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13 Sep 2019
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21:50:43@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowedif you read the book, it explains how that isn't portable cause it just wraps /bin/rm, not the syscall, so Emacs Dired for example can't be fixed by that
21:55:36@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenah, sounds like the problem is that you're using emacs
21:55:53@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowedwell, if vim has a directory editor
22:31:26@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowed * if you read the book, it explains how that isn't portable cause it just wraps /bin/rm, not the syscall, so Emacs Dired for example can't be fixed by that
14 Sep 2019
<iNoah> "hi, I'm a lisp virus.  please read me with an emacs mail reader and eval me."
<moof> (defun email-virus-hook 'my-virus)
<iNoah> s/defun /add-hook '/
<kermit> Noah takes defun out of everything.
16 Sep 2019

this guy on https://medium.com/p/911ef4f8bd8e/responses/show solved the GC problem

Python still use Mark-Sweep and graph ADT depth first traversal,why not use some machine learning algorithm to classify garbage or not?If garbage,then collect it,Python has many machine learning module,and their running time and memory usage are good,put these into Python interpreter to collect garbage is possible,Google and Python Software Foundation can accept the idea

06:08:27@stapper:carboncopy.xyzstapperHave fun debugging that. Some blackbox marking stuff as garbage.

in order of increasing painfulness

  • cheney gc
  • generational gc
  • gencgc.c from SBCL
  • any Java GC
  • ?????
  • AI GC
06:09:36@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenyour waifu -> garbage
06:10:09@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowedtraining neural network to solve the halting problem
19:34:29@fouric:riot.firechicken.netfouric@uelen:riot.firechicken.net: if your waifu is garbage, and you hold a reference to your waifu, you must be garbage too
21:28:51@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowedhttps://social.pixie.town/@thufie/102804270695357818 "thank you hatsune miku for creating gnu emacs"
17 Sep 2019
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18 Sep 2019
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