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17 Dec 2021
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18 Dec 2021
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19 Dec 2021
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20 Dec 2021
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4 Jan 2022
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5 Jan 2022
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6 Jan 2022
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@penguin_a_geek:matrix.orgpenguin_a_geekHey, as I am now a little bit lazy, are there some debian packages for the current e25 avail?15:07:49
@apostolosb:matrix.orgapostolosb penguin_a_geek: nope. you probably have to build it yourself 15:12:42
@penguin_a_geek:matrix.orgpenguin_a_geekso sad, but ok. i will use the sources then15:13:13
7 Jan 2022
@raster:matrix.orgrasterAlso... see topic. Wrong channel01:12:24
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@penguin_a_geek:matrix.orgpenguin_a_geek raster: ok, would you mind providing me with the correct channel name? 03:21:55
@raster:matrix.orgraster It's literally in the topic... the address for the channel... penguin_a_geek ... 07:18:04
8 Jan 2022
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9 Jan 2022
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16 Jan 2022
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21 Jan 2022
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