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28 Sep 2020
@tauoverpi:privacytools.ioLevy[P]stage1 still has bugs18:21:07
@jan2001:matrix.orgJanI did track it down to 1 thing18:21:47
@jan2001:matrix.orgJanextern structs that have a C pointer18:21:49
@jan2001:matrix.orgJannah I checked that18:23:04
@jan2001:matrix.orgJaneverything is fine on that end18:23:09
const STREscape = extern struct {
    type: u8,
    buf: [*c]u8,
    siz: c_ulong,
    len: c_ulong,
    //args: [*c][STR_ARG_SIZ]u8,
    narg: c_int,

this struct for example causes a compiler bug

@jan2001:matrix.orgJancommenting buf makes it work18:25:28
@jan2001:matrix.orgJanbut it an empty zig project it works just fine18:25:40
@tauoverpi:privacytools.ioLevy[P]known bug18:36:18
@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkki (vi/vis/vim)clipboard.png
Download clipboard.png
@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkki (vi/vis/vim)🤔18:47:34
@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkki (vi/vis/vim)Download 2020-09-28_21-45-48.mp418:58:35
@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkki (vi/vis/vim)RES broke too18:58:58
@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkki (vi/vis/vim)firefox hates me18:59:03
@arsonist545:matrix.orgarsonist545what version are u using19:00:02
@arsonist545:matrix.orgarsonist545 * what version are u using19:00:11
@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkki (vi/vis/vim)those got fixed now by restarting firefox 🤔21:17:15
@AppAraat:matrix.orgAppAraatyou can always try in a new profile, if it works there then it's usually just your config or extensions22:32:34
29 Sep 2020
@hook54321:privacytools.iohook54321 set a profile picture.02:26:33
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (Elara)wanting function expressions more and more05:15:11
@storm89161:privacytools.iomidi[P]Me: mum, can we have lisp in zig? Mom: We have lisp in zig Lisp in zig: comptime05:32:43
@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkki (vi/vis/vim)nixos on raspi seems to have a random chance of output not being stuck on "Starting kernel..."09:53:11
In reply to @tauoverpi:feneas.org
I just buy when there's a book I want
Alrighty then
@jaay:matrix.orgjaayCould give you a site you could use to read the book before you buy it @levy10:03:13
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (Elara)libgen?10:05:26
@artifth:feneas.orgArtifthbefore you "buy" it, sure10:36:24
@yusdacra:matrix.orgyusdacra changed their profile picture.10:55:04

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