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8 Jan 2019
17:06:46@orishim:matrix.orgorishim ontologymachine: I think overcoming the security/sovereignty dichotomy – which is exacerbated by the growing gig economy– is a great way to frame this issue.In America at least, its work for a corporation and get all sorts of protections ( workers' comp, health insurance, severance,
17:07:15@orishim:matrix.orgorishimOr work for yourself and take on all of those burdens/risks yourself
17:07:49@orishim:matrix.orgorishimI think we could devise schemes that DAOs could plug in that handle some of these
17:08:09@orishim:matrix.orgorishimand serve as that 'functional commons layer'
17:08:18@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | Asgeir👍
17:09:34@orishim:matrix.orgorishimwe could expand this thinking beyond healthcare to "any non-wage compensation or services provided to participants"
17:11:07@orishim:matrix.orgorishimsome examples from the wiki article: housing, utilities, group insurance, disability income protection, retirement benefits, daycare, tuition reimbursement
17:12:33@orishim:matrix.orgorishimto eventually outcompete and supercede corporations as the dominant mode of organization, DAOs (or networks ancillary to them) must develop a way to provide these sorts of guaruntees to participants
17:13:25@orishim:matrix.orgorishimI like the idea of DAOs purchasing property and houses for members to live in without needing to pay rent :)
17:14:30@orishim:matrix.orgorishimOr of a DAO sponsoring a member to go do a PhD on holographic consensus... similar to how tech companies pay for their employees to do technical degrees
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20:39:26@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli 110% orishim I agree, ideally we'd created a suite of benefits that Agents working within DAOs would have access to. Renaming this channel to "dOrg-Benefits" sounds good?
20:40:25@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliIdeally this benefits network would still stay intact if you work for other DAOs, that we avoid being stuck with one organization
20:51:22@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | AsgeirReally exciting ideas 😃
20:52:39@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli changed the room name to "dOrg-Benefits" from "dOrg-Healthcare".
9 Jan 2019
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11 Jan 2019
22:43:55@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | Asgeir changed their display name from dOrgAsgeir to dOrg | Asgeir.
16 Jan 2019
21:47:49@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli changed the room name to "dOrg-Legal" from "dOrg-Benefits".
18 Jan 2019
01:36:46@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli set the room topic to "Chats: https://riot.im/app/#/group/+dorgtech:matrix.org".
06:01:34@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachineLegal = Law<>Code, "ecosystem effects" of DAOs enabling access to the legal system, or both? ;)
25 Jan 2019
23:15:29@orishim:matrix.orgorishim set a profile picture.
26 Jan 2019
14:25:55@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli changed the room name to "dOrg-Benefits" from "dOrg-Legal".
14:26:40@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliBenefits = [ Legal, Insurance, FinTech, etc ]
6 Feb 2019
06:45:39@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachine https://t.co/uLjflaqsYq?amp=1 the actual article
06:46:17@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachinei’m friends with the Decent CTO.. interesting to keep in mind for DAO clients 🤔🤔
06:47:58@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachinealso sent this screenshot bc of my CEO at the $15m ICO shitcoin classifying freelancers as a “niche market”... really interesting to see the rift forming bc the collective governance and crypto “sides” of blockchain

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