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10 Apr 2020
In reply to @go_commit_electric_scooter_ankle:matrix.org
im pretty sure kde is just considering forking it, but it looks like they'll ry to negotiate first
not sure if the KDE devs will be able to maintain Qt on their own in case of a fork. they said themselves they do not have the manpower for it at the moment.
09:16:00@informer:converser.euinformerKNOME was an aprils fool joke, but if they are unable to maintain Qt and are forced to move to Gtk+ then it might actually become a reality.
09:37:33@teslacoil40kv:matrix.orgteslacoil40kvWhat a mesh.....
09:53:09@artifth:ru-matrix.orgArtifThoh no
09:38:00@teslacoil40kv:matrix.orgteslacoil40kvDo people need Qt? In reality?
09:53:18@artifth:ru-matrix.orgArtifThnot a KDE rewrite again
09:39:31@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerWhat should be used instead of Qt then?
09:53:58@artifth:ru-matrix.orgArtifThI will just sell my soul to microsoft completely if this will happen
09:54:24@teslacoil40kv:matrix.orgteslacoil40kv Qt may be is free but is not open... so we come after 30 years the Linux and software and hardware opensource go around the globe with success included on satellites or orbit and on cubesats of course , for example UPsat was a good example of open source cubesat on hardware and software... so we must go this logic... if we havent a good tool to make it alternative is a big issue... so many uses of open source project's do not know how much work there is behind this teams , that work on their free time or a small present of them full time... so they need more support... I download freecad and I donate 10 euros ... because I like what they do.
09:57:06@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkkii don't think maintaining a fork is that infeasible
09:55:06@teslacoil40kv:matrix.orgteslacoil40kvBut is not enough....
09:57:32@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkkii read somewhere that 50% of commits come from the community already
09:57:56@teslacoil40kv:matrix.orgteslacoil40kvDont sell anything... we make so much this 30 years... just keep the old KDE we will see they need support not only money but time also... Microsoft give 500k per year to linux foundation... I will not be surprised if Microsoft make windows 20 linus 100% and pay for office and cloud services
09:58:25@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkkisome companies like KDAB would also probably jump ship
10:00:29@teslacoil40kv:matrix.orgteslacoil40kvYes but CERN ban all windows update when Microsoft double the prices then Microsoft give it for free
10:00:46@teslacoil40kv:matrix.orgteslacoil40kvOr something like this... is very fanny6some times
10:00:51@teslacoil40kv:matrix.orgteslacoil40kvThe world
10:20:12@yorick:feneas.orgyorickCan any binary tree be represented in RPN without parenthesis?
10:27:38@artifth:ru-matrix.orgArtifThany fixed n-ary tree can be represented without parenthesis
In reply to @teslacoil40kv:matrix.org
Do people need Qt? In reality?
10:41:23@teslacoil40kv:matrix.orgteslacoil40kvΟκ fair but more then 6 years we have this issue is not new... we know what must be made.... and similar issues from the beginning of the Linux and open source.... after the copyrights of medical stuff and open source solutions. So yes qt , okay we need something that work before we replace it fair ... but we can not go to Mars or support the planet and humanity with all copyrights and bullshit... right??
In reply to @artifth:ru-matrix.org
any fixed n-ary tree can be represented without parenthesis
wdym fixed
10:58:18@yorick:feneas.orgyorickalso I do not think we should be dependent on Qt
10:59:23@yorick:feneas.orgyorickI think Qt is bad
In reply to @yorick:feneas.org
wdym fixed
I mean that evety node has N child elements
11:15:27@yorick:feneas.orgyorickbut if that is not the case, you cannot make that guarantee?
11:22:41@artifth:ru-matrix.orgArtifThLevy few weeks ago suggested a format for serializing a tree with arbitrary number of nodes' children
11:27:32@yorick:feneas.orgyorickI know you can get binary representations of lambda calculus and combinatory logic(both can be represented as binary trees) but I can't figure how I can turn something like (SII(SII)) (from combinatory logic) into an expression that is not ambiguous and not parenthised.

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