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19 Jun 2024
@fwygon:beeper.comFwyIran is weapon capable too.16:07:59
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftSame thing for Pakistan, they've been capable since the 80's16:08:04
In reply to @fwygon:beeper.com
Iran is weapon capable too.
Iran isn't
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftThey've been 6 months away from a nuke for 20 years now16:08:21
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftIran uses nukes and their nuclear program as a bargaining chip on the marco-scale16:08:40
@fwygon:beeper.comFwyah. so they're stretching the truth.16:08:44
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftWhich means they CAN assemble their stuff when they want to16:08:54
@fwygon:beeper.comFwy That makes me want to assume they ARE capable and are using the ability to assemble weapons to force bigger peers to the table 16:09:37
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftBut Ahmadinejad has always said: "What are you going to do with a nuke? Polish it?"16:09:51
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftWhich kind of gives you an idea about how they are using it16:10:09
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftIf those nukes are a done deal, you can't use them to bargain anymore and you've just invited a lot of security headaches.16:10:33
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftTeheran is filled with Islamists, who are usually idiots, but there are enough sane people among them to know what's the optimal outcome16:11:25
@fwygon:beeper.comFwy/s/idiots/extremists but I get the gist16:11:55
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftBut here's the thing16:14:27
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftThere is that treaty banning nuclear tests and profileration16:14:41
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftBut the way that countries get around it, is by getting all the components ready for assembly16:15:02
@fwygon:beeper.comFwyYeah but it's still been proliferating16:15:01
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftBut not doing that final assembly16:15:10
In reply to @fwygon:beeper.com
Yeah but it's still been proliferating
Things were kind of at a standstill though
@fwygon:beeper.comFwyYeah they build the missile; but don't slot it with nuclear warheads; just conventional ones.16:15:51
@fwygon:beeper.comFwybut we all know if they have the know-how they could slap a warhead together rapidly16:16:13
In reply to @fwygon:beeper.com
Yeah they build the missile; but don't slot it with nuclear warheads; just conventional ones.
Nah, they build the missle and the engines, but just don't assemble them.
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftICBM's and hypersonic missles for nukes are a different beast from everything used to deliver other forms of hurt at a distance16:16:56
@spycrowsoft:matrix.orgSpycrowsoftICBM's are more like Saturn rockets. Hypersonics are yet again more like airplanes than rockets16:17:34
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20 Jun 2024
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