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29 Jun 2017
18:34:17@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
18:52:30@fadenb:utzutzutz.net@fadenb:utzutzutz.net joined the room.
18:52:49@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org hooray
18:58:30@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org changed the room name to "ICC 2017 - The 28th International Cartographic Conference" from "ICC2017DC - ICC 2017 - The 28th International Cartographic Conference".
19:01:13@fadenb:utzutzutz.net@fadenb:utzutzutz.net Ah it's a cartography thing. Saw it on twitter and got curious :p
19:02:40@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org aww
19:02:44@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org yes, join us
19:02:54@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org i bet you a beer that not even 5 people will come :B
19:06:11@fadenb:utzutzutz.net@fadenb:utzutzutz.netA direct link to the channel on some riot instance might get more users (especially if server allows guests). Than it is just 1 click for a new user to join
19:06:27@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org ooh how do i make that?
19:07:49@fadenb:utzutzutz.net@fadenb:utzutzutz.netAfaik you just join a room on riot-web, the channel name will be part of the url. If you give this link to another user it will open riot-web with the channel in preview mode (if channel is public)
19:08:32@fadenb:utzutzutz.net@fadenb:utzutzutz.netThey can then click a button to join (and/or register an account)
19:13:42@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org nice
30 Jun 2017
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11:12:35@fadenb:utzutzutz.net@fadenb:utzutzutz.netWow a 3rd user
7 Jul 2017
06:09:25@fadenb:utzutzutz.net@fadenb:utzutzutz.net left the room.
16 Jul 2017
18:02:14@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org ok this was a failure :D
18:02:18@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org left the room.
21 Nov 2017
07:06:43@zacklocx:matrix.orgzacklocx joined the room.

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