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A dedicated room for those hacking on Synapse | https://github.com/matrix-org/synapse67 Servers

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9 Mar 2020
16:42:19@thrrgilag:matrix.org@thrrgilag:matrix.org left the room.
21:13:28@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome changed their profile picture.
10 Mar 2020
23:54:12@tom:lant.uktoml changed their profile picture.
11 Mar 2020
16:39:55@bwindels:matrix.orgBruno changed their display name from Bruno to Bruno [Maintainer].
16:44:43@bwindels:matrix.orgBruno changed their display name from Bruno [Maintainer] to Bruno.
18 Mar 2020
16:13:32@mistergibson:matrix.org@mistergibson:matrix.org left the room.
25 Mar 2020
19:39:03@jorik:matrix.orgJorik (Old) changed their display name from Jorik to Jorik (Old).
19:44:59@jorik:matrix.orgJorik (Old) invited @jorik:kaplu.mbaJorik.
19:52:41@jorik:kaplu.mbaJorik joined the room.
26 Mar 2020
01:14:59@jorik:matrix.orgJorik (Old) left the room.
30 Mar 2020
17:51:11@pierre:matrix.asso-fare.frpierre changed their profile picture.
1 Apr 2020
14:39:53@richvdh:matrix.orgpoorvdh changed their display name from othervdh to poorvdh.
17 Apr 2020
07:50:35@reivilibre:librepush.netreivilibre changed their profile picture.
30 Apr 2020
12:15:41@lorico:uraziel.delorico changed their profile picture.
3 May 2020
15:45:41@jl91569:matrix.orgjl91569 left the room.
5 May 2020
15:36:53@neil:vector.modular.imneil set a profile picture.
7 May 2020
19:37:20@svenvnl:matrix.orgSven van der Vlist left the room.
8 May 2020
20:27:27@toml:matrix.orgTomL changed their profile picture.
14 May 2020
01:12:43@lordraj:netsoc.ieswapnilraj changed their display name from Swapnil Raj to jorik.
01:14:26@lordraj:netsoc.ieswapnilraj changed their display name from jorik to swapnilraj.
03:27:09@bmitchell:matrix.orgBenM left the room.
15 May 2020
14:08:26@clokep:matrix.orgclokep changed their profile picture.
22 May 2020
03:31:58@joel.wilson:matrix.pve-inc.comJoel changed their profile picture.
13:51:12@uriel:urielmehamed.comuriel left the room.
14:20:31@cadair:openastronomy.orgAstroCadair removed their display name AstroCadair.
14:21:22@cadair:openastronomy.orgAstroCadair set their display name to AstroCadair.
18:28:10@clokep:matrix.orgclokep removed their display name Patrick.
18:58:56@clokep:matrix.orgclokep set their display name to clokep.
23 May 2020
05:45:58@floure:gnugen.chTimothée left the room.
10:01:30@salomaa:matrix.orgTero changed their profile picture.

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