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29 Sep 2020
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderI sent you an invite, might make some or no difference16:06:43
@obsessive:matrix.away.imobsessive i cant join either, please invite 16:27:08
@obsessive:matrix.away.imobsessivethanks works for me16:29:25
@morty:go.hzrcloud.deMorty joined the room.17:11:26
@morty:hzrcloud.deMorty joined the room.18:25:17
In reply to @neilalexander:matrix.org
Wonder if matrix.org is having issues
Wouldn't be the first time lmao
@henrik:solver.nuhenrik joined the room.19:05:44
@henrik:solver.nuhenrik 19:17:35
@simonr:matrix.orgsimonr joined the room.19:55:36
@simonr:matrix.orgsimonrHi all. Is it possible for me to run two Dendrite instances on one server for federation testing? I can't find the 8008 port to change in the yaml file. Thanks19:58:35
@ping:beta.dendrite.linkPing left the room.19:59:17
@simonr:matrix.orgsimonrOk, found --http-bind-address argument to the exe20:05:44
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderYep, that's the one20:38:09
@obsessive:matrix.away.imobsessivetook master, fresh databases, panic20:40:22
In reply to @obsessive:matrix.away.im
took master, fresh databases, panic
Can you be more specific?
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderLogging output, etc20:52:11
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderLooks like you maybe didn't clear all of your databases fully?21:02:07
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderAlso are you using kafka or naffka?21:02:29
@ping:beta.dendrite.linkPing joined the room.21:09:12
@obsessive:matrix.away.imobsessiveold database!21:09:41
@obsessive:matrix.away.imobsessive ok still panic 21:20:06
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderHuh, interesting. Which platform are you running this on?21:24:36
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderIs there any more log lines around that panic?21:25:06
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexander(Probably on stderr)21:25:12
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexander* (Probably on stderr)21:25:18
@obsessive:matrix.away.imobsessivex86-64, all i got on stderr21:28:58
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderWeird, usually panics come with a callstack, but maybe the rest of that is sent to stdout?21:33:06
@obsessive:matrix.away.imobsessive sure, will post it tomorrow 22:02:19

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