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29 Oct 2019
18:38:07@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialSeems like the slopes of seamounts are typically rocky, but the tops can have lots of sediment
In reply to @dodoid_official:matrix.org
napoleon's last invasion
it's be Mussolini's last invasion with me at the helm
21:02:25@Wintier:matrix.orgaubreywanna continue whatever the fuck mussolini was trying to do?
2 Nov 2019
02:51:10@xylobol:matrix.orgXylobol left the room.
3 Nov 2019
21:30:13@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_official Dan is now trying to unilaterally change Acenia's name to Aceland, after leaving the project
21:30:28@Wintier:matrix.orgaubreyb r u h
21:30:49@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialBecause G E R M A N I C L A N G U A G E
21:32:36@Wintier:matrix.orgaubreyRedacted or Malformed Event
21:32:59@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialRedacted or Malformed Event
8 Nov 2019
03:44:05@xylobol:matrix.orgXylobol joined the room.
03:45:07@xylobol:matrix.orgXylobol #acenia-dept-printing:matrix.org playing with meme money over here
In reply to @Wintier:matrix.org
no yeeting allowed in this part of the building
03:58:06@xylobol:matrix.orgXylobolI see nothing much has moved
03:58:11@xylobol:matrix.orgXylobolight im headin out
03:58:14@xylobol:matrix.orgXylobol left the room.
03:59:39@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialThat was fast
04:01:21@Wintier:matrix.orgaubreyNothing has happened in the government channel, thus nothing has happened in any channel
12 Nov 2019
06:20:53@Wintier:matrix.orgaubrey changed their profile picture.
17 Nov 2019
23:26:16@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialWhat do we want to do for our second-amendment-y thing?
23:26:38@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialWhatever we have there needs to have two sometimes-conflicting goals
  • The citizen militia as a whole must have weapons sufficient to win in a civil war against the government and whatever military it has
  • No individual should be able to do that on their own
23:29:14@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialThe issue here being that somewhere between a pointy stick and a nuclear-MIRV-armed ICBM there exists a point where it's too much power for a single individual (and possibly for the military too, if we're trying to restrict that)
23:29:43@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialLike, I think you should be able to privately own a machine gun, but probably not even a small nuke.
23:29:55@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialBut conventional explosives can be really powerful too and maybe all explosives are too much?
23:31:00@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialWe need to protect the right to own and use weapons that, wielded by great numbers, are tremendously powerful, but wielded by an individual aren't good for much beyond self-defense
23:33:19@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialI don't know how to properly define that delineation

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