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17 Aug 2019
03:21:42@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men)i could've done something like
03:21:44@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men)

"kill all nigguhs"

03:21:54@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men)since it's the la riots but 🤷‍♂️
03:22:37@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men)also why is ":person_shrugging:" a woman. are men not PERSONS??? o_O
03:22:43@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men)🤷
03:57:14@dell_employee:matrix.orggrannie420 (monkeypilled)SEXIST!
04:47:16@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep):man_shrugging:
1 Sep 2019
04:17:52@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men) changed their display name from 🦊Lena🦊 (kaiketsu zorori) to 🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men).
04:17:54@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men) changed their profile picture.
8 Sep 2019
05:42:01@seven2.0:matrix.orgseven (on phone) changed their display name from 2.0 to Izzy1794.
14 Sep 2019
20:06:40@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)image.png
6 Oct 2019
19:05:38@seven2.0:matrix.orgseven (on phone) changed their display name from Izzy1794 to Seven(on phone).
20:01:34@seven2.0:matrix.orgseven (on phone) changed their display name from Seven(on phone) to seven (on phone).
9 Oct 2019
03:09:59@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)IMG_20191008_185424687.jpg
03:10:17@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)These are mine
03:10:46@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)The 2 people liked my top 1
03:11:04@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)But I thought that one was kind of meh
03:11:28@ff777:matrix.orgFF777what is the class trying to teach you?.. abstract art or some thing?..
03:12:10@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)I kind of feel epic since o was the only kid that gone mentioned twice. Everyone else was just once
03:12:45@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)It is 2d design bit we are starting from the basic stuff like lines
03:13:08@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)Next project is to make sillolette
03:13:20@ff777:matrix.orgFF777oh okay
13 Oct 2019
02:51:34@dell_employee:matrix.orggrannie420 (monkeypilled) changed their display name from grannie420 (supreame lead er of dell ofice) to grannie420 (monkeypilled).
15 Oct 2019
21:34:18@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men) changed their profile picture.
17 Oct 2019
22:03:11@kamilla:michele.wsKamilla Michele joined the room.
18 Oct 2019
22:49:45@ff777:matrix.orgFF777changed room power levels.
27 Oct 2019
12:30:57@culturevoid:matrix.org@culturevoid:matrix.org joined the room.
12:33:52@culturevoid:matrix.org@culturevoid:matrix.org left the room.
3 Nov 2019
01:16:10@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men) changed their profile picture.
5 Nov 2019
02:48:33@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men) changed their profile picture.

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