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16 Sep 2023
@barney_fife:roleplaygateway.combarney_fifeGot a long weekend 01:20:39
@barney_fife:roleplaygateway.combarney_fifeTime to post 01:20:42
In reply to @remaeus:roleplaygateway.com
vehicles listed here, and always open to GM suggestion: https://gwing.net/vehicles
I want to suggest that the Aaether type vehicle is not supposed to have that special character in the name, its supposed to be an upper case A and a proper lowercase a in the word not the AE character in there; I just wanted to point that out, hooooo boy that list is longer then I remember too
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@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemรฆusdipthongs be damnd22:24:14
@awinita:roleplaygateway.comAwinitaIts hard for me to type that special character for the ae mark in Aaether23:57:13
17 Sep 2023
@dealing_with_it:roleplaygateway.comdealing with ithttps://www.ascii-code.com/character/รฆ00:02:22
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@lostamongtrees:roleplaygateway.comlostgood morning everyone15:55:11
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18 Sep 2023
@_discord_425801964551667723:fabric.pubtookaqueen#0 (Discord) changed their profile picture.03:24:23
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@telegram_1879745423:fabric.pubpieceofbree (Telegram)Good morning14:37:36
@joseph_bennett:roleplaygateway.comJoseph Bennettgood morning.15:02:00
@joseph_bennett:roleplaygateway.comJoseph BennettHow's everyone doing?15:02:06
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@d.personata:matrix.org@d.personata:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event16:15:48
@telegram_1879745423:fabric.pubpieceofbree (Telegram)yeah!16:25:38
@telegram_1879745423:fabric.pubpieceofbree (Telegram) we're mostly on roleplaygateway.com 16:25:42
@d.personata:matrix.org@d.personata:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event16:30:28
@telegram_1879745423:fabric.pubpieceofbree (Telegram)The Multiverse is a sandbox universe where everyone runs campaigns play by post style (the only real rules being no godmodding) - roleplayers wanted forum has posts/ads, many universes accepting new characters !16:39:07
@telegram_1879745423:fabric.pubpieceofbree (Telegram)itโ€™s mostly play by post though there is a chat system + marketplace for in universe places and items and vehicles if you so choose to use it, which also supports dice rolling16:39:46
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19 Sep 2023
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21 Sep 2023
@cal_:matrix.orgCal del Oceano โ™ก changed their display name from ๐’ž๐’ถ๐“๐’ถ๐“‚๐’ถ๐“‡๐’พ to Cal a la Mari โ™ก.14:19:39
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@cal_:matrix.orgCal del Oceano โ™กJust gonna see for how long I've been gone with the Welcome Back bot.14:48:43

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