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16 May 2019
19:35:23@francis:ramrod.topfrancis joined the room.
24 May 2019
04:17:54@cp-:matrix.orgcp- joined the room.
2 Jun 2019
09:42:14@xblacky:matrix.orgxblacky joined the room.
20 Jun 2019
23:41:04@fuzzybear3965:matrix.orgfuzzybear3965 joined the room.
23:41:59@fuzzybear3965:matrix.orgfuzzybear3965Is this room inactive? I see very little recent history.
23:42:16@fuzzybear3965:matrix.orgfuzzybear3965The most recent message is from May 3 (~6 weeks ago).
23:45:43@acdtrux:matrix.orgAcdtruxMaybe it can be active now 😁
23:53:41@fuzzybear3965:matrix.orgfuzzybear3965I want to limit the number of messaging applications that I use.....
23:54:02@fuzzybear3965:matrix.orgfuzzybear3965If there isn't a lot of good activity on this medium then I'm going to disengage.
23:54:11@fuzzybear3965:matrix.orgfuzzybear3965I just discovered the Gophers Slack workspace.
23:54:28@fuzzybear3965:matrix.orgfuzzybear3965The bar is high to compete with that.
23:54:47@acdtrux:matrix.orgAcdtrux Yeah I hear you. I really like matrix , conceptually, but it's pretty dead
23:55:00@acdtrux:matrix.orgAcdtruxLots of active chat about matrix though!
23:55:45@fuzzybear3965:matrix.orgfuzzybear3965Masturbatory... Great!
23:56:04@fuzzybear3965:matrix.orgfuzzybear3965 Thanks, Acdtrux .
21 Jun 2019
06:10:57@chrsm:matrix.orgchrsm joined the room.
23 Jun 2019
20:47:27@dasua:matrix.org@dasua:matrix.org joined the room.
20:48:22@dasua:matrix.org@dasua:matrix.org left the room.
29 Jun 2019
17:58:28@dante:issaias.netdante joined the room.
17:59:16@dante:issaias.netdante left the room.
15 Jul 2019
02:20:01@acdtrux:matrix.orgAcdtrux set a profile picture.
31 Jul 2019
01:57:07@ejoso:matrix.orgejoso joined the room.
7 Aug 2019
16:34:37@itoanil:matrix.orgitoanil joined the room.
16:50:26@itoanil:matrix.orgitoanil fmt.Printf("hello!")
25 Aug 2019
00:37:28@harthollbarking2:matrix.org@harthollbarking2:matrix.org joined the room.
00:37:34@harthollbarking2:matrix.org@harthollbarking2:matrix.org left the room.
29 Aug 2019
19:11:26@backup1481:matrix.org@backup1481:matrix.org joined the room.
19:11:51@backup1481:matrix.org@backup1481:matrix.org left the room.

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