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28 Aug 2021
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29 Aug 2021
@_discord_616426729946480651:t2bot.ioabagofdoritos#4166 when you want to go to the gym but you also don’t want to be perceived by men 00:56:00
@_discord_616426729946480651:t2bot.ioabagofdoritos#4166 I do I just need to stock up on equipment 00:56:40
@_discord_616426729946480651:t2bot.ioabagofdoritos#4166 I’m fine at home I just wanna use machines again 00:56:49
@fetusmuncher99:halogen.cityFETUSMUNCHER99wat machines00:56:56
@_discord_616426729946480651:t2bot.ioabagofdoritos#4166 But it’s nbd 00:56:57
@_discord_616426729946480651:t2bot.ioabagofdoritos#4166 I mean there’s a lot of different machines 00:57:12
@fetusmuncher99:halogen.cityFETUSMUNCHER99some machines are just imtiations of stuff you can use00:57:12
@fetusmuncher99:halogen.cityFETUSMUNCHER99e.g. rowing machhine00:57:19
@fetusmuncher99:halogen.cityFETUSMUNCHER99go on boate00:57:23
@_discord_616426729946480651:t2bot.ioabagofdoritos#4166 yeah but it’s easier to go to the gym and use a rowing machine tbh, lmao 00:57:45
@_discord_616426729946480651:t2bot.ioabagofdoritos#4166 I’m also trying to think of a solution for college cos I’ll have way less space 00:57:58
@fetusmuncher99:halogen.cityFETUSMUNCHER99some stuff you can do regardless know what i mean00:59:55
@fetusmuncher99:halogen.cityFETUSMUNCHER99also ive heard theres women only days / classes / gyms01:00:10
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@_discord_734238124829311077:t2bot.ioBusteloBee#2772 Focus on yourself not those around you 03:41:54
@_discord_734238124829311077:t2bot.ioBusteloBee#2772 Usually at least when im at the gym i never notice but i also am very honed into my workout because i just zone all my anger stress and frustration on le gains. I always have loud music on too cause i dont wanna hear shit 03:42:44
@_discord_616426729946480651:t2bot.ioabagofdoritos#4166 TRUE 04:13:28
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