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Welcome to nibbana.jp! The official languages on this server are English and Japanese.
Please introduce yourself first. 【Terms of Service】 nibbana.jp is a place where participants can be themselves and engage in peaceful conversation.
Have you ever wondered why the domain name here is Nibbana? Nibbana is a Pali word that means the same as the English word Nirvana, which means to blow out the flames of anger, hatred, prejudice, and lowering of the mind. The servers of nibbana.jp are in Japan. Therefore, we have to follow international treaties, the Japanese Constitution, and Japanese laws and make it a place to join in peace. We must prohibit the following on nibbana.jp. 1. All of the postings sexualize children. 2. All adult pornography depicts genitals or sexual acts in their entirety. 3. All of the postings affirm genocide or racism. 4. Any view condemns race, ethnicity, nationality, status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other difference. 5. Thoughtless words that do not lead to dialogue with the other person 6. Behavior that could be construed as harassment or lack of understanding of individuals or groups with specific characteristics In any of the above postings or actions, the administrators will decide whether or not to respond.
The administrators will warn the person first, but the administrators may block the person if the situation does not change. 8 Servers

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