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28 Mar 2020
23:29:02@benjamin:typ3.techbenjamincomparing it to the original C++ smallpt would be reasonable
23:31:31@benjamin:typ3.techbenjamindoes CL have a way to do atomics?
23:33:28@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝 Some implementations have them (sbcl for one) and there's probably a portability layer
23:33:56@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝 I havn't used them though
29 Mar 2020
00:02:58@mooch:ponies.immooch no-defun-allowed: did you literally just ban me from the netfarm channel for no reason?
00:03:03@mooch:ponies.immoochalso, how am i a tankie? lmao
at least the soviet union under stalin had fucking public healthcare lmao
00:03:35@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*and most certainly no rustaceans in netfarm
00:03:39@mooch:ponies.immoochi mean, that's a fact though
00:03:45@mooch:ponies.immoochstalin was still shitty
00:03:51@mooch:ponies.immoochjust less shitty than trump lol
00:04:09@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝Hmmm 🤔
00:28:14@benjamin:typ3.techbenjaminso cl-smallpt takes 832s for 256 samples, while the original C++ smallpt takes 563s for the same number of samples
00:28:51@benjamin:typ3.techbenjaminthis is ~150% slower, which is in the same order of magnitude, but is still pretty bad
00:29:12@benjamin:typ3.techbenjaminI assume there's more room for optimization for the lisp version, and there's definitely more room for optimization in the C++ version
00:29:58@benjamin:typ3.techbenjaminI'm pretty surprised by how well it does, since this is nowhere near as fast as I got when I was playing around with rendering in lisp earlier
01:29:54@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*Screenshot from 2020-03-29 12-29-08.png
Screenshot from 2020-03-29 12-29-08.png
30 Mar 2020
<JRichman> "Easy" only equals "better" for crack addicts and web developers.
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2 Apr 2020
22:24:51@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*https://www.reddit.com/r/LispMemes/comments/ftred6/you_can_invoke_the_debugger_by_calling/ 🤔
you can invoke the debugger by calling (invoke-debugger), hence #'INVOKE-DEBUGGER accepts zero arguments
thanks for coming to my ted talCORRUPTION WARNING in SBCL pid 5035(tid 0x38dc2771f300)
3 Apr 2020
4 Apr 2020
02:10:36@benjamin:typ3.techbenjaminis there a lisp matrix server?
02:10:46@benjamin:typ3.techbenjaminthis sounds pretty cool
02:13:40@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*it's not done but it has json-metaclass that goes brrrrrr

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