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29 Mar 2024
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3 Apr 2024
@_discord_640118731174838272:t2bot.ioMaciek (makingthematrix)scala_ambassador.png
Download scala_ambassador.png
@_discord_640118731174838272:t2bot.ioMaciek (makingthematrix) Tell me what you think 🙂
I have this idea to make Scala memes with a white-haired girl in a red hoodie standing for a Scala developer. The images are AI-generated and then edited by me.
Here's the first one, about our new ambassador initiative.
I was of course thinking about adding the Scala logo on the laptop, but it's a bit tricky - I would need a bit more time to turn the logo to fit the angle of the laptop cover.
Also, I got one opinion that there could be an image of "what the society thinks" which is that people from outside IT will imagine a posh ambassador of a foreign country. If so, then "what my coworkers think" might be changed from sleeping to playing video games.

Of course if you think it's a bad idea for some reason, tell me as well.
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@_discord_800021666741747742:t2bot.iosherpal 13:28:42
@_discord_800021666741747742:t2bot.iosherpal I like it 👍 13:28:42
@_discord_800021666741747742:t2bot.iosherpal (society probably thinks you work for the scala opera house 🤔 ) 13:29:21
@_discord_800021666741747742:t2bot.iosherpal 13:29:21
@_discord_640118731174838272:t2bot.ioMaciek (makingthematrix)Default_A_teenage_girl_with_white_hair_and_in_a_red_hoodie_del_3.jpeg
Download Default_A_teenage_girl_with_white_hair_and_in_a_red_hoodie_del_3.jpeg
@_discord_640118731174838272:t2bot.ioMaciek (makingthematrix) This could be an image for "What the society thinks I do" 13:34:48
@_discord_640118731174838272:t2bot.ioMaciek (makingthematrix) velvetbaldmime , sethtisue ? 👆 13:44:38
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@_discord_721474407935246456:t2bot.iosom-snytt is the "scala community" panel the "opera" joke or is that "yelling at Seth Tisue" where "Seth Tisue" is also "young blond person". I think in 2024 the superhero panel would be Spiderverse. The bookending joke is very funny, but more true might be "they think I do these 5 disparate things but in fact I must do all 5 simultaneously to satisfy everyone". If it's possible and not rude, I'd pick on a particular ambassador for the avatar: Jakub K and Zainab A are both recognizable enough for caricatures. FTR it took me a few minutes to find the list of ambassadors, even knowing there was a list. 20:02:22
@_discord_640118731174838272:t2bot.ioMaciek (makingthematrix) That's a pretty deep interpretation. Thank you 🙂 20:34:56
5 Apr 2024
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12 Apr 2024
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@_discord_993917924907683882:t2bot.iogst_ah2o I love it haha. Scala Center really knows what we do 😛 15:23:19
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@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich I think that is a great idea to have both as well if they are supportive to use their likeness. 15:28:31
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