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7 Mar 2020
16:17:17@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidWhat if the second public referendum was only a temporary, 5 to 10 year authorization?
16:17:52@me:danielvinci.comXylobolwhat if we put an expiration date on bills?
16:18:02@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidThat's basically what I'm talking about
16:18:17@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidAnything the public says the government can do, they can only actually authorize for five or ten years
16:18:41@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidThe public has to vote to reauthorize legislation periodically after that
16:19:11@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidI don't think it should be forced to go through the same petition/debate/internal vote/referendum process though
16:19:21@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidJust redo the referendum and let the public veto after that time if they want
16:23:31@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidPerhaps there could be a way to kick it back as well?
16:24:10@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidLike, a three-way public vote, either a reauthorization, veto, or sending it back for debate.
16:25:01@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidThe kickback vote would effectively be the public saying "this isn't what we want, but we're giving you another chance to fix it and have to put it by us again"
16:25:48@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidThe kickback doesn't necessarily have to come with any "included" demands (from a new petition or whatever), but it's a strong signal that the public will refuse to reauthorize it as-is.
16:33:56@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidReminder that we have an actual, extremely unfinished constitution on the etherpad
16:34:03@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidIf we want to write this stuff, we should be doing it there
16 Mar 2020
03:11:09@me:danielvinci.comXylobolhow do we tax companies 🤔
03:12:17@wintier:thickthighs.lifeaubreytake 30% of their crops
03:12:41@me:danielvinci.comXylobolwhat if it's a holding company that owns a video production company
03:12:54@wintier:thickthighs.lifeaubreytake 30% of their videos
03:13:25@me:danielvinci.comXylobolthis video sponsored by raid shadow legends, an acenian government organization
03:19:31@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidGovernment exists to serve and deal with people
03:19:44@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidCompanies are simply voluntary organizations of those people
03:20:18@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidIt seems to me that the planned residence payment system is the most "just" way to fund government
03:20:42@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidYou pay to live there. What you do there with other people is your business.
20 Mar 2020
20:11:29@me:danielvinci.comXylobol Dodoid Acenia should guarantee all negative rights that wouldn't negatively effect other countrymen in a quantifiable way
23:06:10@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoid That sounds interesting but worryingly vague. I'll have to think about that.
23 Mar 2020
22:47:00@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidDoes a micronation cease to be a micronation once there are things there other than the government?
22:47:17@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidSome people live in micronations, but seemingly exclusively the people who run those micronations
22:47:43@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoidIs the threshold where Acenia might be taken seriously the point where people live in Acenia and aren't involved with the Acenian government?
24 Mar 2020
00:19:08@me:danielvinci.comXylobolI would believe so

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