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16 May 2022
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20 May 2022
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30 May 2022
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1 Jun 2022
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6 Jun 2022
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7 Jun 2022
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12 Jun 2022
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13 Jun 2022
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@hugo.ehm:matrix.orgHugo Arre NoliferCan you quit windows faggotry and use tiles?11:48:00
@raster:matrix.orgrasterfirst - did you read the title? this channel is dead - use the libera bridge12:39:31
@raster:matrix.orgrastersecondly... what do you mean by that? (perhaps re-formulate your question in a way that people might take as a serious question...)12:40:26
@hugo.ehm:matrix.orgHugo Arre NoliferCan you point directions?12:43:45
@raster:matrix.orgrasterlook in the title? there is a link there. "Go to ..."12:48:20
@raster:matrix.orgraster(i assume by pointing directions you mean to the other channel)12:48:50
@raster:matrix.orgrasterat the top o your matrix channel there should be a title12:49:02
@raster:matrix.orgraster"Go to #e:libera.chat for the Matrix bridge channel for Enlightenment"12:49:12
@raster:matrix.orgrasterfor example12:49:16
16 Jun 2022
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22 Jun 2022
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@jorget778:matrix.orgjorgehi, As I update enlightenment in Guix system14:22:13
23 Jun 2022
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24 Jun 2022
@raster:matrix.orgraster jorge: ... ? You never finished that sentence 07:46:51
@raster:matrix.orgrasterAnd see channel topic...07:47:06
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