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22 Jan 2022
@_discord_162074214747209729:t2bot.ioFuzy Sidwell hi i am very much a blender Newbie a person i commissioned to make things for a avatar rather then putting every thing into one blend file put every thing in there own blend project. Meaning one avatar and 20 blend files i was wondering as i been going threw the settings how do i merge 2 rigged items together and the second item to use the rig of the first 14:01:08
@_discord_162074214747209729:t2bot.ioFuzy Sidwell Ie i am trying to take the 20 blend files and make them one 14:01:32
@_discord_162074214747209729:t2bot.ioFuzy Sidwell i have been trying to append all the objects to the main project file but now the issue i have is trying to get the armatures which is all based on the same model 14:04:14
@_discord_512378780707323905:t2bot.ioluxarcana I have no clue what went wrong yesterday, I tried again today, changing nothing and it worked. I am going insane. 15:55:43
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@_discord_434468177062133772:t2bot.io989onan file->append will start you on the right track, then retarget the parenting under object properties and then the armature in the armature modifier under modifiers tab will be all you need to change the rig to the main one. append all the files and do that to all appended content and you're good 17:41:24
@_discord_434468177062133772:t2bot.io989onan O-o 17:41:52
@_discord_110746875656679424:t2bot.ioJor When I try export with textures, just path mode copy, all the textures come up as blank when importing into unity. Any ideas? 17:43:28
@_discord_434468177062133772:t2bot.io989onan reassign manually 18:11:43
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23 Jan 2022
@_discord_162074214747209729:t2bot.ioFuzy Sidwell um i did that and i dont think it worked or i didnt do it right 06:34:24
@_discord_434468177062133772:t2bot.io989onan show the hiearcy in the top right and someone with basic blender knowledge can take it from there
I know the appending stuff because I do a lot of blender specific work like making my own asset libraries, but getting the meshes parented to the rigs and moving almost anyone here who has helped others in this server should be able to help you ^_^. Worst case senario most likely is that it will need weight painting
@_discord_434468177062133772:t2bot.io989onan have to go because tired >_< 06:39:59
@_discord_434468177062133772:t2bot.io989onan 1:40 AM 06:40:06
24 Jan 2022
@_discord_161233095712964608:t2bot.ioRosilin Sorry if this question has been asked but is it possible to create a quadrupedal animal model for vrchat? 00:07:11
@_discord_460557352504918048:t2bot.ioWickedFlyGirl changed their display name from WickedFlyGirl to WickedFlyGirl#2067.00:35:38
@_discord_460557352504918048:t2bot.ioWickedFlyGirl changed their display name from WickedFlyGirl#2067 to WickedFlyGirl.00:35:40
Download unknown.png
@_discord_460557352504918048:t2bot.ioWickedFlyGirl Anyone know why this is happening? Ive tried meging meshes/armatures etc and for some reason it does this 00:35:41
@_discord_215713696536592384:t2bot.ioAayla The Octoling Looks like some missing vertex weights, unless you're not referring to the back of the hair. 00:38:10
@_discord_460557352504918048:t2bot.ioWickedFlyGirl yeah like part of the head seems to be staying in place whilst the rest is fine 00:39:19
@_discord_215713696536592384:t2bot.ioAayla The Octoling Have you weight painted and/or set vertex weights before? 00:39:48
@_discord_460557352504918048:t2bot.ioWickedFlyGirl no XD 00:39:53
@_discord_215713696536592384:t2bot.ioAayla The Octoling This is a quick rundown, but actually fixing those may require a bit more of a specific approach to whichever vertexes just aren't weighted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fICQmBEt4Y 00:41:28
@_discord_460557352504918048:t2bot.ioWickedFlyGirl thank you 00:46:36
@_discord_434468177062133772:t2bot.io989onan yes it has been done before, but you need FinalIK 04:08:58
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