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11 Apr 2019
11:58:53@_rizon_InGame:matrix.orgInGame [IT]Eagle: hhahahaha
11:59:15@_rizon_InGame:matrix.orgInGame [PT]SafaDo: !allguns
11:59:25@_rizon_InGame:matrix.orgInGame [AL]Noname: i could swear i hear some hhienas laughing but no we are not in africa?
11:59:41@_rizon_InGame:matrix.orgInGame [IT]Eagle: i am racist dont like niggers
28 Apr 2019
22:01:57@joewalls:matrix.orgjoewalls joined the room.
In reply to @_rizon_InGame:matrix.org
[IT]Eagle: i am racist dont like niggers
22:19:49@joewalls:matrix.orgjoewalls!allguns SubPolar connected. Chicken guy connected. SubPolar changed name to [VN]SubPolar Chicken guy changed name to [SK]Chicken guy
3 May 2019
18:04:47@kmopl:matrix.orgkmopl joined the room.
5 May 2019
18 May 2019
19:24:41@kindkleiner55:matrix.org@kindkleiner55:matrix.org joined the room.
19:55:16@kindkleiner55:matrix.org@kindkleiner55:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
19:57:14@kindkleiner55:matrix.org@kindkleiner55:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
20:53:32@kindkleiner55:matrix.org@kindkleiner55:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
21:05:12@kindkleiner55:matrix.org@kindkleiner55:matrix.orgLove the server! Even thinking about donating but it looks like that's already well taken care of.
23:45:11@kindkleiner55:matrix.org@kindkleiner55:matrix.orgoh also are there a list of commands. cuz i have like no idea what all i can buy with my credits
23:47:13@kindkleiner55:matrix.org@kindkleiner55:matrix.orglike what does !cloak and !adrenaline even do? xd
7 Jun 2019
24 Jun 2019
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9 Aug 2019
05:54:05@joewalls:matrix.orgjoewallsy i get vac ban for the client mod
25 Aug 2019
03:43:43@lightergpsychin6:matrix.org@lightergpsychin6:matrix.org joined the room.
03:43:52@lightergpsychin6:matrix.org@lightergpsychin6:matrix.org left the room.
31 Aug 2019
03:33:39@crunchyorphan:matrix.orgcrunchyorphan joined the room.
03:33:52@crunchyorphan:matrix.orgcrunchyorphanHi folks, is anyone around to move a stuck map forward?
03:34:07@crunchyorphan:matrix.orgcrunchyorphanwe've tried and cant get an RTV going
03:34:13@crunchyorphan:matrix.orgcrunchyorphanand the map is clearly stuck
3 Oct 2019
21:26:34@phrausted:matrix.orgphrausted joined the room.
21:31:07@phrausted:matrix.orgphraustedanyone still here?
21:31:42@phrausted:matrix.orgphraustedInterested in seeing if there is any application process for ops, or if there was somewhere I could donate. Love the server.

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