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23 Nov 2019
16:09:50@roseluck:matrix.org@roseluck:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
14 Dec 2019
14:22:14@horst:feneas.orghorst joined the room.
16:34:30@alois:matrix.kiwifarms.netalois joined the room.
19:13:06@backtu:utwente.io@backtu:utwente.io joined the room.
15 Dec 2019
19:56:57@petra:tchncs.depetra joined the room.
17 Dec 2019
23:03:52@krateos:asra.grkrateos joined the room.
19 Dec 2019
21:54:04@annemarie:matrixim.ccannemarie joined the room.
22:26:58@carlos:nerdsin.spacecarlos joined the room.
21 Dec 2019
19:18:35@otto:openintents.modular.imotto joined the room.
22 Dec 2019
14:13:43@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage changed their profile picture.
28 Dec 2019
15:20:40@blambo_123:ru-matrix.orgЫambo_123 changed their display name from ♞卐☠_Bad_Coma_☠卐♞ to Ыambo_123.
30 Dec 2019
08:25:37@roseluck:matrix.org@roseluck:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
6 Jan 2020
17:47:44@roseluck:matrix.org@roseluck:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
23:25:04@pedro:chat.weho.stpedro joined the room.
10 Jan 2020
12:30:17@roseluck:matrix.org@roseluck:matrix.org left the room.
23 Jan 2020
08:58:53@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome changed their profile picture.
24 Jan 2020
16:07:18@yy_kast:matrix.orgYuriy Kasterin[m] joined the room.
30 Jan 2020
19:34:24@abinash:diasp.inabinash joined the room.
31 Jan 2020
21:26:17@blambo_123:ru-matrix.orgЫambo_123 changed their profile picture.
1 Feb 2020
10:06:01@annette:ggc-project.deannette joined the room.
2 Feb 2020
11:51:57@kermit:kde.orgkermit joined the room.
5 Feb 2020
14:09:56@backtu:utwente.io@backtu:utwente.io left the room.
7 Feb 2020
18:57:37@TheKolomoets:matrix.orgJust another one useless cat. changed their display name from KoloMl to Just another one useless cat..
23:54:47@Lisinsin:matrix.org@Lisinsin:matrix.org left the room.
8 Feb 2020
22:17:07@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome changed their profile picture.
20 Feb 2020
15:14:00@WaleSky:matrix.org@WaleSky:matrix.org left the room.
2 Mar 2020
17:46:16@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome changed their profile picture.
6 Mar 2020
17:57:04@gwm4:matrix.orggwm4 joined the room.
9 Mar 2020
21:14:12@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome changed their profile picture.
1 Apr 2020
15:30:53@savraska:matrix.orgSavraska changed their profile picture.

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