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16 Apr 2021
@imyxh:imyxh.netimyxhthe suspicious thing is that we can't figure out how to publish the rooms; the toggle turns itself off in element04:22:01
@imyxh:imyxh.netimyxhjoining a room visible on publicRooms fails with "invalid request signature"04:51:04
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburned to add to that, the error happens in gomatrixserverlib/signing.go:151 at ed25519.Verify, so presumably it has something to do with that 04:57:07
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedI have no idea what exactly though04:57:12
@imyxh:imyxh.netimyxhfigured it out: proxy-pass has to be :8008, not :8008/_matrix05:07:25
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@cerda:envs.netFriend (Main account)Hey, just wanted to ask, is Dendrite ready now?17:37:01
@cerda:envs.netFriend (Main account)Did anyone use on daily basis if yeah works good or nah?17:37:20
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@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewnothing supports spaces completely yet.21:29:18
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17 Apr 2021
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In reply to @cerda:envs.net
Hey, just wanted to ask, is Dendrite ready now?
I'm using it right now, it's fine for everyday use (of course some bugs here and there, but yeah)
@avery:yiff.socialAvery 🏳️‍⚧️ [she/her]any reason my entire server slows to a hault every time I try to change my pfp or name01:50:12
@caves_:lowpincount.spr.iocaves_You running latest master?01:53:53
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@kegan:matrix.orgKeganHistory visibility isn't fully implemented yet so you'll only be able to view back up to your join event08:03:14
@kegan:matrix.orgKeganIf the dag has split for you for some reason then you could possibly walk beyond that without finding your join event but that'd be a bug08:04:29

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