like it
19:30:22@orishim:matrix.orgorishimwill add to potential integrations here:
19:30:35@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliHere's the demo I saw at DevCon: https://github.com/status-im/dreddit-dapp
22:11:56@orishim:matrix.orgorishimOkay, looked into embark for a good bit. It looks like a major step up from truffle as a development environment. IMO the biggest advantage is its native support for decentralized storage (IPFS), messaging (swarm), and naming (ENS).
22:12:16@orishim:matrix.orgorishimit lets you deploy the app with a embarkJS which is a javascript library for interacting with all of the above protocols
22:13:54@orishim:matrix.orgorishimin addition to interactions with the deployed contract (evm)
22:14:46@orishim:matrix.orgorishimNot sure how useful the plug-in feature is since there aren't many examples. but it seems like building a plug-in with javascript wrappers for dao interaction functinos could be a good use case
22:16:29@orishim:matrix.orgorishimdevs would be able to add the dorg plug-in which would expose our JS API for simple components
22:18:14@orishim:matrix.orgorishimbut this is starting to sound like what arc.js does so I don't know how helpful it would be
22:18:59@orishim:matrix.orgorishimregardless embark could be a cleaner way to build the app that mkes IPFS integration simpler
22:20:09@orishim:matrix.orgorishimScreen Shot 2019-02-08 at 4.58.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 4.58.43 PM.png
22:20:37@orishim:matrix.orgorishimdevelopment environment^
22:35:23@orishim:matrix.orgorishimtl dr: bullish on embark as dev environment truffle replacement, not sure about how helpful it would be as a framework for DAOcomponent although we could build an integration (plug-in or template) later on
9 Feb 2019
00:17:04@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJellisuper cool, we could just create a plugin for the daostack/client library (whatever that might entail)
00:17:55@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliwould definitely love to use this as we develop a simple front-end for the token registry dao instead of using truffle
09:22:59@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | Asgeir
In reply to @dorgjelli:matrix.org
would definitely love to use this as we develop a simple front-end for the token registry dao instead of using truffle
I agree. The token registry seems like a nice use cases for testing it out in the wild
19:47:12@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliFantastic reference for the DAOcomponent library 😍 so clean so fresh https://github.com/gnosis/dx-react

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