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3 Feb 2020
13:12:55@maxxant:matrix.orgmaxxant joined the room.
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17:04:16@borderless:matrix.orgimawhale removed their profile picture.
17:12:00@borderless:matrix.orgimawhale set a profile picture.
5 Feb 2020
21:03:46@ircton:matrix.orgi can't think of a nickname changed their profile picture.
6 Feb 2020
23:58:40@Strubbl:matrix.orgStrubbl joined the room.
7 Feb 2020
22:16:20@ircton:matrix.orgi can't think of a nickname changed their profile picture.
22:17:01@ircton:matrix.orgi can't think of a nickname changed their profile picture.
10 Feb 2020
19:20:31@andre:riotchat.deandre joined the room.
11 Feb 2020
21:32:09@ircton:matrix.orgi can't think of a nickname changed their profile picture.
12 Feb 2020
04:19:53@scipio_africanus:matrix.mio-chan-is.bestscipio_africanus joined the room.
04:28:03@scipio_africanus:matrix.mio-chan-is.bestscipio_africanuswish this was active
13 Feb 2020
15:36:13@ircton:matrix.orgi can't think of a nicknamesame
14 Feb 2020
08:51:31@scipio_africanus:matrix.mio-chan-is.bestscipio_africanus Golang is such a cool language
08:51:40@scipio_africanus:matrix.mio-chan-is.bestscipio_africanus Rust is for sjws and simps
09:27:27@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhagescipio_africanus: tgis attitude is quite toxic, you realise that, right?
09:28:00@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhagegolang is a cool language, yes, but so is rust
09:50:49@scipio_africanus:matrix.mio-chan-is.bestscipio_africanus Point proven
09:51:17@scipio_africanus:matrix.mio-chan-is.bestscipio_africanus Golang is chad tier
09:51:44@scipio_africanus:matrix.mio-chan-is.bestscipio_africanus I got the companies I worked for the last two summers to adopt it informally
09:52:25@scipio_africanus:matrix.mio-chan-is.bestscipio_africanus I’m really excited for dendrite too, funna tru to contribute when I get some free time from uni
19 Feb 2020
08:16:00@Manson:matrix.orgManson joined the room.
26 Feb 2020
07:19:18@druppy:matrix.orgdruppy joined the room.
27 Feb 2020
21:09:14@gurkburk:matrix.orggurkburk joined the room.
1 Mar 2020
17:08:00@dev.x:matrix.orgdev.x joined the room.
4 Mar 2020
18:27:05@kmerfeld:matrix.org@kmerfeld:matrix.org left the room.
13 Mar 2020
14:47:35@bogdan_cn:matrix.orgbogdan_cn joined the room.
25 Mar 2020
01:42:19@adlawren:goatchat.caadlawren joined the room.
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