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24 Jan 2022
@_discord_81486650810568704:t2bot.ioDyskord#1405 install ratpoison as WM 16:36:43
@_discord_699362985021538315:t2bot.ioLego Kenobi#4453 No please 16:36:49
@_discord_699362985021538315:t2bot.ioLego Kenobi#4453 I can't be as unusable as windows 8 64 bit 16:37:12
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist#4496 I should just install qutebrowser. 16:37:31
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist#4496 That'd probably run. 16:37:35
@_discord_81486650810568704:t2bot.ioDyskord#1405 eh.. ratpoison is tiling, keyboard driven WM so.. win8 is probs more useable lol 16:37:36
@_discord_81486650810568704:t2bot.ioDyskord#1405 are terminal browser still a thing? 16:38:01
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist#4496 >tiling, keyboard driven
Sounds like my kind of wm.
@_discord_699362985021538315:t2bot.ioLego Kenobi#4453 The tablet has a keyboard attachment tho 16:39:26
@_discord_81486650810568704:t2bot.ioDyskord#1405 ah.. then you could use it lol 16:39:45
@_discord_699362985021538315:t2bot.ioLego Kenobi#4453 I will try to put endeavour KDE on it 16:40:18
@_discord_81486650810568704:t2bot.ioDyskord#1405 no idea if its still alive and functional, been years since i used it, was a godsend for the small netbook screen i had lol 16:40:28
@_discord_81486650810568704:t2bot.ioDyskord#1405 gentoo.. do gentoo. 😄 16:40:57
@_discord_535473067481104384:t2bot.ioHuayra#5093 Dracus | ArchKDE/Win11VFIO could you test shrinking boot partition to 100M in arch and resizing to 512M using fatresize? And if you can still boot, let me know! 16:41:03
@_discord_699362985021538315:t2bot.ioLego Kenobi#4453 The problem is, I need to make a custom ISO, because I need a bootia32.efi file on /boot/efi 16:41:15
@_discord_405647380571095040:t2bot.ioDracus | ArchKDE/Win11VFIO 16:41:33
@_discord_535473067481104384:t2bot.ioHuayra#5093 I mean it'd be a whole lot better than doing it on my main 16:41:59
@_discord_535473067481104384:t2bot.ioHuayra#5093 I could still boot without a boot partition, I'd just need a USB everytime I want to boot.... 16:42:34
@_discord_699362985021538315:t2bot.ioLego Kenobi#4453 Put boot partition on USB 16:42:49
@_discord_535473067481104384:t2bot.ioHuayra#5093 Ah yes let's put the kernel and bootloader on the slowest I/O on my system 16:43:20
@_discord_699362985021538315:t2bot.ioLego Kenobi#4453 :D 16:43:31
@_discord_81486650810568704:t2bot.ioDyskord#1405 speed is overrated 16:43:49
@_discord_535473067481104384:t2bot.ioHuayra#5093 If I move the partition to /boot/EFI, I wouldn't have to resize it 16:44:19
@_discord_535473067481104384:t2bot.ioHuayra#5093 Still sketchy 16:44:34
@_discord_535473067481104384:t2bot.ioHuayra#5093 That's why I need guinea pigs testers 16:45:16
@_discord_81486650810568704:t2bot.ioDyskord#1405 guinea pigs are cute tho 16:45:38
@_discord_81486650810568704:t2bot.ioDyskord#1405 funny noises they make 16:45:42
@_discord_699362985021538315:t2bot.ioLego Kenobi#4453 I prefer Carpinchos 16:46:30
@_discord_110256382573314048:t2bot.ioreaply Said Theo De Raadt with OpenBSD 17:16:01
@_discord_184031639318298624:t2bot.ioNaib#0736 changed their profile picture.17:21:55

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