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13 Oct 2021
@chile09:matrix.orgchile09wow, gracias, thank you01:38:21
@avartus:nerdsin.spaceavartus> JUST IN - Trump-appointed federal judge halts United Airlines' vaccine mandate in response to a class-action lawsuit. > US District Judge Mark Pittman from Texas ordered a temporary restraining order (expires Oct. 26) on United Airlines, preventing the company from enforcing its vaccine mandate, to hear the relevant arguments of the employees and airline. > @disclosetv21:31:09
@mandate_deez:matrix.orgmandate_deez https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/here-hidden-150-trillion-agenda-behind-crusade-against-climate-change?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+zerohedge%2Ffeed+%28zero+hedge+-+on+a+long+enough+timeline%2C+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero%29 21:53:42
14 Oct 2021
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@godagain:matrix.org@godagain:matrix.orgThe Divine Program Make Human God Again Help You Live To Thousands Years If Not Forever Is Open Free For All https://makehumangodagain.wordpress.com/2021/10/08/the-divine-program-make-human-god-again-help-you-live-to-thousands-years-is-open-free-for-all/09:33:31
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@mandate_deez:matrix.orgmandate_deez This guy keeps trolling for cash with his posthumanism trashumanism garbage 15:47:50
15 Oct 2021
@telegram_1218062317:t2bot.ioKim4TruthDownload unnamed file03:30:38
@telegram_1218062317:t2bot.ioKim4Truth Forwarded message from channel New Age Order Channel
People who are exempted from the jab. Tons from big pharma.

Wake up!!!


@telegram_1218062317:t2bot.ioKim4Truth https://www.brighteon.com/5a2eaed0-2eb2-4f2d-950f-0748dff3d337
Dr. Merritt tells Ardis what she thinks is the actual reason behind the ongoing pandemic. “We’re the focus of a huge psy-op. You have to say that since the time of Plato, tyrants have always talked about depopulation, about there being too many people for them to control. And that is, I think, the motive behind this,” Merritt says.
16 Oct 2021
@avartus:nerdsin.spaceavartushttps://www.medscape.com/sites/public/covid-19/vaccine-insights/how-concerned-are-you-about-vaccine-related-adverse-events only medical professionals can comment here read what they have to say06:45:28
Download -5138650661829847582_121.jpg
@mandate_deez:matrix.orgmandate_deezHas anyone in here gone through CRT training at work, or know of anyone who has that actually believed what they were teaching?19:24:36
@mandate_deez:matrix.orgmandate_deez* Has anyone in here gone through CRT training at work, or know of anyone who has that actually believed what they were teaching?19:24:44
@neresco:matrix.orgnerescoNo such thing in germany bless god, at least in the companys i work in and work for. For the moment in this companys just the quality of work is the meassure regardless of minority or race. But i know this shit is on the rise and feminism, this race shit and transgender is poisen step by step the culture.19:59:04
18 Oct 2021
@avartus:nerdsin.spaceavartusDownload 98c07ea3-78be-47b1-b2e7-cd116df8589d.mp401:18:41
19 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021
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23 Oct 2021
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@telegram_2073004492:t2bot.ioAntonela Jodie
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Forwarded message from channel Stop The Lockdown, Resist The Vaccine
Channel : @StopTheLockdown_ResistTheVaccine

Chat Room : @StopTheLockdown

Elon Musk announced that starting from January 2022, you could buy Tesla with TRUMP COINS! His tweet also got deleted from Twitter because the weak democrats didn’t have another choice than reporting the tweet… He knows that this coin has brightness in the future of finances!

They are running out of stock, and approximately 2400 coins left!

We are honored that our President Trump’s face will be on the most powerful coin that will change the world.

Unfortunately, we have to announce that Trump Coin's giveaway is ending this month. Almost 13 million coins were sold in the US these previous days.
@jlj:nfld.ukjlj Antonela Jodie: what a buzzword bingo of shit lol 04:26:07
Download signal-2021-10-23-124610.jpeg
@jlj:nfld.ukjljImagine a world where even doctors fear miasma... Oh, wait.09:42:23
@jlj:nfld.ukjlj Haven't said this in a while: if anyone here fancy actually talking about these shit memes, you're welcome in #tgr:nfld.uk 09:43:43
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