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18 May 2022
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10 Paul: you have some error thingy here 13:29:56
@ptman:kapsi.fiPaulsaris10, you're correct, it's trying to use cactus comments on that page as well and fails13:30:51
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In reply to @ptman:kapsi.fi
https://paul.totterman.name/posts/golang-generic-pointer/ - opinions?
yeah quite good
@diamondburned:matrix.orgdiamondburnedthis is probably what's going to be in my Discord library because we have to deal with omittable nullable values, which is a pain in the ass17:25:56
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Download 1649039444045.png
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10is this accurate?17:50:54
@biehdc:reactos.orgHyperbased in Hyperspacemost of it17:52:15
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10do you kno why is matlab monkey?17:53:23
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10 * do you know why is matlab monkey?17:53:35
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10one would think it's for smart people based on it's name17:53:57
@biehdc:reactos.orgHyperbased in Hyperspaceit is, but its also ginormously bloat17:56:35
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10what do you think c# ? is that picture correct?18:03:02
@biehdc:reactos.orgHyperbased in Hyperspacethe one c# dev i know, yes18:06:28
@jmcknight:matrix.orgjmcknight changed their display name from Jamie McKnight to jmcknight.19:29:55
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@homeburger:matrix.orgAdamhi, I'm a c# dev, and the photo reference for the guy in C.21:36:07
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10what are you writing in the notepad?21:36:38
@homeburger:matrix.orgAdamI'm writing "strong types" and drawing hearts around it21:37:20
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10i can't really relate to anyone single picture, so maybe i'm not a real programmer yet21:39:05
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10i will be in a few years once i start balding21:39:17
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10php is probably closest to me because i have the eastern europe frown21:40:00
@homeburger:matrix.orgAdamaww, give yourself credit. I bet you look much more like elixir21:40:48
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10yes but his personality is off21:41:34
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10i don't wear hoodies or caps, i don't smoke, i don't smile naturaly21:41:51
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10fractran is more accurate depiction of me that is still similiar to elixir21:44:04
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10 Sumner Evans: you also don't really look like any one of those 21:46:44
@saris10:matrix.orgsaris10maybe erlang?21:48:07

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