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17 May 2021
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝cool14:04:13
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝going on holiday with my family to Looe again this year 14:04:28
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwyni often make trips to the loo14:06:28
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwyn don't know if i would recommend it for a holiday 14:06:41
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝lol14:08:41
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwynthe norf remembers17:32:39
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝lol 17:44:17
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝
The three parts met at Onennau Meigion, a point where ash trees called grew (52.496076,-2.318025), between Bridgnorth and Kinver. Onennau is the Welsh term for 'ash trees', and a village called Six Ashes still exists to this day on the Shropshire/Staffordshire border. The agreement defined Glyndwr's part as:
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝are they still there lol17:45:16
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwynalso lol @ norwich being part of northumbria17:47:57
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝lol17:48:18
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝did this agreement have any legitimacy17:48:30
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝seems like it's just some bollocks the other sides of the war made up17:48:39
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tripartite_Indenture17:49:02
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwynglyndwr lost eventually17:49:13
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝what's Glyndw^r17:49:15
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwynwelsh independence leader/hero17:49:23
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwyn it's quite plausible that he would have planned to partition england between allies if he won, he was presumably uninterested in ruling any part of england 17:49:59
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝oh ok17:51:27
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwyn but i don't know for sure 17:51:56
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwynthere have been a few times like that when the uk/england was on the ropes17:54:23
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwynthe jacobite uprising was probably closest to succeeding, the scots occupied as far south as derby17:59:32
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝cool19:34:10
@freenode_selwyn:matrix.orgselwynhttps://twitter.com/RebeccaRHelm/status/1393747329522585605 🦀20:39:34
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