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22 Feb 2022
In reply to @somekool:matrix.org
I use the Ledger Manager for most of my wallet needs. But Neo requires its own app which I found annoying at first but then saw some benefits and i wonder if Tezos should not have a similar desktop app.
You can use ledger live for tezos. But works quite badly sometimes
@somekool:matrix.orgsomekoolThus my question... What else is recommended by the Community?08:54:06
@kusje58:matrix.org@kusje58:matrix.orgYou can connect ledger to temple wallet or kukai wallet11:02:35
@kusje58:matrix.org@kusje58:matrix.orgNever enter your seed directly into the wallet11:02:47
@etomknudsen:matrix.orgetomknudsenKukai + Ledger works. If you want full control, then Ledger + CLI is the best.22:23:45
25 Feb 2022
@jarrodwoodard:matrix.orgJarrod WoodardIs there a convenient way / resource for estimating the day and time an upgrade will go through? For example, Ithaca. 01:26:48
@etomknudsen:matrix.orgetomknudsenYou have to guestimate average Block time to do it accurately. We count our time in blocks and cycles not days and hours/minutes. So you cant get that granular. But you can run the daemons in parallel at no risk. This time you may need to be a bit more careful and also update your ledgers.03:31:41
@jarrodwoodard:matrix.orgJarrod WoodardI'd like to organize and stream a watch party around the upgrade. I imagine as we get closer, we'll have a better idea. 03:43:52
2 Mar 2022
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30 Mar 2022
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31 Mar 2022
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8 Apr 2022
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9 Apr 2022
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11 Apr 2022
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15 Apr 2022
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19 Apr 2022
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20 Apr 2022
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23 Apr 2022
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26 Apr 2022
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28 Apr 2022
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29 Apr 2022
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3 May 2022
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4 May 2022
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16 May 2022
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