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15 Feb 2019
20:52:51@edin_tomato:banter.cityedin 🇧🇦
In reply to @bronzu:matrix.org
sent a video.
as a response to this
16 Feb 2019
07:19:56@avere:banter.cityAdmiralLook at Mr Chad here
17 Feb 2019
03:55:07@edin_tomato:banter.cityedin 🇧🇦
In reply to @atlantic:matrix.org
sent an image.
is this the game where half the characters are queers or something like that
03:55:13@edin_tomato:banter.cityedin 🇧🇦apex legends it's called i think
04:03:21@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキI hear that zoomers are moving away from fortnite to this?
04:03:38@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキThat image is like a gayer version of counterstrike
04:03:46@edin_tomato:banter.cityedin 🇧🇦
In reply to @bikki:matrix.org
I hear that zoomers are moving away from fortnite to this?
that doesn't make much sense to me
04:03:55@edin_tomato:banter.cityedin 🇧🇦considering fortnite is multiplatform
04:03:58@edin_tomato:banter.cityedin 🇧🇦and this game isnt
04:04:21@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキI don't play games like fortnite and wareframe so idk
15:07:38@exothermic:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comexothermicReminder that https://chat.nobodyhasthe.biz/#/welcome is now a direct link to Matrix (non-CoC)
16:11:14@avere:banter.cityAdmiralroom directory doesn't even work.
16:11:23@avere:banter.cityAdmiralWhat a shit server
16:44:36@exothermic:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comexothermic Admiral: this is a better wrapper for Matrix (for those who can't handle OE)


They’ll sue 8chan? In France? How do these huffing and puffing kikes plan to do that? Is 8chan even a business entity in France? I remember reading it was based in Singapore...


Not only you should've found out who it was, but also report him/her to the cyberpolice!

Right. Sick Kusanagi and Batou on their ass. Send in a few Tachikomas for good measure. That’ll teach em.

18:19:51@disobeyedtoast:linuxgaming.lifedisobeyedtoastsuing 8chan for what
18:22:19@bronzu:matrix.orgbronzuOYYYY VEYYYY
18:22:23@bronzu:matrix.orgbronzuILL SUE YOU GOY
18:22:46@edin_tomato:banter.cityedin 🇧🇦
In reply to @disobeyedtoast:linuxgaming.life
suing 8chan for what
altright shit
18:22:47@edin_tomato:banter.cityedin 🇧🇦as always
18:23:20@disobeyedtoast:linuxgaming.lifedisobeyedtoastf-free speech is dangerous O:
18:26:14@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキI like that, how they're always talking about how Puttin is undemocratic while they ban every party that challenges their regime.

Ni hao
Do you guys know of any creepy pasta boards? Or maybe something related to deep web or better yet, dark net?

Akash my son. Ask and ye shall receive.


18 Feb 2019
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