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11 Jan 2020
10:11:42@michel:mtrx.anchel.nlmsjl!rss subscriptions
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!rss subscriptions

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10:12:02@michel:mtrx.anchel.nlmsjl!rss unsubscribe 6
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!rss unsubscribe 6

Unsubscribed from feed ID 6: Uptime Robot - All Monitors

10:12:51@fenuks:sibnsk.netFеnикsWhy was I reading it as Uptimer-o-bot…
10:15:21@michel:mtrx.anchel.nlmsjlWhat do you mean ?? I do not understand your question
10:15:32@michel:mtrx.anchel.nlmsjl * What do you mean ?? I do not understand your question
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It claims to be "Uptime Robot", not "Uptimer-o-bot"
10:18:25@michel:mtrx.anchel.nlmsjlit's the name of the rss feed what I was using ...
12 Jan 2020
09:59:53@twiki:mtrx.anchel.nlTwikiRedacted or Malformed Event
10:00:36@twiki:mtrx.anchel.nlTwikiRedacted or Malformed Event
10:10:22@twiki:mtrx.anchel.nlTwikiRedacted or Malformed Event
14 Jan 2020
05:56:54@michel:mtrx.anchel.nlmsjlAdded to the publiclist page .. Public to use bridges. Do you know a bridge please post it here so the page can be updated.
15 Jan 2020

Yeah, those are the Appservice 'bot/control MXIDs and directly bridged Alias examples…

Anyway, AFAIK Slack™ & Gitter™ are still available via matrix.org , and bridging might be done with Webhooks i.e. https://t2bot.io/webhooks .

There are mailto: protocol (e-mail) tools in development that MIGHT be bidirectional. And the GitLab 'bot, i.e. on t2bot.io MIGHT be as featureful as the bidirectional GitLab™ 'bot, for those wanting to steer away from MicroSoft® owned things.

tl;dr: Slack™ & Gitter™, via matrix.org .

08:18:38@michel:mtrx.anchel.nlmsjlThanks for your info
15:41:20@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO You're Welcome.¦No problem.¦🍻
18 Jan 2020
14:21:00@michel:mtrx.anchel.nlmsjl!rss subscribe https://rss.uptimerobot.com/u766263-68b6dcbd863b60efb629f2854c293bbc
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!rss subscribe https://rss.uptimerobot.com/u766263-68b6dcbd863b60efb629f2854c293bbc

Subscribed to feed ID 24: Uptime Robot - All Monitors

14:21:37@michel:mtrx.anchel.nlmsjlenabled rss again because webhook is not working

New post in Uptime Robot - All Monitors: interior_edu_uy is DOWN (https://matrix.interior.edu.uy/_matrix/federation/v1/version)

19 Jan 2020

New post in Uptime Robot - All Monitors: dapor_org is DOWN (https://matrix.dapor.net/_matrix/federation/v1/version)

20 Jan 2020
05:56:17@michel:mtrx.anchel.nlmsjl!rss template 24 Homeserver : $title
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!rss template 24 Homeserver : $title

Template for feed ID 24 updated. Sample notification:


Homeserver : Sample entry


Homeserver : dapor_org is UP (https://matrix.dapor.net/_matrix/federation/v1/version)


Homeserver : stratum0_org is UP (https://matrix.stratum0.org/_matrix/federation/v1/version)


Homeserver : stratum0_org is DOWN (https://matrix.stratum0.org/_matrix/federation/v1/version)

21 Jan 2020

Homeserver : dapor_org is DOWN (https://matrix.dapor.net/_matrix/federation/v1/version)


Homeserver : dapor_org is UP (https://matrix.dapor.net/_matrix/federation/v1/version)

22:58:56@grin:grin.hugrininterestingly my server's federation was down but the server was not, and we can't detect that

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