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6 Sep 2023
@_discord_838435908025974844:t2bot.iodominiklol well i don't want it to be automatic 15:49:11
@_discord_838435908025974844:t2bot.iodominiklol i want to turn off/sleep the display manually by turning on a script 15:49:31
@_discord_838435908025974844:t2bot.iodominiklol and then also if i touch the screen again it would wake up 15:54:12
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.ioZykino My RPi's screen sutdown after 30min, and is available again when I touch it.
It surely is possible, but someone have to dig the commands/functions used to do that.
@_discord_838435908025974844:t2bot.iodominiklol well yeah 15:56:23
@_discord_838435908025974844:t2bot.iodominiklol but still 15:56:25
@_discord_838435908025974844:t2bot.iodominiklol it would be timed 15:56:27
@_discord_838435908025974844:t2bot.iodominiklol not forced 15:56:30
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.ioZykino If you dig the command to use (or find the functions, from dbus or wherever), you can use it whenever you like.
A little pain point is that commands are executed from the server, not the client, so if you have a button for it it will certainly start a script on the server that itself connect to the RPI and send the stop command.
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.ioZykino Or now that I think of it, is it in the client's configuration that it is done? Not "the OS"?
There is a chance the answer is just there... But if you want to use that function you will still have to do what I described, or create a new plugin that act locally.
@_discord_161717746005049344:t2bot.ioravenholdt essentially you put the computer to sleep, that is one of the power options. you would need to set up a macro for that to work and you could trigger it remotely from the client for both the server and the client but be aware that on some computers you put them to sleep and they may not want to wake up when you want them to. 17:51:10
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.ioZykino But putting your PI to sleep won’t let you wake it up with a simple touch on the screen. 17:53:17
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.ioZykino Found it ! https://github.com/stream-pi/client/issues/90 bring up https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/46225/adjusting-the-brightness-of-the-official-touchscreen-display/46229#46229.
Just use those commands… but remember, an action started from the Client will execute on the server. So you will need a script that execute on the server, connect back to the client and execute the command on the client.
@_discord_161717746005049344:t2bot.ioravenholdt or you could just power off the screen with the power switch...it does not turn off the computer or the pi but does stop that monitor from showing things.. its still a button press to restart but not a touch screen restart.. 18:13:21
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.ioZykino I don’t have physical switch button for the screen 🤔. Shutting down the Pi can be an option, but I used it to host some of my bots 😒 18:25:09
@_discord_838435908025974844:t2bot.iodominiklol neither do i 18:29:48
7 Sep 2023
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8 Sep 2023
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11 Sep 2023
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12 Sep 2023
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13 Sep 2023
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14 Sep 2023
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16 Sep 2023
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