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5 Oct 2022
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@nova525:matrix.orgnova525Hello, there, how are you? I am a Backend developer who had experience in GoLang, Gin framework for a long time and I have finished many projects using GoLang. Also, I know well about gRPC, GrapheQL and I am very familiar with bug fixing. Please ping me and let's discuss project with me kindly. Best regards 21:30:02
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6 Oct 2022
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@justevery:matrix.orgjusteverywho need help with golang just write me in pm17:42:32
@jjj333:pain.agencyjjj333_p (any pronouns)
In reply to @justevery:matrix.org
who need help with golang just write me in pm
why would someone pm you when they can ask in chat and get more than jjust you helping them??
@jjj333:pain.agencyjjj333_p (any pronouns) reminder that the active and properly moderated room is at #go-lang:matrix.org 21:03:30
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