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2 Oct 2019
08:36:01@joreg:matrix.orgiorecdon't forget to PR it back to the main repo then!
08:37:00@andy78lecce:matrix.organdy78lecceyes of course!
11 Oct 2019
09:34:44@truongld7107:matrix.orgtruongld7107 joined the room.
18 Oct 2019
00:27:01@amdi:matrix.orgamdi joined the room.
00:27:11@amdi:matrix.orgamdianyone managed to get opencvsharp built on osx?
00:39:25@joreg:matrix.orgiorecwe're using it on windows
02:01:19@amdi:matrix.orgamdiI just used a docker container instead, worked great
22 Oct 2019
07:41:56@wwlee:matrix.orgwwlee joined the room.
07:51:56@wwlee:matrix.orgwwleeCan someone help me for white balance in OpenCV of C# ?
09:47:58@ravazquez:matrix.orgravazquezI never did it myself but here are some examples (none in C#) but should serve as a guide on how to go about it:
25 Oct 2019
07:22:10@zemiacsik:matrix.orgzemiacsik joined the room.
07:25:43@zemiacsik:matrix.orgzemiacsikHello, is it possible to controlll flashlight of device/camera with OpenCVSharp? Because I have been assigned to a project with OpenCV .NET wrapper from EMGU but I was not able to accomplish this, so I am looking for some other solutions..
11:32:25@joreg:matrix.orgiorec zemiacsik: i am not aware of any generic api to control flashlights of cameras. so i doubt it is possible. i guess you'll have to look at the cameras specific API
11:32:30@joreg:matrix.orgiorecwhat camera is it?
11:50:49@zemiacsik:matrix.orgzemiacsikIt is integrated on device (Win10 tablet). I was able to include UWP libraries and turn the flashlight on, but everytime VideoCapture is created the flashlight turns off ☹️
12:21:49@ravazquez:matrix.orgravazquezhave you checked the Property dialog that OpenCV gives you access to on your Video Input device? maybe there is an option there, not sure though, this is all very vendor/driver specific as far as I know
27 Oct 2019
14:20:47@andygybels:matrix.organdygybels joined the room.
14:26:41@andygybels:matrix.organdygybelsHey Guys, Trying to open an RTSP or RTMP network stream using the OpenCvSharp4.Windows nuget package. Verified stream is running using VLC.
14:26:47@andygybels:matrix.organdygybelsusing the following code

if (capture == null)
capture = new VideoCapture("rtmp://");


        if (capture.IsOpened())
14:26:59@andygybels:matrix.organdygybelsIsOpened always returns false
14:27:15@andygybels:matrix.organdygybelsAny tips?
6 Nov 2019
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