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4 Sep 2018
04:58:39@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayWhy is it unfair to say "stop doing X, there are more important things to do"?
04:59:44@wraptile:matrix.orgwraptilebecause context is key and there are no objective truths like B is more important than A
05:00:22@wraptile:matrix.orgwraptileif that was the case no one could afford to fight small but important fights like feminism, gay rights or even environmental issues
05:00:33@wraptile:matrix.orgwraptile"who cares about global warming if we have war on our hands"
05:03:58@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayI think that might be a contradictory argument though. You're saying that the feminist fight, for example, is more important than there being no feminist fight. If that's the case, certain people had to at least act as if they should stop doing X and start fighting for feminism.
05:04:28@wraptile:matrix.orgwraptilealso it's important to note that there's great diminishing returns on every subject. 1 person extra person fighting B can be much more effective than 1 extra person fighting A that already has thousands of fighters.
05:05:14@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayAgreed, but that means that different fights can be going on at once, it doesn't mean that one person can devote themselves effectively to every fight.
05:05:34@wraptile:matrix.orgwraptileI never said that
05:05:44@wraptile:matrix.orgwraptileI said one person can care about multiple things
05:06:07@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayYes, but you also said both of the following:
  1. It's unfair to say "stop doing X, there are more important things to do."
  1. There are no objective truths like B is more important than A
  1. If people didn't act according to 1 and 2, they couldn't achieve things like what feminism has achieved.
05:09:20@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayMy point is that in order to get anything done, you have to believe, or at least act like you believe, that there are truths like B is more important than A and that there are times when you ought to stop doing X and start doing Y.
05:10:34@ummokay:matrix.orgummokaySo, I can believe in X, Y, and Z but if no one ever fights for Z, it might not ever get done.
05:11:07@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayIf I care about that more than I care about X and Y in certain regards, I had better starting doing Z and maybe even telling others to start doing Z.
05:16:09@wraptile:matrix.orgwraptilesorry I got a bit lost here. I guess we can agree to disagree
05:16:43@wraptile:matrix.orgwraptilemaybe we can talk this through at some point in person over couple of beers :D
05:16:59@ummokay:matrix.orgummokaySounds good to me!
05:17:58@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayDo you have an email I could reach you by? I might not be back on here and I don't have a smartphone yet
05:24:04@wraptile:matrix.orgwraptileyou can reach me at wraptile@pm.me 🙂
05:24:50@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayOkay cool. I should be there in a couple weeks
05:30:15@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayWhat do you like to do besides online chat?
05:31:09@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayYou know computer stuff, right?
05:31:28@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayMaybe you can help me with something.
05:31:43@ummokay:matrix.orgummokayDo you know trisquel?
05:51:34@wraptile:matrix.orgwraptileAye I do know trisquel though never used it
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