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17 Sep 2019
01:14:54@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialEEVBlog's lab is like 240-something in Australia
01:15:27@Wintier:matrix.orgaubrey Yeah
01:15:40@Wintier:matrix.orgaubreyWhich is why most power supplies are capable of handling it
01:19:20@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialAlso, am I a moron, or did anyone else here not know that Bermuda was way off in the atlantic, not the carribean before Google Earthing for Acenia stuff?
01:19:32@Wintier:matrix.orgaubreyI knew that
01:19:40@Wintier:matrix.orgaubreyBut I thought that for awhile as well
01:19:46@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialI legit didn't know there was land there
01:19:54@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialI didn't think that Bermuda was some other island
01:19:55@Wintier:matrix.orgaubreyI realized that about a year ago
01:24:26@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialWow, take a look at some of those north atlantic seamounts
01:24:37@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialSeewarte Seamounts in particular
01:25:15@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialHyeres Seamount is another zero-meter on Google Earth
01:27:36@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_official"The shallow and flat summit of the Great Meteor Seamount, ranging between 150 and 300 m (490 and 980 ft) below sea level, suggests that it may have emerged sometime in the past."
01:27:45@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialHmm, interesting, it isn't one of those time-traveling future seamounts.
01:30:20@Wintier:matrix.orgaubrey Make a time machine
01:34:29@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialOkay, I EEZmuxed the new map
01:52:12@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialOkay, going to try to generate an 864x432 map of the world where the brightness of every pixel represents its "seamountiness"
01:52:29@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialThat is, how many data points of water shallower than 50 meters are there
01:53:14@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialOkay, shallow_density_small.bin is now generating
01:53:18@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialWill visualize once done
01:53:35@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialWill probably be an almost entirely black image with dark pixels in possible spots. Might pump up the contrast.
02:06:09@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialEvery red area here is outside an EEZ and has some water shallower than 50 meters
02:06:51@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialLooks like we've got choices
02:09:26@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialThat area off Newfoundland is tempting but I don't think it's shallow enough
02:09:48@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialAlso it's very much on Canada's continental shelf so they could claim it
02:10:17@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialGoing to re-run this looking for 5 meter water

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